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Xanax Side Effects - Full Review

When it comes to taking medication for serious health conditions, there is a lot of care and precaution that is important, one could say mandatory also. One class of drugs known as psychoactive drugs can have serious repercussions if they are taken without a doctor’s prescription. Among this class of drugs, can be found categories such as analgesics and even anesthetics. While psychoactive substances have been in use even in historical times, today psychoactive drugs are serious business indeed. Some of the areas in which they find an application are:

  • Pain management
  • As anesthetics
  • Anxiety disorders of various kinds and
  • As sedatives also.
One of the well-known names as far as psychoactive drugs are concerned is Xanax. This is the trade name of alprazolam.

Where is it prescribed?

Some specific conditions where Xanax is prescribed are in treating anxiety disorders and panic disorders and if the patient is suffering from depression which causes him to have highly anxiety levels. A doctor will prescribe this drug based on the patient’s medical history and will also take into account health conditions such as liver disease, history of depression and addiction to substances such as alcohol and so on.

Contraindications for Xanax

There are some conditions in which a doctor will not prescribe Xanax. Unfortunately, being a psychoactive drug, Xanax is also misused by people. But there are a few conditions in which Xanax should not be used. One of them is if an individual is pregnant. The other is if an individual is allergic to alprazolam.

Side-effects of Xanax

Every medication is capable of having side-effects if it has been taken without proper medical supervision. Also, while side-effects are kind of commonplace with every medicine, watching out for them will give you a chance to counter them and to cater for them as well. Some of the side-effects of Xanax include:

  • A feeling of lightheadedness
  • Feeling sleepy
  • Fall in libido
  • Speech slurring
  • Higher sense of fatigue
  • Severe allergic reactions

The last category of side-effects can manifest themselves in various ways such as rashes, a feeling of suffocation and itching on the face or other parts of the body. It is highly recommended that an individual contact his or her doctor if such side-effects are noticed. Immediate action will prevent side-effects of Xanax from escalating into more serious health conditions. As a patient, it is always advisable to ask your doctor to list out the possible side effects of the medication so that you are well prepared to cater for the same.

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