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Neck Pain Treatments For A Healthy Life

Most people have experienced some level of acute pain in the lower back, shoulders, or neck. While treatments can tend to focus on specific parts or areas of the body for alleviation of this pain, it’s important to remember that all parts of the body are connected, closely related, and all work together to maintain health and balance. The neck and the spine for example, can often be seen as two separate regions, but the neck is essentially an extension of the spine, and therefore part of the greater whole. Spine and neck pain are therefore technically the same, depending on where the pain occurs. Neck pain treatment, therefore, can be considered part of a more comprehensive health management strategy for the whole spine, and it all starts with having your head on straight.

Neck Pain Treatments
The Head:
Having the head balanced and aligned correctly is crucial for the whole body to function well. The spine is supported by muscles around it, and if those muscles become weak or get injured, the spine slowly starts to fall out of place. This often causes spine and neck pain as the muscles over-strain or even tear as they try to support the spine.

The Neck:
The neck supports the head as well due to which muscles in the neck can become tired if the position of the head is unnatural. Posture correction workouts and simple stretches can serve as effective neck pain treatment and reduce back pain discomfort and neck pain in these cases. A core workout can also help strengthen the stomach muscles, lower back muscles, groin, and legs, since these muscles support the spine. If these muscles weaken, the spine is likely to misalign, causing pain in the spine and the neck.

The Spine:
A misaligned spine can also give way to muscle imbalance. When the body is in optimal alignment, it takes minimal energy and work to stay upright and pain free.  But if the body becomes twisted and torqued out balance, muscles must fight and struggle just to try and maintain alignment. Often times the muscles that are working the hardest to maintain balance will be the muscles that experience the most pain, either by painful knots, always feeling tight, or always seem to hurt. Misalignment or imbalance in upper most region of your spine could lead to one or many of a myriad of symptoms and conditions including headaches, dizziness, neck and lower back pains, distorted body posture, muscles tenderness, and decreased strength and flexibility. Because pain and discomfort often act as the body’s first warning signal that something may be out of place, seeking effective neck pain treatment at the start will help to stop more serious issues from developing in the future.

Other issues, including onset of a head tilt to the side, slight forward head posture, a slouch, or any lateral curves to the spine can also be indications of misalignment. If not addressed, these problems could eventually lead to systematic breakdown of whole bone structure of the entire spine resulting in malfunction, disc herniation, degeneration, arthritis, spurs, or worse.

Every organ in the body takes commands and receives signals from your brain and all of these messages are relayed through the spinal cord, which is protected by the spine.  If organs such as the stomach, pancreas, lungs, or the heart do not receive the right information, it can result in a myriad of problems, including heart burn and indigestion, to even more serious issues like diabetes, heart palpitations or arrhythmias. It is critical to maintain a healthy nervous system for the body to function properly. Remembering that it’s all connected, effective neck pain treatment can be considered a great way to also help maintain a healthy nervous system.

Generally, keeping active and maintaining good health is the best way to prevent problems from starting. Professional neck pain treatment should be considered if pain becomes chronic or gradually worsens, as these can lead to many more serious issues, including anxiety and depression. Developing a comprehensive and effective treatment plan to ensure all the right connections stay in place to live happy and pain free.

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