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Calf Exercises For Strength-Stability

Everybody remembers doing toe raises in physical education classes, but is the really the best of the calf exercises? When examining how to exercise the calf this is obviously a good starting point. Calf exercises for men need to develop strength and flexibility. Calf muscle exercises should target the gastrocnemius or the soleus muscles. This flexibility can prove crucial in preventing Achilles injuries. These muscles run down the leg and attach to the heel. Strengthening and lengthening these muscles with calf exercises is crucial for stability in the ankle joint.

Exercise For Strength
Dumbbell Calf Raises
How to exercise the calf? A variation of those old toe raises is a great start. Dumbbell calf raises are one of the most versatile calf muscle exercises. The dumbbell calf raise is simple leg exercise that trains the gastrocnemius which is recognized as the muscle directly below the knee. Performed in a single leg manner, the toes of one foot are placed upon a raised surface while dumbbells are held in the hands. Then the lifter simply uses that foot to raises his body and return to the starting position. If more stability is needed, this can be performed with a dumbbell in one hand the other hand used for balance or with no weight at all making this one of the best leg exercises for beginners. For a different challenge one can point the toes in or out while performing this exercise.

Seated Calf Raises
If you would like to feel a different burn, being to pick calf exercises that target the soleus muscle. Located below the gastrocnemius, this muscle can be targeted by performing seated calf raises. Sitting on a bench with feet on the floor simply raises your feet until only toes remain on the floor. To increase resistance, place a barbell across the lower thigh.

Donkey Raises
For a third angle, one of the best calf exercises is the donkey raise. This is most challenging when completed with a partner. Stand up and bend at the waist while holding a stable bar or rack with arms extended for support. Now while keeping legs locked simply, the lifter raises until only his toes are on the floor. For increased resistance, his partner may sit on his back like he is riding a donkey. One of the more interesting calf exercises for men, this is sure to draw some looks when completed with "human resistance".

These leg exercises should be completed at least one a week. Rotating these calf exercises so that you complete two each time you train the calf muscles will help provide strength and stability in the future. Three sets of fifteen reps should be sufficient for mot beginners. Calves do not need to be trained at heavy weights when trying to increase flexibility, strength and stability.

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