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Breast Enhancement - Common Fears Regarding Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancements are among the most popular cosmetic surgery and anti aging procedures. Each year the number of these operations increases, with girls as young as 16 years old having their breasts enlarged. Since the breasts are a primary signifier of womanhood, it is easy to see why making them bigger would make women feel better about themselves. The surgery makes them feel like they have gotten closer to looking the way they think women are supposed to look.

breast enhancement

Medical and technological advances have made breast augmentations more attainable than they ever were before. New kinds of silicone look indistinguishable from real breast tissue. Women who opt for saline implants can forgo scars entirely. The empty bags are rolled up, inserted through an incision inside the belly button and snaked up through the torso. Once the bags are in place, they are unfolded and filled with saline.
An unfortunate consequence of the relative ease of performing breast augmentations is the increase in unqualified and unlicensed surgeons who are operating on women. A doctor does not have to have been certified by any governing or medical organization to call himself a plastic surgeon. To avoid this, a woman who is considering surgery should inquire as to whether the aesthetic clinic is board certified. She should avoid doctors who do not carry this credential.

Today's celebrity-oriented culture has contributed to a growing awareness of plastic surgery. It has become very easy to tell when someone has had a bad breast augmentation. The implants may have been lazily placed on top of the chest muscles instead of underneath them. Thin women whose implants are too big for their frames have obvious spherical outlines over their rib cages. A woman can avoid looking like this by preparing a list of questions and concerns for her surgeon. If possible, she should find pictures of women whose chests look the way she wants hers to look. Sometimes it is easier to show by example than to describe body parts in words. She should also ask to see before and after pictures of the surgeon's past patients.

There are some common red flags that women should know about before committing to a surgeon. A doctor whose prices seem too good to be true should not be trusted; good breast enhancements are worth their high price tags. Women should also avoid surgeons who push to enhance breasts by more than two-cup sizes.

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