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Women Stare At Cleavage For As Long As Men

The next time you see a guy caught like a rabbit in headlights at the nearest pair of knockers, don't roll your eyes. Instead, spare a thought for the woman next to him, who will also be - more often than not - unable to take her eyes off the deep V-neck.

Because, on the contrary to what society would have us believe, it isn't just men who are unable to resist oogling at the nearest cleavage.

According to a recent study, women are just as guilty of the "objectifying gaze" as men - only we seem to get away with it. Psychologists Sarah Gervais and Michael Dodd employed eye-tracking technology to intricately map the visual behaviour of both men and women as they viewed images of 10 different females with different body types.

When asked to focus on a woman's appearance, study participants - regardless of gender - tended to move their eyes to and then dwelled on a woman's breasts and other sexualised body parts.

Although male and female patterns were largely similar, male participants regarded curvy women more positively than women with fewer curves, whereas female participants viewed these women similarly.
The researchers fitted 65 university students with an eye-tracking device, asking them to look at 30 photographs of 10 women and rate either the appearance or personality of the woman in each picture. Each original image was manipulated to enhance or decrease the woman's sexualised body parts in an attempt to determine whether specific body types were more or less likely to be objectified.

Though the results were consistent with anecdotal expectations of gaze behaviour, Gervais said she was surprised with some of the findings, especially how strongly women's visual patterns suggest they objectify other women.

"We do have a slightly different pattern for men than women, but when we looked at their overall dwell times – how long they focused on each body part – we find the exact same effects for both groups," Gervais said in a statement. "Women, we think, do it often for social comparison purposes."

Whereas men were fast to fixate on both the bodies and faces of female targets, women in some circumstances were more likely to focus quickly on faces.

Another key finding related to the role of body shape. Even when study instructions encouraged the participants to focus on the personality of the female target – a manipulation that would seem likely to lead to additional focus on the images' faces – women with hourglass figures were perceived more positively than women with straighter figures by male participants, the researchers found.

Objectifying gazes, of course, can have negative consequences: Prior research shows that when women are objectified, they are perceived to be less friendly, not as intelligent or competent or less moral.

"It can undermine (women's) work performance. It can cause them to self-silence and it's related to increased perceptions of sexual harassment," Gervais said. "If you think about all of the negative consequences, figuring out what's triggering all of those consequences, that's the first step toward stopping it from happening."

Dodd said the study's use of both personality- and appearance-focused groups shows that the behaviour can be changed with self-awareness.

"By characterizing the manner in which people fixate on the body when engaging in objectifying behaviour, it also becomes possible to determine methods of reducing this behaviour. That's what the personality manipulation part of the study did – that's a huge positive," Dodd said. "It's not as though looking at the body of someone has to be, or is, a default behaviour. It just may be the case that cognitive control is required to engage in more appropriate, and less damaging, visual behaviour."

The study was published in the academic journal Sex Roles and researchers, who come from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said could provide the first steps toward addressing objectifying gazes and limiting their effects on women.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Top Myths about Laser Hair Removal

Until the 1990's, laser hair removal treatments were only available for experimental and research purposes. Today, these forms of cosmetic enhancement are conveniently available around the World to individuals who desire long-term and/or permanent removal of unwanted hair on various areas of their bodies. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 58 percent of women pursue this option for hair removal over waxing and shaving methods.

Prices for these hair removal treatments vary depending on the body part treated, and four to five cycles are generally needed to acquire the best results. Before pursuing these procedures, individuals should become informed on some of the top unwarranted myths about them. Each of those myths is explained in detail below.

The Top Unwarranted Myths about Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Myth: These types of hair removal treatments are not safe.
Truth: In fact, these treatments are approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration to provide people with a safe and effective means of hair removal.

Myth: Only one treatment is needed to acquire permanent hair removal results.
Truth: Depending on an individual’s hair volume and texture, he/she will usually have to undergo four to six treatments to acquire permanent and/or long-term hair removal.

Myth: These types of hair removal treatments permanently damage people’s skin.
Truth: While some common side effects of these treatments include redness,Tenderness, and hypersensitivity to the sun, they are usually only temporary and Not permanent.

Myth: Individuals must shave between treatments.
Truth: Shaving between treatments is unnecessary. Individuals are usually advised against shaving between treatments.

Myth: All types of these hair removal treatments work well for individuals of all skin types.
Truth: There are certain types of lasers that work best for hair removal with each skin type.

Myth: These types of hair removal treatments require the use of messy gels.
Truth: Lasers are the only instruments that are used. Gels and similar products are not used for these treatments.

Myth: Individuals experience a lot of pain when they undergo these types of hair removal treatments.
Truth: These types of hair removal treatments are essentially painless. Usually, individuals only experience a slight, tingling sensation over the area being treated.

Myth: The same lasers are used for every type of hair removal treatment.
Truth: The lasers that are used for hair removal treatments come in different sizes, strengths, and settings.

While there may be many misconceptions about laser hair removal treatments, they are not justified or proven by any verifiable means. From unwanted facial hair to unsightly chest hair, there are many reasons why individuals of all races and ethnicities pursue the use of lasers for the safe and effective removal of their hair.

As one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed today, these types of hair removal treatments can also provide people with outstanding, long-term results. Consequently, there are many outstanding spas, salons, and beauty shops around the World that are licensed to provide people with exceptional services in this area.

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Raspberry Ketone Blast Reviewed

Nowadays it’s most common to search for weight loss product on net and you will find long list of weight loss product claiming to best than other. In this race there is new entry named “Raspberry ketone blast”.  So let’s take a closer look at this new weight loss product. My review will helps you to know all good and bad about this product including its ingredients, how this product works, benefits, side effects and more.

What is Raspberry Ketone Blast? 
Raspberry Ketone Blast

Raspberry Ketone Blast is specially designed for women who want to flush out body Fat without putting too much effort. Product claims to be clinically proven to help you lose weight safe and fast.

About Manufacturer
Finally I find the manufacturer of Raspberry Ketone Blast. Omni Herbals is company who manufactured this product. However I can’t find detailed information about the Omni Herbals.

Raspberry Ketone Blast ingredients
Below listed ingredients are few of those uses in the formulation of this weight loss supplement.
  • Garcinia Cambogia (might prevent fat storage)
  • African Mango (high-soluble fiber content of Irvingia gabonensis seed which can trim waistlines and melt away belly fat)
  • Pure Green Coffee (may help you to lose uncertain weight loss over a period of 12 weeks)
  • Acai Berry (one of the leading super foods with weight loss and anti-aging properties)
  • Bilberry (enhance the visual capabilities, helps it fight effectively against digestive problems, gastronomical problems and macular degeneration)
  • Green Tea (green tea substances known as catechins trigger weight loss by encouraging the body to decreasing body fat and burn calories)
  • Raspberry Ketone (marketed as a weight loss compound)
What does product claim to do?
With the combination of raspberry ketones and Acai Berry, product claim to be best weight loss supplement in market today which help to burn fat and keep weight off.

What are the benefits?
Below you will find the list of benefits claimed by product.
Firmer Bump
Tighter Abs
Thinner Legs
Flush out deposited body Fat
Excludes Hungers
Enhances Results with the help of exercise and diet

Raspberry Ketone Blast Cost
You can buy Raspberry Ketone Blast from the manufacturer official website and you will have to pay $54.95 for a one month supply.

Raspberry Ketone Blast Customer Reviews
Customer reviews are the best way to know in-depth about product results. Below you will find some customer reviews mentioned on official site:
  1. Kim S. said good thing about product claiming good results with this product.
  2. Terre W. said that she lost good amount of weight and still feel good energy.
Are There any Side Effects?
Till date there are no side effects reported by any user but being on safer side it’s good to concern your health expert before taking this supplement.

People who are on other medication, needs to be concern there physician before taking this. Pregnant and breastfeeding women stay away from this supplement.

Some Facts about Raspberry ketone
Though Raspberry ketone is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries but manufacturers add Raspberry ketone chemical compound to their products for their fruity fragrance. Few manufacturer claim that human body needs 100 milligrams Raspberry ketone per day to lose weight but no studies have yet been done on human.

It’s hard for me to find any strong evidence claiming raspberry ketone give significant weight loss. So it’s good to go through all good and bad about this product before purchasing it.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Exercise and Weight Loss: Can Exercise Work As Trump Card in Weight Loss?

Exercise is one of the most essential parts of our daily routine. We all are familiar with the fact that along with proper diet, exercise is also essential for our body. One thing that matters the most is the quality of exercise not the quantity of exercise. One should not exercise for the sake of exercising, but it should be done happily, keeping all the other issues away and concentrating on exercise. This helps with release of Happiness Hormone, which in turn makes you happy and lets you enjoy your workout. When there is release of Happiness Hormone, then only it is known as an effective exercise.

Exercise improves your blood circulation and metabolism also. This in turn works for proper functioning of body. Exercising makes you perspire and burn the extra, unnecessary fat, thereby making your skin glow. As far as the muscles are concerned, Exercising makes them gain strength and give them a toning effect, making them flexible and strong. Lastly exercising kicks of depressing health issues and prevents them from taking place further.

The best form of exercise will have Cardio and toning both allowing you to have fast results. Let’s have a look at some good exercise that work in both the ways:

The best exercise to burn calories. Riding outdoors is any day enjoyable and makes you burn more fat as compared to the one fixed in your gym. It’s easy and very much effective and makes you burn 600 calories easily.
This is a favorite of many people it is a top weight loss exercise, specially meant for summers. Doing laps up and down in the pool for an hour or so helps you burn around 800 calories, giving the very much required toning effect to your body. Use a Jacuzzi for an hour makes you stay motivated even after you have finished.

Who doesn't love dancing on those wonderful beats? With the sound of those beats your foot starts moving. Be it a person who has a left leg in dancing of be it a pro in dancing everyone can lose weight with such and exercise. It targets your entire body plus is a form of cardio exercise also. It brings a fun element to your weight loss and makes your body and mind happy and glowing. Along with weight loss dancing is the best stress relieving exercise.

Kick Boxing:
Kick Boxing is the best form of self-defense, a must learn form and is the best weight loss exercise. It strengths your ankle and leg muscles there by giving them strength. Kick boxing can make you burn fat equal to all the above.

Yoga helps you with stretching which is good for your mind, body and soul. With this it is an effective exercise for weight loss. It makes your body toned, flexible and even reduces back pain. It helps you to burn about 180 calories per hour.

Here you are with 5 enjoyable and fun to do exercises for weight loss, that not only help to burn fat but make you release out all your stress and have fun while working out.

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Body Mass Index - What Is It And How It Can Help?

When taking a health assessment one of the things that are often calculated is a person’s BMI.  Many do not understand what the BMI is.  So this article will take a look at what BMI means.
BMI is better known in the healthcare field as Body Mass Index. The BMI is a way to measure body fat based on the height and weight of an individual.  It is most people’s first step to becoming healthier and beginning an exercise and fitness program.   When you find out what your BMI is it may surprise you.

How the BMI may help?
Part of becoming healthier begins with finding out what your BMI is and how you can make plans to reach your proper BMI. Also when you receive an estimate of your BMI you can get a good idea of your associated risks for certain diseases stemming from being overweight or obese. When you know your BMI you can start tracking your weight and make a plan to outline your calorie intake and make adjustments to help you reach your goals for a healthier life.

How the BMI is calculated?
The BMI starts with tools and charts to calculate your body mass index in relation to other men and women of the same height and age. When you have spoken with your doctor and had your BMI calculated you can assess the route you will take to change your BMI. This can include changing your diet being more active and working out.

What to do once you know?
Once you have made the decision to change your life based on the results of your BMI and spoke with your doctor you will have a better understanding of what your BMI is and how you can change it.  The next step is to get more activity in your life and tailor one’s eating habits to your needs.  It would help to consult, a personal trainer to get you started on a fitness routine according to your goals, and a dietitian, to help design a eating style so you can be better equipped to start making changes in your life. Many like to get started using fitness holidays> which program activity and a reduced calorie diet.  Once this is finished a person can have a good idea what types of activities they would like to incorporate in their new active lifestyle. 
While talking with these professionals may seem like a daunting and expensive task, this will allow you to get the best results associated with your health, work out and exercise, and dietary needs. You can always find out information about your health, exercising, and dieting almost anywhere. But always make sure to consult with your doctor before starting any work out or diet plan.

Limitation of the BMI
The BMI does have its limitations when it comes to people who are already active and perhaps lift weights.  As muscle is denser than fat an active person will tend to have more muscle mass.  This may cause a person to have a higher BMI when compared to a person who may not be active and less muscular. 
A better way to calculate the body’s composition is through the use of a skinfold test.  A small caliper is used to pinch the skin and measure the skinfold.  Then through a series of calculations the percentage of fat is calculated. 
The BMI is good for those who are not active and want to have an idea about their health and how prone to health related problems they may be. Fitness holidays Asia is a provider of boot camp holidays that get people started on a healthy lifestyle.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

4 Most Common Signs Of Low Testosterone

The reality is that many more men are affected by low testosterone than some people may want to believe. The symptoms can range from mildly inconvenient to relationship threateningly devastating. It’s important to check for the four most common signs of low testosterone in order to take any preventative measures your doctor might recommend.


While I am mainly going to cover the most common symptoms it’s important to note that low testosterone has many more symptoms that are unpleasant for any man. The symptoms include things like sexual dysfunction, increased body fat, hot flashes and sweats, loss of body hair, decreased bone strength, reduced sex drive, and decreased energy. These symptoms are obviously things you are going to want to avoid if you wish to live a fulfilling and active life as a male in any corner of this world. Go through this article to read about the most common symptoms men face.

1. Increased Weight

Many men begin to notice an increased amount of fat building up on their bodies as a result of low testosterone. Typically this fat builds up in the midsection creating unsightly love handles regardless of what most men are eating.

2.  Anxiety

It’s common for men that are experiencing low testosterone to become much more anxious. This can be visible to those around whoever may be dealing with low testosterone, although on average most men are only mildly more anxious due to low testosterone. So relax, you won’t get neurotic but its still requires treatment.

3. Lack of Concern

It’s been widely reported that men who are suffering from low testosterone often experience a lack of concern to things that otherwise would have concerned or entertained them. This can lead to damaged relationships with family, friends, wives, and children. While many may see this as an easy to avoid problem it’s harder than it may seem. Testosterone is more important to a healthy males function system and mental health than many men understand.

4. Fatigue

Fatigue has been associated with low testosterone for as long as science seems to remember. This lack of energy may be small at first but as low testosterone gets worse the level of fatigue will only increase. This can affect job performance, sexual performance, and your ability to enjoy common recreation activities like sports or playing with your children. More often than not men find themselves visiting a doctor after realizing that they are experiencing an increased lack of fatigue. Try to be one of the few that visits a doctor before this becomes a problem for you.

What Can You Do?

It’s important to understand that you can do an awful lot for your physical health by completing a couple of simple, albeit not free, tasks. All you really need to do is get a general checkup at your doctor at semi regular intervals annually. This will allow you to stay ahead of the game concerning your health for low testosterone let alone any of the other potential health problems out in the world today. So do yourself a favor and invest in a visit to the doctor and do the simple tasks they ask of you. Eduardo Dieguez, professional blogger for

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

5 Celebrity Diet Tips for You

Celebrity diets are as varied and numerous as fish in the sea, and they all seem to end up on the front page of our favorite magazines. However, some of them could potentially be dangerous to your body. There are some celebs, though, that lose weight and stay slim the healthy way. Check out these 5 celebrity diet tips to implement.

Rise and Shine… and Eat
Penelope Cruz is evidence that eating breakfast every day can actually help you lose weight. She eats a combination of fruit, oatmeal, or egg whites to get her daily dose of energy. Eating something within 30 minutes of waking up signals your body to start moving! Even a small breakfast assures your system that you are not starving or lacking food, so it will start burning fat reserves and turn on your metabolism.

White is Boring
Many celebs such as Cameron Diaz have cut out white food from their diets—white carbs, that is. If you eat carbohydrates from a grain source, stick to whole-grain pastas, breads, and rice, instead of their white-flour alternatives. The best way to watch carbohydrate sugars, though, is to get them from healthier sources like fruits and veggies. Don’t cut out every white food though! You still need your milk, yogurt, and eggs for calcium and protein. Calcium is proven to help reduce belly fat, so choose a low-fat or skim milk to keep your waist small and your smile strong!

Spice it Up!
Add some spice and flavor to your food like Anne Hathaway. Slim down to this star’s Catwoman figure by sprinkling some red pepper flakes onto your broccoli. Spices and other strong herb flavors turn down hunger by giving you more flavor in each bite, helping you eat less. It also speeds up your metabolism. Thermogenic herbs (metabolism boosters) include hot chili peppers, black pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, basil, and garlic.

A Little Taste Here, A Little Taste There
Paris Hilton is known for being a grazer… but only in the best way. Taking a cue from European eating habits, Hilton just has a taste of many foods, but rarely eats anything in entirety. If you are craving a hamburger, take a bite and move. Don’t get derailed by cravings—just have a bite and be done with it. More variety in flavors also makes you feel like you've eaten more than you have. Just don’t get too carried away by “tasting” an entire pan of brownies or something. Stick to just a taste.

Pack a Snack
Snacks aren't just for grade-schooled anymore. Having a small, 150 calorie snack every three to four hours can help curb hunger and keep your metabolism working for you. Jennifer Garner and Nia Vardalos are often seen around sets with little lunchboxes of apples and cheese, celery, and carrots.

Sure, you could follow the extreme diets and cleanses of your favorite actresses, but those won’t be as effective as learning to eat healthy. These celebrity tips will help you establish good habits while getting you that screen-ready body. Drew Kobb in addition to studying civil law loves long distance running and considers himself as health and fitness enthusiast. His interests range all over the medical field, from Calgary orthodontics to Californian diet fads. Drew highlights that range on his blog, Dr. Ouch.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Avoiding Symmastia in Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation today has vastly been becoming a trend. It has been asked to be performed by women who were a bit disadvantaged when it comes to breast sizes. But then sometimes breast operation may not only focus on additional size, but reduction also.

If not abused, breasts augmentation has helped a lot in women empowerment. But then some may find the average size lacking, this often results to complications. Most complications can be remedied but there are some that may be led to their doom because of greed.

Known Breast Complications from Augmentation
There are known breast complications that may arise from either your own choice or sometimes from your own choice of doctors too.
  1. Double bubble - This complication creates a double breasts crease due to the heavy breast weight and the sagging of the skin. 
  2. Capsular contracture - This happens when the implant is squeezed by the shrinking breast tissues. 
  3. Bottom out - This on the other hand happens when the implants are over weighted and can’t be supported by the breast tissues.Breasts drop also from the bad positioning during the operation. 
  4. Symmastia - This one too is fairly common, when the two implants from the left and the right breasts gets together and form one boob. 

Symmastia and How to Avoid it 
Among the four mentioned, Symmastia is something that most are alarmed and afraid of. When breasts implants touch each other, form a uni-boob, then you may have one great complication form your operation.

Symmastia is characterized by the meeting of the implants just above the collarbone getting that one boob look. But how can this be prevented?
  • Check for your doctors’ credibility. Often credible doctors are the right doctors. They are licensed, trained and well experienced. Their expertise may also be a positive point for it. 
  • Know the procedure yourself. Never go uninformed. 
  • Always be alert of what’s happening in your body. Know when changes come. 
  • Perform the right post operative care. 
But then sometimes, even good doctors may experience such phenomenon. The only way is to go for the revision surgery. This will help correct it. Now, what happens to the surgery?
  • Incisions will be done. This incision will expose the underlying tissue, muscle and the implant itself. The inspection of it all will now start. 
  • When the tissue that is covering the implant has been determined, it will be cut and will be rolled back. This will enable it to fit into the pocket. 
  • The tissue after will be sutured carefully. This will ensure that the implant will be in place no matter what. Muscles then will be sutured; everything will be put back in place. 
  • Everything will be closed. The incisions will be sutured and you’re off for healing. 
Symmastia is experienced by few in breast augmentation. Most of the time it may cause trauma. But then a little counseling might help. And be positive, it can be fixed. After some time, you will be good as new.

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Mango Thin Reviews

Mango Thin can strengthen your overall health by reducing the dangerous steroid alcohol and triglycerides whereas aiding within the breakdown of waste and toxins within the body...Mango Thin may be a powerful advanced weight loss formula. This safely works to assist burn calories, curb cravings and increase energy levels. There is no reason to place off your diet plans, begin operating towards your weight loss goals and see the key behind Mango Thin.


Mango Thin contains only 1 ingredient–African Mango. African Mango works within the following ways:
It swells within you, supplying you with a sense of fullness before you eat thus you are doing not consume additional food than you wish.

What Does Mango Thin Claims To Do?

It clears out toxins and cleans the channel, up health and immunity.
It delays the re-motion of your abdomen, thus you stay fuller for extended.
It regulates glucose thus you'll be able to avoid sugar “spikes.” accumulated glucose will cause elevated hunger levels and food cravings.
And finally, the most effective advantage of all - it boosts Leptin, a secretion that stops the body from creating additional fat cells.
African Mango provides tremendous edges to dieters, providing the dose is correct - and there are not any fillers used.

Mango Thin Strenghts

  1. Natural Weight Loss Supplement
  2. Helps Block Absorption of Excess Carbs
  3. Supports Healthy Weight Management
  4. Helps Support Metabolism & Energy
  5. Powered with Irvingia!
What is Correct Dosage?

You need to receive a minimum of a hundred and fifty mg of African Mango per capsule, and counseled dose as employed in clinical test is one capsule before meals, thrice daily.
Take merchandise like Mango Thin regarding fifteen to half-hour before feeding with heat water to assist promote absorption. The African Mango can suppress your appetence and leave you feeling surfeited before you eat. And it'll conjointly upset change cravings for high-starch foods.

Where To Buy Mango Thin?

Mango Thin Buy on-line at, or from CVS (those square measure the sole retailers we tend to might verify carry Mango Thin), and buy the most effective worth.
We found Mango thin for less than $13.98 for sixty capsules—which ought to be a one-month provide.

Mango Thin Bottom Line

Clinical study supports African Mango as a tried drug and fat deterrent, however not Mango Thin itself. Do you wish to lose belly fat or lower your steroid alcohol? The West African is mature naturally within the rain forests of Cameroon Africa and is taken into account to be a natural supply of cholesterol and weight management agent. African Mango, conjointly referred to as fruit tree, is high in fiber that is important once removing steroid alcohol from the body. African Mango seed extract has been shown to inhibit the event of recent fat cells within the body referred to as Leptin. So Mango Thin can be a better option for weight loss.

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