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Breast Reduction Can Solve Problems

A reduction mammoplasty, more commonly referred to as a breast reduction surgery is usually performed for a number of reasons that prove to be a medical necessity. There are cases in which the size of a woman's breasts is excessive and this leads to a several afflictions, such as back and neck pain, breathing problems and even severe spine deformation.

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Eliminates Many Physical Shortcomings

When breasts are excessively large, physical limitations and health-related problems are only several natural consequences. Not only the weight, but also the size and bulk of the breasts are causes for physical and also psychological problems, as physical shortcomings reflect upon a woman's psyche.

A reduction mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that alleviates all of these issues and the women who undergo such a procedure are more than pleased with the results. Even before the wounds are completely healed, the patient's first observation is, generally speaking, the complete relief of back and neck pain.

In the long run, all physical problems that were caused by overly sized breasts are solved. The spine can sustain a correct posture, without any painful effort, breathing problems are completely eliminated, troubles with sleep fade away and the patient starts to feel better about herself.

What Goes On During A Breast Reduction Procedure?

Each woman's body is different, thus the surgical procedure she is about to undergo must be adapted to her case. First of all, the plastic surgeon must explain to the patient which breast proportion is ideal for her body. During the surgical procedure itself, glandular tissue, along with excess fat and cutaneous tissue are removed.

The remaining tissues are then rebuilt and reshaped in order to achieve the desired result. In most cases, the reduced breasts are firmer and evenly shaped. In addition to that, liposuction in the armpit area and around the breasts might also be necessary for the best results. Furthermore, the areolas, commonly known as the nipples, have to be re-positioned and, in some cases their size is also reduced.

Cautions To Consider Before Such A Reduction Mammoplasty

The only caution that must be taken into consideration before taking the decision to undergo a breast reduction procedure is the ability to lactate, which is limited after the milk ducts are severed when glandular tissue is removed. If the patient wants to have a baby in the near future, she will be advised to postpone the reduction mammoplasty until she does not need to breastfeed her infant anymore.

Nonetheless, if that is not the case, then breast reduction surgery does not have to be reconsidered at all, as it does not cause any further limitations - as a matter of fact, it solves them.

The patient must provide the plastic surgeon with all her medical records. This is absolutely necessary, so that the surgeon can assess her state of health and inform her about the results she should expect - as each procedure of this type is highly individualized and in accordance with the patient's physical conformation and health.

In conclusion, breast reduction is advised for women who suffer from the burden of excessively large breasts. The rate of success for such a procedure is very high (over 98%) and there are virtually no so-called side effects. Physical problems, such as back pain, difficult breathing and the risks of skeletal deformations are entirely solved or eliminated.

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