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Liquid Diet: What It Is and Which Celebs Use It to Lose Weight in Just Days

Whenever celebrities gain weight,they end up on the cover of tabloids and magazines. And when they do shed the extra pounds, they’re still in the headlines. The public’s curiosity and fascination with stars and their weight and figure are becoming more apparent. And if the celebs are getting more than enough publicity for their weight loss, so do their diet and figure-enhancing workouts. And one of these fad diets would be the liquid diet.

Liquid Diet

The liquid diet is a type of diet which involves the intake of mainly liquid food like soups, vegetable or fruit juices, water, and more. Some liquid diet supplements are bought as shakes in bottles or cans and are available in health food stores or pharmacies. They are usually in powder form and you can make them as drinks at home. Sometimes, this kind of diet is used in the treatment of extremely obese patients. Liquid diets contain reduced amounts of calories so even if you drink 4 or 5 of them a day, you’ll only consume about 400 to 800 calories on average each day. Because you reduce your caloric intake, it can make you lose weight fast. In just a matter of 3 days, you’ll see results. That’s why many famous celebrities love liquid diets and even swear by them. Here are a few of Hollywood’s A-list celebs who have used liquid diets and have gotten the bodies to prove it:


When she was cast in the musical film “Dream Girls”, Beyonce needed to lose weight, so she resorted to a liquid diet. She gulped down The Master Cleanse – a concoction of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. It’s a very strict 2-week diet, providing only 600 to 1,300 calories per day. And when the R&B diva did this, the results were astounding. Actresses Aisha Tyler and Ginnifer Goodwin have also used this diet.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

People have always known Matthew McConaughey for his rock hard abs, muscular physique and also for doing muscle enhancing workouts whenever he’s seen out in public. But the star has recently decided to drop a considerable amount of weight for his role in the movie "The Dallas Buyers Club”. The star lost 30 pounds on a liquids-only diet and is now looking more frighteningly frail.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker (or “SJP” to fans) loves the Blueprint Cleanse. It’s a 3-day to 10-day all-liquid diet that consists of daily tonics like cashew-nut milk and a concoction of pineapple, apple, and mint juice.

50 Cent
50 Cent
50 Cent was looking like he’s down to a quarter of his usual weight when he became super thin and 50 pounds lighter for the film "Things Fall Apart". The rapper has always been buff and muscular, regularly doing different muscle enhancing workouts. But in order to pursue an acting career, the hip-hop star decided to drop the weight and reportedly had a strict liquid diet for 2 months.
The stars are swearing by it. The liquid diet is your solution if you need to lose weight fast. You have to be extra careful about this diet though, because at a mere 400 to 800 calories per day, you’ll definitely feel easily exhausted and you may even experience muscle cramps. That’s why liquid diets can only be done for 3 days. It’s also recommended that you do this diet with the guidance or supervision of a medical expert or doctor to ensure you’re not putting yourself at risk.

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