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Ways To Get Lower Back Pain Relief At Home

Experiencing pain in any part of the body can turn out to be bothersome and frustrating. Chronic cases in particular can reduce productivity, and consequently eat up some of one’s self-esteem. That said, providing immediate solutions to pain is definitely a must even when a person is at home and only has limited resources.
Lower Back Pain Relief
Lower back pain is one of the more common body pains that people usually experience. The back is an essential part of the body that supports much of an individual’s weight, which is why it can be prone to strain. Certain accidents may also cause injury on the back. Bone disease and old age are also some of the common reasons why both younger and older adults may complain of lower back pain.

Fortunately, not all lower back pains would necessitate professional medical help. A lot of people may panic at the first sensation of pain on the lower back especially if they’ve heard of friends or family members who were eventually diagnosed with disorders of the bone or kidneys following onset of back pain. As earlier mentioned, strain can cause pain such as when one lifts heavy things or bends over to pick up something using poor body mechanics. This type of back pain can be remedied using simple methods and even when one is just at home:

  1. Cold application
Using an ice pack, apply cold compress directly on the affected area to reduce any swelling. According to studies, cold compress is ideally applied within 48 hours after onset of pain, followed by heat application. The latter can be effective in relieving pain within the first 48 hours; however, it could also aggravate the inflammation process.

     2.  Rest
Pain due to strain should be alleviated with rest, albeit in moderation. Experiencing lower back pain sure can be agonizing, but this does not give one a ticket to go on a sick leave for one week and enjoy the perks of a “complete bed rest” order. Just carry on with the daily grind, except maybe for the more strenuous parts.

     3.  Pain medications
There are quite a number of pain medications that provide lower back pain relief. Among the most common are NSAIDs or Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. Aside from combating pain, they also cure fever, and prevent inflammation. Aspirin is also another type of pain medication, but must not be taken by individuals who are younger than 20 years old as it can cause Reye’s Syndrome.

All these home remedies can work each on their own, or altogether. You just have to see which ones work best for you and for the magnitude of pain that you are experiencing. You also have to be wary of the fact that if the aforementioned measures don’t work for you, it’s perhaps high time to see a professional medical specialist especially if pain is accompanied by any of the
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Fever
  • Bleeding
  • pain that disrupts even simple tasks.

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