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Obalon Gastric Weight Loss Pill Launches in UK

A weight loss pill that releases a gastric balloon into a patient’s stomach when it is swallowed has been launched in the UK.

While other gastric balloons require invasive surgery, the new 10-minute treatment involves the patient consuming a capsule the size of a large vitamin. When the capsule containing the balloon reaches the patient’s stomach, the ball is inflated to the size of an apple using an attached micro-catheter – a type of thin medical tube. The capsule then dissolves. Similarly to other gastric weight-loss treatments, as the balloon sits on top of the patient’s stomach they feel full, and therefore eat less and should lose weight. Patients consume a second balloon 30 days later, and, depending on their progress, can receive a third balloon after further 30 days.

When the treatment is over, the balloons are deflated and removed using a thin, long, flexible tube which is inserted into the patient’s throat. The balloons are considered to be short-term treatments in comparison to other invasive gastric weight-loss procedures. The method is recommended for people with a body mass index of 27, meaning they would be generally classified obese according the the index.

Trials also showed that around 7 per cent of patients had some side-effects including vomiting, cramps and reflux, which generally subsided within a day or so. 43-year-old Helene Fleckney from Shenley in Hertfordshire who has undergone the treatment, said: “[A]history of heart disease and diabetes runs in my family, so I knew I had to take action with my weight gain to lower my risk of susceptibility. "Obalon has proved an easy and quick treatment to help me lose weight. I'm not even fully through the treatment process yet and I've already lost a stone. "I'm looking forward to eating more healthily, doing more exercise and ensuring my weight loss struggles are a thing of the past." Obalon starts at £2,995 for two-balloons, and is currently available at some private hospitals, but not on the NHS.

However, Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, told Sky News that prevention was a better method: "What you really have to do is to do everything you can to maintain a proper weight, healthy living, healthy lifestyle so you never get up to a BMI of 27." Sally Norton, a Consultant Nurse at Spire Hospital, said: “I've been monitoring Obalon's progress over the last few years as I was very excited about the potential it could offer those patients who do not qualify for weight loss surgery but are struggling to lose weight and improve their health on their own. “It gives patients an initial weight-loss boost but also helps to change their eating behaviour - which is needed for long-term, weight-loss.”

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

FatFoe Eggplant Extract Weight Loss Product Reviewed

Perhaps you’ve heard of it. A product called FatFoe Eggplant Extract. It’s an all-natural product guaranteed to help you lose up to 10 pounds a week.
FatFoe Eggplant Extract

And it is clinically proven to work without dieting or exercise.

There’s only one small problem: FatFoe is not a real weight loss product. And the online website that urges us to “order now and get a free 60-day trial” of this fantastic product is a fake, posted by the Federal Trade Commission as a warning against diet rip-offs. Darn. I really wanted to lose 10 pounds this week without having to exercise or give up my M&M’s.

So how are we to know if weight loss plans and potions are the real thing or a scam?

Watch out for these claims that wave a huge red flag about unreliable products, the FTC warns:
You can eat all you want of your favorite high-calorie foods and still lose weight. Wouldn’t that be nice? But it’s not true, says the FTC. To lose weight, you need to reduce the amount of calories you put in your body.
You can lose weight without making any changes in diet or exercise habits. What a sweet but false notion, says the FTC. In reality, the only way to burn off body fat is to eat less and/or exercise more.

You can lose vast amounts of weight by swallowing a pill that keeps your body from absorbing calories in food. A grand thought indeed.

In truth, there is no product on the market that will cause you to lose large amounts of weight this way.
You can safely lose more than 3 pounds a week for weeks at a time.

Healthy weight loss (the loss of fat and not valuable water or muscle) takes time, says the FTC.
Be skeptical of any claim that you can safely lose more than 3 pounds a week over an extended period of time.

A product that works for everyone! Tilt, says the FTC. No product works the same - or is even safe - for every person.

Lose the weight and keep it off ... forever! Oh, if it were only true. Lost weight only stays off when we continue to eat sensibly and exercise regularly.

A patch, cream or gel absorbed into the skin can make you lose weight. Unfortunately, nothing that you apply to your skin - except perhaps a strip of tape across your mouth — has been proven to cause weight loss.

Want to lose weight without diet or exercise? Stay slim and never have to watch what you eat ever again? Join the club of wishful thinking.

As dull and boring as it sounds, permanent weight loss requires permanent lifestyle changes, say nutrition experts. The only thing we are guaranteed to lose by any other method is our money.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hair Loss Vitamin: Detailed Information

Although there are many factors that can lead to hair loss, it is important to consider the role of dietary supplements to prevent hair loss. Vitamins play an important role in the actual work properly, including cell growth and hair growth and healthy skin. The balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, fats and proteins in good health is the best way to ensure your body gets all the nutrients you need, but certain vitamin supplements stimulated by supplementation is an excellent way to continue to ensure healthy hair.
Hair Loss

Anti-Aging Vitamin
Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for healthy hair and prevents clogging and drying of the sebaceous glands, which in turn, add oil to the hair follicles. Lack of vitamin A is caused by environmental toxins, smoking, fluorescent tubes, aspirin and certain medications such as laxatives and drugs for cholesterol. Increased vitamin A to the diet, increased intake of fruit, red, yellow and orange vegetables, and eggs with fish oil. Vitamin supplements for thinning hair participation does not exceed two, 500 IU per day and can be taken with vitamin E to increase their shares.

B supplements, a healthy body
B vitamins do to keep the hemoglobin that transports oxygen in the blood supply to all tissues in the body, including head of hair. B vitamin deficiency is common, especially among non-meat consumers, such as vitamin B is the protein foods like beef. One of the best ways of foods containing vitamin B complex is 1, the best spinner. daily nutritional thrush. T Take vitamins together while vitamin supplements in the form of complexes, including the 5 to 30 mg thiamine, 10 to 50 mg of riboflavin, to thirty-five to 50 milligrams of niacin, 10:50 mg Pantothenic hundred to 200 milligrams of pyridoxine, biotin 50 mcg Cent, 500 -1, Mil mcg of folic acid 30 mg PABA. In addition, between 10 and hundred micrograms of B12 taken depending on the form under the tongue.

Can not Get C Broad
Vitamin C helps produce collagen, the glue that contains special fabrics together. One of the most common sign of a lack of vitamin C can be brittle hair and split ends. Ascorbic acid is found in citrus fruits, melons, peppers, taters, berries, tomatoes, fruits and dark green vegetables, but the addition of a 000, 2000 Mg can be consumed daily as its share of vitamins to prevent hair loss.

E is for Everyone
Vitamin E is one of the most appropriate vitamin and is responsible for the circulation of blood, hair and skin healthy, normal hormonal function, thereby delaying more effective immune system boost. Vitamin E is found in green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, and vegetable oils and can be taken in tablet form. Grants of 500 to 1,500 mg should be collected once a day with meals.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Best Slim Diet Pill Reviews - Is it Best Diet Pill In Market?

Is Best Slim the Best Slimming Product?

This is an era wherein people are so worried about their physical features. Some are concerned about their faces, the color of their skins, or the clothes that they wear every day. But most importantly, the people of this generation are so concerned about their body figures. They want to have a sexy and slimmer body, six-pack abs, and firm muscles. Thus, thousands of products and programs are dedicated to fitness and physical wellness. One of the most favored slimming and beauty products is BEST SLIM. But with the numbers of slimming products out there, what makes BEST SLIM different? Read on to find out more about BEST SLIM, its benefits and even the disadvantages of using it.
BEST SLIM Overview

BEST SLIM is a slimming supplement that promises to make your dream to have a sexy and slimmer figure, become a reality. It has an official website that allows you to purchase the product online. However, its website does not offer any additional description and information about the product, nor a testimonial section for its credibility. There are details about its price and ingredient, but those are still insufficient for consumers to know if BEST SLIM is indeed a reliable product.

BEST SLIM Ingredients

The ingredients of BEST SLIM are:
  • Cassia Seed Extract
  • Coicis Extract
  • Mulberry Leaf Extract
  • Lotus Leaf Extract
  • Mustard Extract
  • Medical Amylum

If you regularly use different slimming products, you may notice that these are also the very same ingredients of Beautiful Slim Body, another product of this type. This now lead to the speculation that both products are the same. The company just changed its name. This is one factor to consider whether you should try Best Slim.

More about its ingredients, Cassia is another kind of laxative. Laxatives are now being used by various slimming products all over the world. But, scientifically speaking, it has no significant effect on weight loss. Actually, there are no scientific proofs that it effectively works as a weight-loss agent. Laxatives even bring some side effects like increased bowel movements.

Coicis, on the other hand, works like Tears. This is a good source of fiber and it supports the action of cassia seed in increasing waste removal.

In general, BEST SLIM does not contain any ingredients that can increase the metabolism of your body or diminish your appetite. Its main action is just to increase bowel movement. However, note that this action might also cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance over time. Thus, prolonged use of this product is not advised.


So, should you use this product for as am addition to you your weight loss regimen? If only there are explanations and testimonials on their websites then it will be easier for you to decide. You may seek a fitness and health expert’s advice should you really wish to try this product.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Amberen Weight Loss Review: Know All Facts

About Amberen Weight Loss
Amberen famous product known for menopause relief. But now you can get relief in weight problem with the help of Amberen weight loss. Amberen Weight Loss is claim to be caffeine and stimulant free weight loss product clinically proven in weight loss.

About Manufacturer
Amberen Weight Loss is manufactured by Lunada Biomedical which claims to be the completely accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 10/09/2008 with a very high score.

Amberen Weight Loss ingredients
Its good practice to get detailed information about product information so let’s take a closer watch about amberen weight loss ingredients. Novoslim is proprietary fiber contains in Amberen Weight Loss which supposed to be creates sensation of fullness. No information about other ingredients are provided on official website.

How It Works?
Proprietary fiber called Novoslim is main ingredient of amberen weight loss. After taking it the fiber novaslim create feeling of getting full which allow you to eat less and feel full satisfied which will helps you to shed your extra weight.

Is Amberen Weight Loss Really Effective?
It’s too hypothetical to say that it’s really works or not. You can’t predict about any product which not disclosed its full ingredients list. So it’s better to do some research on product and then make final decision.

Where to Buy?
You can purchase this product from amberen official website. You can get amberen weight loss free with every purchase of amberen.

Are There any Side Effects?
There are not reported case of any side effects caused by amberen weight loss. However is you increase intake of fiber then you may feel constipation, abdominal discomfort, gas and diarrhea.

Is it Safe to Take with Other Medications?
Official sites claims that amberen weight loss is safe to take with other medications but not with blood sugar control medications.

Is it Safe for peoples with Diabetes?
No, if you are taking any diabetes medications then you must stay away from this. Its good to concern your physician before taking this supplement.

Although there is reported case of side effects by Amberen weight loss but how you will purchased any product which didn’t disclosed full ingredients. Now choice is yours!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Lead a Stress-free Life

Most women work nonstop throughout the day which eventually takes a toll on their health. Such a busy routine leads to stress that disrupts the mental and physical well-being of the body. Stress is known to contribute to major illnesses, such as depression, cancer and heart diseases. These diseases lead a person to rely on generic drugs and medicines, which are available at various chemist stores and online websites. In order to guard against these diseases, it is necessary to apply a vacation mentality to daily routine, which will help in relieving some of the stress that piles up everyday. Here, we have given some tips that will enable you to reduce stress and lead a healthy life.


Meditation helps in easing out anxiety. It should be practiced for a few minutes everyday. Research has proven that meditating daily can alter the neural pathways of the brain and make a person more resilient to stress. To practice meditation, sit straight with both feet on the floor and keep the eyes closed. Then, focus your attention on reciting mantras such as feel at peace or love myself. Place one hand on the belly while reciting these lines and sync the mantra with your breathing.

Breathe Deeply

A person can also relieve stress by taking a 5 minute break and focusing on their breathing. This can be done by sitting straight, closing the eyes and placing a hand on the belly while slowly inhaling through the nose. The same procedure should be repeated in reverse when exhaling through the mouth. This process helps in lowering the blood pressure and slowing the heart rate.

Stay active

The ideal way to relieve stress is to keep the body active. Physical activity helps in increasing the feelgood endorphins and other natural neural chemicals of the body. These help in enhancing a person’s sense of wellbeing. Any kind of physical activity, such as walking, jogging, house cleaning, gardening, swimming, biking and weightlifting can also be adopted. These can help in improving your mood and reducing your daily irritations.

Connect with others

When a woman tends to get sad, stressed or irritated, she attempts to wrap herself in a cocoon and shuts away socially. This increases stress and is harmful for mental and physical health. Instead of shutting away, keep contact with family and friends. Make new social connections that can prove to be a distraction from the stressful issues you are facing.


The tips given above will not only help in relieving stress, but will also help in enhancing your mental and physical health. However, one should stop loading themselves with excessive work as it will add to the stress. It is also one of the major factors that contribute to serious illnesses. Nowadays, many people have blood pressure problems and heart disease that gets worse due to the stressful lifestyle they lead. These people need to rely on generic drugs and medicines offered by chemist stores and online websites. Considered as the online pharmacy, Premiumrxdrugs offers a wide range of these generic drugs on its website.

To Sum it all up:

Stress has become a part of life, but it is essential to reduce its intensity for the well-being of your body and mind. This can be done by ensuring substantial measures to relieve stress.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mecktone Reviews: Lucy Mecklenburgh Launches Pill

Last year saw Lucy Mecklenburgh throw herself full-throttle into an intense exercise and diet regime... and it certainly paid off.

The former TOWIE star's toned torso beat competition from Rihanna and Beyonce to be voted the best bikini body of 2013. And now, the 22-year-old is giving fans the chance to emulate her healthy lifestyle and honed physique using a bottle of pills.

Lucy is capitalizing on her professional prowess by launching a new health product in the wake of the popularity of her online workout website, Results With Lucy.

MeckTone - a 3-in-1 detoxifier, cleanser and metabolism-booster - claims to be 'revolutionary'...but can it really make you look like Lucy?

Speaking about MeckTone, Lucy said: 'People always ask me what I do to look the way I do, and the honest truth is I exercise and I eat well.
'I've been working hard to develop a range of health products for a while because it is important to keep your body in the best condition alongside this, and this is the first in the range.
'I'm really excited by it because it contains all the natural ingredients I eat everyday, such as aloe vera, green tea and cayenne pepper.'

She added: 'But I know how hard it is to create meals with everything you need in them, so this really helps support your diet and exercise regime.
'It's a 30-day supplement taken alongside a healthy diet and fitness regime - all totally natural ingredients that have made such a difference to my skin and well being.

'It may help your body to detox and cleanse, along with boosting the metabolism.'

The product, which comes in a 30-day supply, contains aloe vera, enugreek, cayenne pepper, green tea, green papaya, psyllium husk, peppermint and vitamins including B3, B5, B6 and Folic Acid.
One of the key ingredients of MeckTone - which describes itself as 'a must for those who care about their inner and outer body' - is psyllium husk.

Native to India and Iran, the ingredient contains natural fibre and mucilage, and claims to help support digestive health by gently cleansing the colon.

The supplement also contains aloe Vera, which helps ward off illnesses while absorbing toxins and then eliminating them through the colon.

MeckTone also includes Omega-3 fish oil-packed L-Cartinine, which elevates the amount of cartinine stored in muscles, claiming to aid fat loss and boost energy levels and athletic performance.

Lucy added: 'My skin feels amazing. I work out, I eat healthily and alongside that MeckTone keeps my skin in check and my body in good condition.

'It is the perfect accompaniment to my lifestyle.'

But what do the experts say?

Elouise Bauskis, Nutritional Therapist at, said: 'MeckTone looks like a good combination of herbal and nutritional ingredients.
'Green tea may increase metabolism, while ginger is warming and stimulates circulation. Psyllium husks are a source of soluble dietary fibre, and both aloe vera and fennel are soothing and calming to the digestive tract.
'Fenugreek may help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The other nutrients combine well with the herbs.
'If you're taking any medications or other supplements, make sure to take them at least an hour away from this, as psyllium husks may slow the absorption of these.'

Madeleine Shaw, a nutritionist who works with the likes of Millie Mackintosh, added: 'I haven't tried it so I am not sure if it works, however I don't think any pill can perform miracles if you are still eating rubbish alongside.

'In terms of ingredients, aloe vera is great for digestion, green tea is a great supply of antioxidants, and liquorice foot is wonderful at feeding the adrenals and reducing sugar cravings.'

Laura Williams from said: 'There are some effective ingredients in this but I’m not sure they will do what they say on the tin. Green tea will help support the immune system because it’s high in antioxidants – you need about 3-5 cups per day to reap the benefits.

'The B vitamins can be useful for supporting the nervous system, while cayenne pepper has been shown to create a small hike in metabolic rate – but no more than you’d get from lifting a few weights.

'Psyllium husks are simply a source of soluble dietary fibre that help to prevent constipation.

'Do the ingredients match the claims? It’s a long shot. We already have perfectly good detoxification organs (liver, kidneys etc) while I’m really not sure how a supplement is going to tone you.
'Will this give you the same results as a sound diet and regular exercise regime? If only.'

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Recall What you Eat and Lose Weight

Whatever you are eating, it is going to show result. If you eat healthy – you will remain healthy. If you monitor your food, the food will also monitor you back. It’s very simple statement:

“Healthy food is directly proportional to healthy body and mind.”

Being healthy depend on two halves. First half is eating healthy food and the second half is eating food with concentration and without distraction. You can give few hours out of your life for eating slowly and peacefully.

Most of you always sit in-front of television watching your football match and just start eating whatever you had. Due to this habit many of you don’t even remember what you have eaten or you may even question yourself about whether you had a lunch/dinner or not. Quite true!!!

You will now ask a question- Why the researchers are saying not to eat food in-front of television. The answer is that television creates distraction which then leads to increased consumption of food along with un- proper chewing of food.

Watching television is not only the one cause of distraction, but other things such as listening to music, reading books, comic or newspaper, talking a lot on the dining table, etc. are also said to be as distraction.
In a research done on “distraction, attention and eating” it shows that you eat less and chew properly if you are paying attention during eating. This paying attention will also help you to boost your weight loss plan.
Many times due to distraction you don’t remember what you had eaten. So in a research they said keep the food wrappers so that you remember what you had eaten and was the food good or not?

For example, you ordered a pizza and you are done with pizza. But after few hours you think to feel like- had I eaten that pizza or not? I know that has happened with you. So keep wrapper for remembrances and also for making you remind that you had eaten that and also about your diet plan.

You can also make a note of healthy fruits and veggies that you must eat. You must include fruit in your diet plan. Fruits are rich in vitamin and minerals.

Thus in a nutshell, it will help you to maintain your calories count for maintaining your healthy diet plan. You must do regular 30-45 minutes of workout. It will make you fit and strong.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Myths and Truths about Laser Hair Removal

Until the 1990s, laser hair removal treatments were only available for experimental and research purposes. Today, these forms of cosmetic enhancement are conveniently available around the World to individuals who desire long-term and/or permanent removal of unwanted hair on various areas of their bodies. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 58 percent of women pursue this option for hair removal over waxing and shaving methods. Prices for these hair removal treatments vary depending on the body part treated, and four to five cycles are generally needed to acquire the best results. Before pursuing these procedures, individuals should become informed on some of the top unwarranted myths about them. Each of those myths is explained in detail below.

The Top Unwarranted Myths About Laser Hair Removal Treatments
1. Myth: These types of hair removal treatments are not safe.
Truth: In fact, these treatments are approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration to provide people with a safe and effective means of hair removal.

2. Myth: Only one treatment is needed to acquire permanent hair removal results.
Truth: Depending on an individual’s hair volume and texture, he/she will usually have to undergo four to six treatments to acquire permanent and/or long-term hair removal.

3. Myth: These types of hair removal treatments permanently damage people’s skin.
Truth: While some common side effects of these treatments include redness, Tenderness, and hypersensitivity to the sun, they are usually only temporary and Not permanent.

4. Myth: Individuals must shave between treatments.
Truth: Shaving between treatments is unnecessary. Individuals are usually advised against shaving between treatments.

5. Myth: All types of these hair removal treatments work well for individuals of all skin types.
Truth: There are certain types of lasers that work best for hair removal with each skin type.

6. Myth: These types of hair removal treatments require the use of messy gels.
Truth: Lasers are the only instruments that are used. Gels and similar products are not used for these treatments.

7. Myth: Individuals experience a lot of pain when they undergo these types of hair removal treatments.
Truth: These types of hair removal treatments are essentially painless. Usually, individuals only experience a slight, tingling sensation over the area being treated.

8. Myth: The same lasers are used for every type of hair removal treatment.
Truth: The lasers that are used for hair removal treatments come in different sizes, strengths, and settings.

While there may be many misconceptions about laser hair removal treatments, they are not justified or proven by any verifiable means. From unwanted facial hair to unsightly chest hair, there are many reasons why individuals of all races and ethnicity pursue the use of lasers for the safe and effective removal of their hair. As one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed today, these types of hair removal treatments can also provide people with outstanding, long-term results. Consequently, there are many outstanding spas, salons, and beauty shops around the World that are licensed to provide people with exceptional services in this area.

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