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Say Goodbye To Cellulite Forever

You are familiar with the adage “you don’t get out of this life alive”, but for most woman they might add “and cellulite-free.” Incessant complaints about unruly humps and bumps around thigh area are constant predicament even among teens to women nearing in their golden years. According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, almost 90% of all women regardless of race are prone to cellulite.

Get Rid Of Cellulite

The intensity of the demand to fight or least curb cellulite overwhelmed mall shelves with anti-cellulite products from temporary relief such as caffeine infused creams to more effective no surgery fat processes like laser, massage and suction. Introducing Cellulaze, an anti-cellulite laser treatment approved by Food and Drug Administration. Unlike other fat treatments that target the outer layer of our skin, Cellulaze goes underneath to fix the unsightly humps and bumps of the skin. Let’s us discuss the basics of the on the dreaded skin condition.

Cottage Cheese Explained

Cellulite is undiscriminating skin condition. Being slim does not exempt you being cellulite-free. So whether you are fat or thin, jiggly or muscled, you are a perfect target of cellulite. The fight for cellulite is synonymously battling with genetics, hormonal factors, diet, lifestyle and age. Sad to say women are more prone to those pesky undulations and indentations due to female skin architecture says NYC dermatologist, Dr.Schweiger. Men’s connective tissue is diagonal and criss-crossed, laid smoothly and continuous. While women’s connective tissue lies vertical to the skin and during the start of puberty, wherethe estrogen levels increases and skin elasticity weakens and the fat chambers (septae) starts to develop due to the connective tissue structure causing the fat to be pushed upwards while at the same time the fibrous bands pull the skin downwards.

Introducing the New Technique

Before, having cellulites means that you have to deal with them forever, but not anymore and this is what the buzz about Cellulaze. A surgeon will administer a local anesthesia and threads a laser fiber with the help of a cannula that is as thin as the pencil lead and trims the fat chambers (septae) melts them and heats the skin from the inside out and this encourages the growth of collagen and elastin.

The laser fiber turned into 90 degrees is effective enough to break and vaporize  stubborn septae. The laser fiber will then be turned toward skin surface wherein the heat will thicken the skin. The moment those septae were severed, there is no chance for them to grown back making you totally cellulite-free. The laser heat is said to promote collagen and elastin growth will make your skin 29% more elastic.

The key to get rid of cellulite successfully is to treat the problem at the root just like what Cellulaze does. With minimal downtime, patients’ needs not to avail leave from work since they can go back to work the next day as observed with patients who undergone Celulaze. But patient are required to wear compression garments, thinksupertight bike shorts for at least a week. Expect bruising and soreness during the first two weeks before it disappears. Patients can see a change as fast as two weeks. Maximum results can be achieved within four to six months at most as that is the time where the increase of collagen and elastin are maximized. And the good news to all is that patients who undergone Cellulaze three years ago experience zero-cellulite reoccurrence.

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