Sunday, March 24, 2013

Accurate Home Blood Pressure Reading

Would you base your whole life on a snapshot of you at a party?  No!  Then why would you base your entire lifestyle around one blood pressure reading at the doctor’s office?

Like an unflattering snapshot, a single blood pressure reading at the doctor’s office may not be an accurate depiction of you and your health.

Why?  The doctor’s office is hardly a relaxing place; the sounds, the smells, the uncomfortable exam rooms...  Not to mention the fact that you have people sticking things in your ears, demanding “samples,” and verbalizing what is wrong with you.  The doctor’s office is actually one of the worst places to take a blood pressure reading.

Blood pressure readings taken at home are more accurate. First, at home you are in a natural, semi-relaxed state. Second, readings can be taken more often and tracked to get an accurate pattern.  Third, you can check when it is convenient for you.  Learn how to get an accurate reading and determine your true blood pressure with these tips and guidelines. 

Blood Pressure Infographic from Natural Health Advisory Institute

Designed by a leading natural health remedy database.

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