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4 Celebrity Examples Of Successful Addiction Recovery

When you think of Hollywood, there are many things that instantly come to mind. And I bet that drugs and alcohol are one of the first things that you think of. Our magazines and entertainment news shows are always headlined by stories of celebrities who have gotten yet another DUI, or landed themselves in mandatory rehab programs. When we think of celebrities, sure we think of the glitz and glamour that come along with their lifestyles. But we also think about the downsides that drug and alcohol abuse has brought into many of their lives.

But when we look to celebrities and addictive substances, all of the stories aren't as distressing as Lindsay Lohan's, or as tragic as Amy Winehouse's. In fact, there are many celebrities who have shown us great examples of overcoming addictions to drugs and alcohol. There are dozens of celebrities who have battled addictions... but have found their roads to recovery.

Let's talk about just a few of those examples. Here are 4 celebrity examples of successful addiction recovery:

 1. Betty Ford

Years clean/sober: 33
You might be surprised to see a former First Lady of the United States on this list. But yes, Betty Ford, the wife of President Gerald Ford, struggled with alcoholism and opioid addiction. Her addiction began as an addiction to pain medicines she was taking to treat a pinched nerve. That pain medication addiction turned into an addiction to opioids and alcohol, until her family staged an intervention. This happened in 1978, and after struggling through the physical and mental pain of recovery, she stayed sober until her death until 2011.
Betty founded the Betty Ford Center for substance abuse and addiction in 1982.

2. Bob Forrest

Years clean/sober: 17
Bob Forrest was the lead singer of the band Thelonious Monster, a popular band in the 1990's. Bob was known for his crazy, drug-driven antics both on and off the stage. He had numerous drug-related arrests, serving jail time numerous times. He was in and out of drug rehab. He overdosed several times.
Many people, including Dr. Drew Pinsky, thought that he wouldn't survive his level of heroin use and addiction. But he surprised everyone by eventually finding recovery. He said that he finally accepted that it was the drugs that were causing his problems. He went to rehab again, taking it seriously this time. He finally found full recovery, and has since helped many other celebrities find recovery also.
Since his recovery in 1996, Bob has become a drug counselor, he was the Chemical Dependency Program Director as Las Encinas Hospital, and he is the cofounder of Hollywood Recovery Services.

3. Drew Barrymore

Years clean/sober: 20+
I think we all know Drew's story: child star turned drug addict turned successful (sober) Hollywood A-lister. Drew is known to have one of the youngest drug addictions of all of the celebrity addiction stories. But she also has one of the most successful.
There were years of drug addiction in Drew's family, including her parents and grandfather. Drew began struggling with drug addiction when she was very young. She reportedly started drinking and smoking cigarettes when she was just 9 years old. She began using marijuana at age 10. At age 12, she started with cocaine use. Drew first entered drug rehab when she was just 13 years old, then again when she was 15. After a failed suicide attempt at age 15, she turned her life around, completely staying off of drugs. She has been completely clean ever since, and she has been able to move on to a very successful movie career.

4. Robert Downey, Jr.

Years clean/sober: 12
Just like Drew Barrymore's, Robert Downey, Jr's story is another well-known story of success, addiction, and redemption. And just like Drew, Robert's addictions began at a very, very young age. Robert's father was also a drug addict. Robert Downey Jr was first given marijuana when he was only 6 years old... by his own father. He has said that his addictions to drugs began when he was just 8 years old.
Robert Downey, Jr was one of the most popular actors in the 80's. That was, until his addictions took over. He had numerous drug-related arrests, and went through rehab several times. Directors stopped hiring him for roles.
It was in 2001 that Robert "realized that he couldn't continue this lifestyle of drug abuse." It was then that he joined rehab one more time, and was finally able to drop his addictions for good. He has since regained his movie career, becoming even more successful than he was before, starring in some of the most popular blockbusters of the 2000's, including Tropic Thunder, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, and The Avengers., is the most successful treatment center in the nation. Click here to find out how they can help you with your addiction.

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women’s multivitamin to stay young and healthy

Staying young and beautiful is the dream of every woman on earth. And beautiful does not mean the facade that is the made up beauty but the real beauty that consists of a fit body, glowing skin and healthy hair. This is actually quite achievable if only you can follow a healthy lifestyle; take healthy food, exercise regularly, sleep well and overall lead a happy as well as stress free life. This is something unachievable in today’s world though since stress is a word that is entwined with our daily lives. During youth, all the torture you do on your body is tolerated but once you cross the threshold of thirty is crossed the result of the tortures i.e. signs of aging starts showing. What to do then? The solution is very simple.

The solution is not the beauty products that are available in the market that only stops the signs of aging from showing externally, that too for a very limited period of time. If you want to stay young and beautiful inside and out, you need to do a little extra than take care of just your skin. When the problem is that with age, the essential vitamins and minerals of your body starts depleting. The diet you follow is not enough to supply the extra dose of vitamins and minerals that is now needed in your body and hence your body starts to lose its youth. The solution then should be to provide that extra amount of vitamins and minerals through anti aging supplements as well as multivitamin. There are women’s multivitamin available in the market, specifically for this purpose.

There are many companies that manufacture and offer multivitamins for women but before you go out to buy just any of them and start taking, make sure you consult a doctor. The kinds of vitamins and minerals needed for the body to function properly vary from one person to another. Hence you need to get a thorough check up to decide which are the vitamins and minerals that are deficit in your body. After you get this particular information it would be easy for you to decide on the anti aging supplements as well as the multivitamin you need to take. It is advised that whichever company’s product you choose, try to opt for natural ingredients. Synthetic products are not easily absorbed into the system and hence the result would of course take time to show.

Along with taking the anti aging supplements and the multivitamins, make sure you also practice healthy lifestyle, Proper diet, exercise regularly however little and be happy too. Since these are also the things that make a person beautiful, fit and young. Taking regular care of skin and hair is also advised to stop age from showing.

Hence devote a little time of the day just for yourself and see how you can trap youth as well as beauty in your mind and body. Stay happy, healthy, youthful and beautiful always.

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Health Tips For Pregnant Women

No mother can deny the fact that pregnancy puts a lot of stress on the body. The average woman puts on about 30 pounds in 9 months of her pregnancy. As a result, she goes through a considerable postural change. You may find it difficult to carry that extra weight all the time. You may feel tired even when you do not do any work all day long. Given below are a few tips from expert osteopath for pregnant women.

Workout sessions

During pregnancy, you might exercise on a regular basis. However, it is important for you to set your routine keeping the condition of your body in mind. This means you should not have too many workout sessions; otherwise, it may cause harm to the infant. According to experts, 3-4 workout sessions on a weekly basis are enough. The duration of each workout should be 30 minutes. However, you should reduce the duration to 10 minutes in your 3rd trimester.

 Types of Exercises

Cardio exercises are recommended for pregnant women; however, you should adopt those exercises that can help you control your heartbeat to 145bpm. For this purpose, you should consider squats and lunges (do not use weights). Aside from these, brisk-walking and swimming are also good exercises. In the last trimester, swimming is more helpful as water can support your body and removes pressure from your tired muscles. Other good exercises include cycling and aerobics.

Things to avoid

You should not take part in sports that require a lot of physical or mental effort, such as football or squash. In the same way, holding a stretch for more than 5 to 6 seconds is not recommended when you are warming up. If you do not follow this advice and hold your stretch for more than 6 seconds, it may make your body emit a hormone called “relax”. Premature release of this hormone can cause damage to the areas that surround your joints. In addition, do not overexert yourself, meaning you must avoid lifting heavy things.

Dietary tips

In order to keep your baby and yourself healthy, you should follow a well-balanced diet. According to doctors, women’s body needs around 2500 calories on a daily basis during pregnancy. But it does not mean you should start eating twice as much as you did before pregnancy. The right way is to eat different things to get the required amount of calories. For example, you should eat wheat, whole grains, vegetable, fruits, poultry and dairy products.

Meet an Osteopath

Aside from keeping tabs on the postural changes you are going through, you need to get in touch with an experienced osteopath as soon as you can. The osteopath will tell you the right way to do exercises.
In sum, pregnancy involves backaches, exhaustion, mood swings and other problems. You should be ready to deal with all these problems. Meeting an osteopath and following the techniques and exercises prescribed by him is a good idea.

Chris blogs about osteopathy. With a vast experience as an osteopath he can diagnose and treat multiple conditions and also advise exercises during pregnancy.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Best Natural Treatments For You

Have you ever wondered the treatments for some diseases way back the ancient times? They don’t have the modern medicines which we could easily buy over the counter. What do you think the people of the old days do? Here are some of the most famous alternative treatments dug up from our history. It is still being practiced today. You might want to experience some of these.

Do you want to experience a bit of Chinese alternative medicine practice? For some, this might be for the brave. Can you imagine yourself being inserted by thin needles? If you are not intimidated by the procedure, go ahead and try it.

If you are someone who would like to be one with nature, I would suggest that you try Ayurveda. They believe that balance is the key to have a well body. There are 2 objectives of this method. One, it aims to protect one’s health. Second, it tries to decrease the diseases and other dysfunctions that one is experiencing.

Herbal Medicines
Those who are scared to take ‘modern medicines’ might want to try the old – fashioned herbal medicines. Some people are actually afraid of taking modern medicines because they think that it is filled with chemicals. Hence, they look for the more ‘natural’ ones. I can’t see anything bad if one wishes to have herbal medicines. Just make sure that you know how to properly prepare it. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for you as well.

OK, so you think that this is a big joke. It really isn’t. You see, hypnosis is also a form of alternative treatment. They call this Hypnotherapy. It is commonly used when a mother is about to give birth. They use it in order to decrease anxiety or pain. However, these are not for everyone. If you are not willing to participate in this method, you might want to consider other alternative treatments.

Good news to those who always go to massage centers or spas. Generally, massage involves pressing of muscles and other soft tissues. If you are having troubles with your back, go for a massage. But of course, we are not saying that everyone should engage into these. Some people experience discomfort after having massage sessions.

I would still recommend that you consult your doctor before having one of these alternative treatments. At least you will know if it is cohesive with your current health plan. Viamedic website is a source where you can get medicines even at the comfort of your own homes.

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Simple Skincare for Great looking Skin

Caring for your skin can get a little tricky. First of all, you have to understand that your skin is different from other people so you need to find your own skin care regimen. You can start by determining your particular skin type. If you have the budget, it would be best to consult a specialist who can suggest the best skin care products for your particular case.

Great skin care doesn’t have to be costly. There are many good skin care products that are affordable. To start off, a gentle skin cleanser for your skin type can do wonders. Also don’t forget to moisturize since dry skin can lead to premature signs of skin aging like fine lines. Another product you need if you want to have great skin and prevent premature signs of skin aging is sunscreen.

Several studies indicate that damage from the sun is one of the leading causes of skin aging. This is why you need to use the appropriate sunscreen depending on how long you will be exposed to the sun. Remember that a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water can also help you have healthy and great-looking skin. Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be effective.

Following these simple tips can help you achieve and maintain beautiful and younger-looking skin.

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3 Alternative Treatments for Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are common to women who are undergoing the menopausal stage. It is a condition wherein you will feel intense warmth or hot feeling all over your face down to your neck and chest. Some women find this unbearable and too uncomfortable which can make them fret. Its episodes may occur from as little as few times in a week to more frequent like several times in a day.

Some of its common symptoms include a feeling of strong heat or warmth spreading on face all throughout the upper body. It is also characterized by flushed appearance and red skin. Rapid heartbeat, perspiration and chilled feeling are also included in its symptoms.

There are many treatments being offered today for this kind of menopause symptom. However, most women who are experiencing it often opt to choose alternative treatments or natural remedy as it is more effective and safe. Included in these are the following:

1. Black Cohosh – This is one of the most popular alternative treatments that are being used today by most women. Aside from menopausal symptoms, Black Cohosh is also being used to treat various medical disorders such as malaise, malaria and rheumatism. It is also called “macrotys” by a group of alternative doctors.

2. Plant Estrogen's – It is believed that the reason why women who live in Asian countries are less likely to suffer from hot flashes is because they are getting more estrogen compound through soy products and plants.

3. Ginseng – Though there is no concrete evidence that proves ginseng to reduce episodes of hot flashes, many women are still using it as they are claiming it to work wonder on their hot sweats. Ginseng is also known to treat mood swings and insomnia.

Other options:
You can also find relief from hot flashes through the following ways:

* If you are a smoker, you might want to quit if you want to relieve yourself from night sweats as it can worsen your hot flash episodes.
* Alcohol must also be avoided.
* Learn a rhythmic breathing exercise that will help you calm and relax your mind during episodes of hot flashes.
* Short-term, low-dose estrogen can also be used as treatment.

Aside from these alternative treatments, you may also opt to visit your doctor to ask for his advice on the best treatment that will work for you. Remember, you can always trust your doctor’s advice on things like this.

There are tons of ways you can choose from in order to free yourself from discomfort brought by excessive night sweats. But you certainly need to understand clearly yourself or your body to see the best remedy that can definitely help you treat your hot flash episodes.

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The Easiest Ways to Prevent Joint Pains and Related Disorders

One out of four people are experiencing joint pains and related disorders today. I find this number rather disturbing because these diseases are becoming more common and even the younger folks can be affected. Instead of rushing to a surgery or popping painkillers, why not try these easy tips to help you prevent joint pains? 

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disorder wherein the joints and ligaments naturally loses their strength and lubrication. The best way to prevent this is through avoiding obesity and maintaining a good body weight. For older folks, strengthening the hips and knees through exercise is also good for joint health.

If you are told to drink moderately, you should or else you are becoming more exposed to gout. Gout is the condition when uric acids accumulate in the body, leading to joint pain and inflammation. The main culprit for this is heavy drinking. Beers and other liquors are high in purine, a substance which stimulate the production of uric acid. Other foods such as red meat, asparagus, sardines also have high contents of purine so its best to stay away from too.

Rheumatoid arthritis attacks are also painful and debilitating. The best way to avoid this disease is by increasing your vegetable and fruit intake to a total of seven servings per day. With the great complications these joint-related disorders can bring to our lives, the old adage is right after all: prevention is better than cure.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dangers of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is now very popular. You have probably heard of many amazing testimonials wherein people have lost 30, 50 to hundreds of pounds because of surgery. This is the reason why weight loss surgeries have tripled since early 2000s.
The major problem is that most people overlook the risks involved with the surgery. They think that Bariatric surgery is a quick fix that will miraculously help them achieve the perfect body. The truth is that surgery is only for the very obese and complications are very common. One in two hundred patients dies from gastric bypass surgery which is the most popular weight loss surgery today.

Although patients are counselled regarding the risks involved, most people disregard the warning and think that complications are not likely. A recent study found that 40% of patients experience problems, from diarrhea to intestinal leaks. Patients also usually develop nutritional deficiencies because of the limited absorption due to the shorter digestive tract.

The best way to lose weight is still naturally with a clean diet and regular exercise. Natural supplements for weight loss are also available which can help improve fat burning and help suppress appetite. Weight loss surgery should only be the last option and it should only be for the very obese or those suffering from serious weight-related health problems.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Taking Care of your Lungs

It would be very hard to live a life with unhealthy lungs. You won’t be able to stay outdoors for a long time and you won’t be able to experience doing fun activities. Well, that’s why it is a must that you take care of your lungs. Here are some of the things which you need to remember.

Things you Must Consider

Say no to smoking - If you haven’t started smoking, don’t attempt to puff even once. We all know that smoking is the culprit for many diseases. It’s not just lung cancer that we are talking about. Smoking can also increase the chances of having bladder cancer, mouth cancer and cervical cancer among many others. Plus, it’s also one of the causes of pre – mature death. So again, don’t attempt to start this vice.

Leave the city for a while - Yes, the city life can also affect your lungs. In urban areas, one can be surrounded with factories, people who smoke and cars. If you don’t give yourself a break, your lungs might be gravely affected. If you have a home outside the city, you might want to visit it every weekend or twice a month. At least you can relax your lungs from a harmful environment.

Learn proper breathing - Well, a lot of people don’t take breathing seriously. Sure you can breathe, or else, you’d die. But just so you know, there is a proper way of breathing. I’ll give you some quick steps on how to do it.

Lie down comfortably - Make sure that your arms are stretched and are not touching any part of your body. It’s like you are forming an X, your legs slightly apart from each other, and your arms stretching.

Use your nose for breathing.Make sure that your abdomen is moving. If not, you are doing shallow breathing. That’s not what we want. While you inhale, your abdomen should be rising up.
That’s about it. Practice proper breathing and it will come out naturally soon enough.

Run and be active - Being active can increase your lungs’ capacity. Regular exercise can help your lungs to reach its full potential. If you will notice, those who exercise have an easier time going up and down the stairs as to compare to those who are lazy.

Stay away from things that might endanger your lungs -  Paint, gas, smokes are some of the things which you have to avoid. If you can stay meters away from these, do so.

I know that some of the tips can be very hard or seemingly impossible to do. But you have to exert your effort to protect your lungs. The edrugstore is a site where you can get your medicines even without moving out from your chairs.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bone Health - More Than Exercise And Consuming Calcium

We are seeing a huge rise in osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is said to affect at least half the population of women and two thirds the population of men. That's a huge number. The common advice we see when it comes to osteoporosis is consume more calcium and get more exercise. This is really quite poor advice because it doesn't take into account at all how the body works and individual needs. 

If you have osteoporosis or you are moving towards osteoporosis your body is breaking down bone for a reason. It's breaking down bone because it's trying to get calcium into your body. We tell people that they need to exercise more and this creates strong bones but the problem with this is that if you exercise you increase lactic acid. Lactic acid is a toxic to the body and this causes you to increase estrogen levels. Estrogen activates prolactin and prolactin breaks down bone. This means that if you doing the wrong type of exercise or over exercising your actually making your problem worse.

I know many people who exercise every day and have osteoporosis. I'm not saying exercise is bad you need to do the right of exercise for your needs at that particular time frame. You may just need to walk for a period of time and then slowly work your way up to light resistance training. The way you can tell if exercise is benefiting you or harming you is by taking your temperature 10 to 20 minutes after you exercise. We have all seen infomercials for calcium supplements and many people take these supplements yet people a lot of times can't even disgust and properly assimilate the calcium in the supplements. This is due not only to the poor quality of the calcium supplements but also due to people having a broken metabolism. When people have a broken metabolic rate they don't secrete adequate amounts of stomach acid to even digestive the calcium their taking. they're also much better sources of calcium that are a lot cheaper. Eggshells are a much easier source of calcium for the body to digest and are extremely inexpensive.

What you do is you take a eggshell and you cook it for 10 to 20 minutes. Then you take a coffee grinder and you grind it and you put in your coffee or tea. This is a excellent calcium supplement and costs you very little. The best source of calcium is milk. Things you can do to stimulate your metabolism and get your production of hydrochloric acid going light therapy, CO2 therapy through the use of bag breathing. You want to make sure to use a paper bag and you also want to make sure to not breath into the paper bag for more than a minute at a time. You want to be eating the right frequencies, ratios and timing of meals. All of these things are going to help you increase your metabolism which is going to help you digest the calcium your taking in and lower estrogen levels. Getting your metabolism going is going to help treat and reverse osteoporosis. You can see how there's more to osteoporosis then taking more calcium and exercising more.

I don't think the advice that were being given is working because were seeing the numbers of osteoporosis increase not decrease. The scary thing is that people younger and younger are getting osteoporosis. Some other things you can do to increase metabolism is meditation. Meditation can help increase CO2 levels which will lower prolactin. You can also take time to yourself throughout the day to do the things you love. You want to be going to bed early because you physical repair starts at around 10 PM. If you want to improve your symptoms of osteoporosis or prevent it from happening then you really have to live a healthy lifestyle. You need to give your body what it needs and understand how it works.

You don't want to be doing what everyone else is doing when it comes osteoporosis because what they're doing isn't working. Another point I'd like to make is that you lose a lot of minerals when you have a slow metabolism. These minerals actually help you to simulate calcium properly. Vitamin D is necessary for you to be able to utilize calcium. That means that if you're eating foods that are low in vitamin D and many foods are nowadays because the cows and other animals are not getting sunlight then your going to have trouble getting the full benefit from the calcium supplements or from your calcium rich foods. Your best source of vitamin D is sunlight and many people live in places where they don't have access to sunlight or they work in jobs that don't allow them to be outside. I know that may seem overwhelming to some people because there's so many things you can do to help improve bone health but my biggest suggestion for people is to start slow.

Take baby steps. You may just want to improve the quality of food you're eating You may want to seek out organic foods or better quality sugars like raw honey These foods will help increase your metabolism and get your digestion working properly. From there you can start bringing in more eggshells and milk into your diet. This will then help you digest and assimilate calcium. If you just drink a lot of milk and eggshells but eat a terrible diet of non-organic foods then you're really not going to get the full benefit from the calcium your eating or supplementing. It's pretty simple inflammation of any kind is going to inhibit your body's ability to absorb calcium. You need to live a healthy lifestyle in order to have good bone health. We like to take many shortcuts when it comes to our health.

We want to take supplements instead of eating healthy foods. The thing is though a lot times in life the shortcuts are not foolproof solutions. We need to stop being lazy and start doing the work now. You want to start eating healthy foods like grass fed meats, raw honey, organic fruits and vegetables. You also want to eat things like grass fed organic milk. These are the foods that are good for you and will help you improve bone health. You’re not going to get good bone health just by exercising or by taking crappy calcium supplement's. In conclusion, there's a lot more to bone health then what most people realize.

You want to change your diet for the better in order to have the best bone health possible and prevent yourself from dealing with osteoporosis.

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Acupuncture: The Medicine You Never Knew

Everyone just knows acupuncture as "That Thing Where You Get Stabbed With Needles," however, there is much more to the ancient medicine that people commonly have no clue about. So, without any further adieu, here is a list of a few things you never knew about acupuncture! 
You Don't Need To Be Sick!

Although acupuncture treats specific ailments extremely well, it is common and extremely plausible to receive acupuncture treatment without being ill. Acupuncture treats close to everything that's not an illness. The medicine can relieve stress, release muscle tension, increase respiratory processing, and even improve posture! So, acupuncture not only can cure and treat ailments threatening your overall well-being, but it can also help slight deficiencies in your body.
Not Just For Lower Back!

Somehow, over time, the assumption that "Acupuncture only treats lower back issues" has developed. Contrary to this ridiculously inaccurate idea, acupuncture has been known to treat everything from diabetes to asthma and arthritis to migraines. With the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of treatment applications for acupuncture, it's a wonder that any person could have ever thought it only sufficed as a solution for lower back pain.
Begone Addiction!

It is well-known that in the world we live there are many addictive materials such as narcotics, cigarettes, and alcohol. Less known is the fact that acupuncture has the ability to aid in quitting these addictive things. Acupuncture focuses primarily on removing jitters, reducing rabid cravings, and relieving stress from not using addictive items. In coordination, this all makes for a perfect formula used to rise above and beat addiction. Acupuncture is proven affective against these grasping addictions by studies all over the nation. Another interesting point of disrupting nicotines hold is that, when treated with acupuncture, patients have often stated that the smoke from their cigarette tastes absolutely horrendous.
You'll Never Spend It All At One Place!

I know with all the aforementioned material along with the points not even covered, it's only a sane decision to assume that acupuncture is a miracle medicine that is more than likely extremely expensive. However, the truth of the matter is that Acupuncture is ridiculously affordable. It is much more affordable the going to see a doctor and paying a large copayment, paying insurance, and purchasing antibiotics or any kind of medicine. This financial blow can be easily avoided by simply visiting your local acupuncturist and involving yourself in the ancient trade.
As you can see, acupuncture is much more than just stabbing a patient with needles. It is an affective means of healing and growing for any person willing to give it a try.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What is Menopause: Facts, Causes And Symptoms

Menopause Facts

Menopause marks the end of the reproductive phase of a woman’s life. When a woman ages, her body experiences many changes and a lot of them are triggered by the hormonal changes brought on by menopause the end of the menstrual cycle. While many may regard as a blessing, it is important to understand how it affects the body.

What triggers menopause?

With the arrival of the mid-forties, the ovaries reduce the production of the sex hormones, namely progesterone and estrogen. Apart from impacting a woman’s health and certain physical aspects, these hormones are collectively responsible for
  1. Ovulation - the process by which an egg is released by the ovaries into the fallopian tubes.
  2. Normal development and function of the uterus
  3. Growth of breasts
  4. Preparation of the lining of the uterus to accept the fertilized egg.

The most common age for menopause:

Ages between 40 up to 60 are considered normal for the onset of menopause in the Western World. Women typically get their last period at the age of 51 (average estimated). Changes in the menstrual cycle marking the end of the fertility period occurring earlier than 45 years of age is referred to as “early menopause” whereas later than 55 years is considered “late menopause”.

Premature menopause:

It so happens at times that menopause occurs before the age of 40. Such cases are regarded as falling under “premature menopause” and are often the result of autoimmune disorders, genetics or medical procedures such at chemotherapy or removal of ovaries.

Another reason for early menopause is “premature ovarian failure”. For reasons not yet known, this happens when the ovaries halt the production of eggs thus triggering changes in the hormone profile. This is not necessarily a permanent situation though, unlike premature menopause.

Symptoms of menopause:

As per the experts, one year without your period confirms the arrival of menopause. The initial phase when menopause kicks in, known as “peri-menopause”, may persist for 3 to 5 years when estrogen levels start dipping.

You may start experiencing the symptoms well before that one-year period begins. Mentioned below is a list of a few symptoms of menopause.
  • Irregular periods – Not every woman faces the same symptoms but this is generally the first sign. Your   period may become irregular or you might end up skipping over them for months at time.
  • Hot flashes
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Depression and other mood swings
  • Joint or muscle ache
  • Altered libido
  • Dry or itchy vagina
When the body has to do away with estrogen, it becomes susceptible to a number of health risks including osteoporosis and heart disease. But there is no need to panic- understanding menopause is the key to coping with it.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Xenadrine Reviews: How Xenadrine Work?

Despite all doubts regarding the efficiency of Xenadrine as a weight loss supplement, it is never safe to say that it is a scam. Here is why.

About Xenadrine

You probably encountered a saga of does Xenadrine work questions. Some respondents provided answers that are not born out of self-interests while others did some exaggerated sugar coating fantasies or propaganda perhaps. Let us uncover mysteries behind the powers of Xenadrine calorie burners.
How does Xenadrine work?

Here are some important things you have to consider before you pop a rapid release capsule of Xenadrine, put the drink mix versions to your water or take caffeine-free pills varieties.
  1. Stick with a sound weight loss workout program and calorie-reduced meals when taking your meds. 
  2. Use Xenadrine regularly for around eight to twelve weeks.
  3. The maximum number capsules safe for your system is six. More than the safety dose may be detrimental to your health. As for the drink mix, you are only allowed to use three packs at most each day. Watch out for side effects such as headaches and stomach problems.
  4. Your medication will cause you to sweat. Give your body sufficient amount of hydration that does not fall below eight glasses of water.
  5. For you to get immediate results, do not eat anything after dinner.
  6. Xenadrine should not be taken five hours before bedtime.
Failure to follow these safety reminders will give negative results to your “does Xenadrine work?” inquiry. Blatantly broadcasting in customer reviews that Xenadrine is a scam does not give justice at all. Some remedies that worked for you may not work for others. Hence, it is unfair to say that Xenadrine does not work at all. Live and let live.

Xenadrine Reviews

There are no Food and Drug recommendations that will help in the endorsement of Xenadrine. However, the manufacturers said that they actually did some clinical trials that will help prove Xenadrine’s good intentions.

In the scientific study, two sets of respondents were administered with the supplements. Some of them have undergone treatments for twelve weeks while others took the drugs for only eight weeks. The results are in favor of Xenadrine and the changes are very significant.

For those who were subjected in a twelve-week study, 21 lbs of weight have been shed off while the others who medicated for only eight weeks were fortunate enough to lose 17 lbs. If this research is indeed credible, it is safe to say that Xenadrine is a potent drug since the respondents strictly followed a calorie-regulated intake of foods.

Without any intentions to demote, let us say that it could have spoken well of Xenadrine creators if they have shown some confidence towards their products. They should at least offer sample pills and money-back guarantee to fortify the idea that their offers are good deals.


Overall, Xenadrine works as a dietary supplement that helps its users burn more calories through physical workout. By giving more energy needed by the body to carry on with prolonged hours in fitness centers, losing fat has never been this easy.

Xenadrine Official Website

Xenadrine is available through its official website where you can buy different product like xenadrine, Caffeine free Xenadrine, Xenadrine Instant Drink Mix and Xenadrine XT.

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Five Ideas for Women Good Health

Women today are busier than ever, and they often do not have the time to spend hours at the gym. Fortunately, there are a number of things that women can do to stay healthy and in shape. Below are five keeping fit ideas for women:

Walk More

Women HealthThis is perhaps one of the simplest things that women can do to stay in shape. Walking is a great exercise because it does not require any equipment, and it can be done almost anywhere at any time. If a woman lives close to her job, then she should consider walking a couple of times out of the week. Additionally, women should consider parking further away from the building and using the stairs.

Perform Resistance Exercises

Resistance training is something that many people forget to include in their routine. However, performing resistance exercises is one of the key things that women can do to keep themselves fit. Resistance training helps reduce body fat and build lean muscle. It also helps boost metabolism. Women should perform resistance training at least twice a week. They should make sure that they perform exercises that work the entire body.

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Diet plays a very important role in keeping one fit. That is why women need to make sure that they are eating healthy. Women should get between three and five servings of vegetables and fruits per day. Vegetables and fruits are relatively low in calories, and they are also filling. Furthermore, vegetables and fruits are filled with essential nutrients.

Play With The Children

Playing with children is perhaps one of the simplest things that women can do to stay fit. If a woman plays with her kids for 30 minutes, then she could burn over 130 calories. Playing tag, basketball and hiking are some activities that women can do with their children. Those activities will not only help a woman stay fit, but they will help her bond with her children.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Many women are not getting enough sleep. Studies have shown that people who get less than six hours of sleep per night are more likely to be obese. Researchers have found that sleep-deprived people are more likely to overeat and make unhealthy food choices. Sleep-deprivation causes ghrelin levels to increase. Ghrelin is a hormone that stimulates appetite. Sleep-deprived people also have a tendency to have slower metabolism.

Additionally, if a woman does not get enough sleep at night, then she will not have the energy to exercise. That is why women need to make sure that they get at least seven hours of sleep at night.

Staying fit is not as challenging as many women think. Walking, playing with the children and performing resistance exercises will help a woman stay in shape. Additionally, women need to make sure that they are eating right and getting plenty of sleep.

Look out some workout videos for women online for a great range of exercises to get in shape.

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Lipozene: Uncover Its Reviews and Ingredient

The Basics of Lipozene

Lipozene has received all the possible hype it could get. When Lipozene was first introduced to the market, a lot of people jumped on the weight loss bandwagon. The weight loss bandwagon, however, could prove to be a shaky ride. Despite the fact that a lot of people have been singing both praise and hatred for this product, overall it was found that those who benefit most from this product are usually overweight or have a significant trouble with their cholesterol or high blood sugar levels.
Lipozene Ingredient

Magic is not the key ingredient in this product. Konjac root(commonly known as Glucomannan) is the key ingredient that works behind this pill. A lot has been said about this product - from the treatment and prevention of lung tumors to helping people reduce weight and constipation. According to most lipozene reviews, konjac root may be the key ingredient as well as the only component that will make this product work. Think of this diet pill as a more sophisticated form of fiber, if you will.

Lipozene Pros and Cons

If you love your fiber but good old psyllium husks or oatmeal is no longer doing it for you, the Konjac Root contained in Lipozene could work for you. This diet pill is all-natural and will not tinker with other bodily functions so it's very safe to take. However, some people have reported negative results when it comes to using this product. Some people say they gained even more weight and their constipation increased in frequency instead of lessening. A quick note: if you're not drinking 10 glasses of water a day, then this pill could definitely work against you. Like any kind of dietary fiber, it will be flushed out of your system if you have enough water to begin with.

What Lipozene Reviews Say

Reviews of lizopene are mostly mixed. A lot of people are reporting good news while a good number of people are saying that this product will definitely not work. One user even went all out to say that he/she is definitely never going to use these products anymore.


To tell it frankly, this product is just like any other weight loss product in that it could or it could not work for you. If you want a product that will kill cravings for specific food products, this is not the pill for you. However, if you want a product that will start your weight loss success and lessen all the extra cholesterol and sugar in your system, then this will work for you. It will definitely reduce your cholesterol and sugar so that you can fast track to weight loss success.

Lipozene Official Website

You can buy lipozene from its official website

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What Everyone Ought to Know About Obesity

Obesity has become a real problem in a lot of countries, however the US is the most obese country in the world, and the medical profession have started to worry about the additional stress it’s putting on the health service. The US is famous for consumerism, and it’s not difficult to find a fast food restaurant wherever people happen to live.

Obesity Problem

It’s not just food that’s the problem it’s the way that people live their lives generally. There are so many gadgets about these days in terms of entertainment people often spend hours on their computers playing games. It’s also hard to fit exercise in if you work an office job, sitting at a desk all day won’t exactly get those muscles working, and people often cannot be bothered to go and visit a gym at the end of the day.

The fact is we’re becoming a nation of “couch potatoes”.  Some might say we already are! The problem with obesity is once a person has reached this level, it’s hard to find a way out. Low self-esteem sets in, energy levels are low, and people even start to suffer from depression.

People who are obese probably don’t realize just how much strain their putting on their internal organs. The heart has to work harder, which means people are more at risk of heart disease. Carrying extra weight around also puts more pressure on the joints.

Skin problems can also start to raise their ugly little heads. Things like Psoriasis, skin tags and warts start to appear. To be honest it’s really not pretty, and if anyone reading this has been told they’re obese, it’s time to do something about it. You’re not doing yourself any favors, and it’s likely you will die much younger than someone who is at an acceptable weight level.

The expressions “big is beautiful” or “I have a problem with metabolism” really doesn’t cut it with most people who are obese. Of course, there are people with metabolic problems, but the medical profession can do things to help this. Some people may also be happy with the fact they’re big, but there is a very fine line between being healthy and big, and being obese.

These words may seem harsh, but a wake-up call is what’s needed. Just take a moment to think about family and friends? How would they feel if you’re life ended simply because you didn’t address the problem with your weight?

The fact is the health issues that come hand in hand with obesity can be really serious. If you’re in a situation where you’re feeling totally alone because of your weight start by joining forums on the internet, this will be your first step to getting some help. You’ll be surprised at just how many people are feeling just like you are.
It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that obese people take the problem “by the horns” and do something about it. Who wants to spend most of their life in a hospital having to undergo a hip replacement or some other sort of surgery because they’re obese, the answer is NO-ONE does!

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