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How to Spot Alcohol Drinking Problems

There are many people who think that drinking alcohol every day is always the sign of having alcohol drinking problems. Many health experts agree that having a few drinks of wine is beneficial for one’s health. This is because consuming alcohol daily helps in protecting the coronary arteries from building up plaques thus preventing heart diseases from developing.

Men and Women vs. Alcohol
Drinking alcohol can be beneficial if it agrees upon the “4 and 14” rule. This rule states that one healthy man can drink up to 4 drinks of alcohol on any occasion, usually within the 24-hour period. But this must not go beyond 14 drinks over the rest of the week.

Drinking Alcohol
Women, on the other hand, are usually advised by their doctors to respect the “3 and 7” criteria when drinking alcoholic beverages. They should not have more than 3 drinks on any kind of occasion and not more than 7 for the rest of the week.
Unfortunately, drinking alcohol does not have any significant effect on the heart’s health. Some studies also showed that it might even help in increasing a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer.
It is very important that you know the formulation of each “drink” that you consume. A drink usually equates to the following:
  1. 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits
  2. 12 ounces of beer
  3. 5 ounces of wine
Drinking Alcohol and Health
Regardless of how often you drink or the amount of drink you consume, your every booze consumption can have different impact into your health. This can be a problem even if you are within the 3/7 or the 4/14 rules.
You will well know that you have a drinking problem when it affects these certain zones in your life:
  • Your body’s health. There are times that you might experience health concerns when you are drinking. These may include raising your blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, excessive weight gain or increasing the levels of your liver enzymes. Then, it is a sure fact that you are having some drinking problem.
  • Work performance. If you are having constant absenteeism from work because of having a hangover of partying all night, it is one of the symptoms of having an alcohol drinking problem. There will be times that you will lose edge from drinking like having it before going to bed or during lunch.
  • Relationships with people. You have a drinking problem when you having too many conflicts with people around you. Alcoholics are sometimes having problems leading to raging and moments of belligerence. It causes chaos in their family and other relationships outside their home. Manifesting antisocial behaviors can be a clear case of having drinking problem.

If you feel that you are having the signs of having drinking problems, then you may want to seek help from health. They will give you proper ways to help you recover from your problem when it comes to drinking alcohol too much.

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