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Top 5 Most Effective Weight Loss Plan Review

Reviews are important in making sure that we get the right data and the right results from real people. Each of the weight loss plans should have reviews but some reviews are not comparative. Hence, below is a comparative review of the top five most effective weight loss plans in the United States and around the world. These are considered as the most tried and tested weight loss plans and the Paleo Diet is considered as the best among these weight loss plans.

Weight Loss Plan

Paleo Diet

  • Stars like Megan Fox have tried the Paleo Diet. This is probably why a lot of people are testing out this diet.
  • If you are the type of person who do not believe in pills, in protein shakes or in a lot exercise in the gym, you can try the Paleo Diet. The Paleo Meal Plan is a diet based on a complete nutritional needs for adults men and women. The meal plans have been specifically created to fit the human body needs including protein, carbohydrates, minerals and everything in between.
  • Sonoma Diet

  • The Sonoma Diet is a diet that has been derived from a mixture of a Mediterranean, Latin American, and Asian cuisines that offers a wide variety of less fatty foods and meals that are to die for.
  • The Sonoma Diet is great only for those who like exotic meals that can be found in Asia and other parts of the world. If you want an all-American neutral taste, the Paleo Diet is still your best bet.
  • Biggest Loser Club Diet

  • If you are the type who likes to exercise and eat healthy foods while you are at it because you have all the time in the world, then this may be right for you. This kind of diet requires a lot of time and a lot of energy that most people do not have. So, people often try the Paleo Diet over this because they can be assured of results without going to the gym or cutting back. Of course, results vary but most people prefer the Paleo Diet over this diet especially when costs are almost the same.
  • South Beach Diet

  • This diet has received rave reviews since it started. It is a diet dedicated for those who have heart conditions and wants to live a longer life. The problem with this diet is that every single calorie and carb is calculated for a day so no spontaneous meals can be taken in without computing the resulting exercise needed to remove the excess body weight that eating a meal may entail. The Paleo Diet is preferred over the South Beach Diet since the Paleo Diet is a stress-free no calculation diet.
  • Zone Diet

    The Zone Diet is one of the most sought after by sugar cutters. The main goal of this diet is to make sure that the sugar level of the individual continues to be in the right zone, nothing more and nothing less. The reason why people prefer the Paleo Diet over this diet is the same as that of the South Beach Diet.


    Weight Loss is something that every individual aims. There are a lot of weight loss programs out there but does not offer the same as the Paleo Diet Weight Loss program. For single individuals, families and friends who just want to lose weight, the Paleo Diet Weight Loss program is surely the best tasting way to lose weight without some fad promises. With little effort and some self belief, the Paleo Diet Weight Loss program will surely bring any individual not just what he wants in terms of physically losing weight but helps in making sure that the internal system of the body will work properly as well.

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