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3 Alternative Treatments for Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are common to women who are undergoing the menopausal stage. It is a condition wherein you will feel intense warmth or hot feeling all over your face down to your neck and chest. Some women find this unbearable and too uncomfortable which can make them fret. Its episodes may occur from as little as few times in a week to more frequent like several times in a day.

Some of its common symptoms include a feeling of strong heat or warmth spreading on face all throughout the upper body. It is also characterized by flushed appearance and red skin. Rapid heartbeat, perspiration and chilled feeling are also included in its symptoms.

There are many treatments being offered today for this kind of menopause symptom. However, most women who are experiencing it often opt to choose alternative treatments or natural remedy as it is more effective and safe. Included in these are the following:

1. Black Cohosh – This is one of the most popular alternative treatments that are being used today by most women. Aside from menopausal symptoms, Black Cohosh is also being used to treat various medical disorders such as malaise, malaria and rheumatism. It is also called “macrotys” by a group of alternative doctors.

2. Plant Estrogen's – It is believed that the reason why women who live in Asian countries are less likely to suffer from hot flashes is because they are getting more estrogen compound through soy products and plants.

3. Ginseng – Though there is no concrete evidence that proves ginseng to reduce episodes of hot flashes, many women are still using it as they are claiming it to work wonder on their hot sweats. Ginseng is also known to treat mood swings and insomnia.

Other options:
You can also find relief from hot flashes through the following ways:

* If you are a smoker, you might want to quit if you want to relieve yourself from night sweats as it can worsen your hot flash episodes.
* Alcohol must also be avoided.
* Learn a rhythmic breathing exercise that will help you calm and relax your mind during episodes of hot flashes.
* Short-term, low-dose estrogen can also be used as treatment.

Aside from these alternative treatments, you may also opt to visit your doctor to ask for his advice on the best treatment that will work for you. Remember, you can always trust your doctor’s advice on things like this.

There are tons of ways you can choose from in order to free yourself from discomfort brought by excessive night sweats. But you certainly need to understand clearly yourself or your body to see the best remedy that can definitely help you treat your hot flash episodes.

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