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Men's Health Issues that Need Attention

Men’s health issues, like women’s health issues, have been properly studied and documented. Yet, there are health issues today that most men are hesitant to talk about or seek proper diagnosis from their doctors or other health professionals. For this reason, they just allow these health issues to become worst. Some of these health issues include the following:

Men Health Issues

Sexual Issues

Erectile dysfunction is a health issue that is common among men, yet most men refuse or hesitate to acknowledge this problem. This is because of the culture that sets men’s thinking that their admittance of erectile dysfunction will somehow, diminish their masculinity. Hence, instead of discussing the issue with their doctor or partner, they try to find solution or quick fixes from untested products. In many cases, the solution to this health issue is to simply reduce the stress and take time to relax. However, it can also be a symptom of an underlying health issue such as a prostate problem or diabetes. Hence, if erectile dysfunction is experienced, it is important to seek for a health professional advice for proper diagnosis and avoid making the problem worst.


Most men often misinterpret infertility with erectile dysfunction. These two health issues are not related to each other. Infertility is a men’s health issue which is characterized by slow sperm motility, a low amount of sperm that is present in the semen, abnormal size or shape of the sperm, or issues with the semen itself. Hence, even if a man suffers from infertility, he can still achieve an erection. However, in many cases, especially in places where male dominance is important, an otherwise healthy man refuses to go through a fertility test.

Today numerous health innovations are available to treat this disorder, which start from medications to IVF (In-vitro fertilization). Nevertheless, in some cases, infertility can be resolved by simply avoiding or making changes to one’s lifestyle such as exercising regularly, eating proper diet, decreasing or completely avoiding alcohol consumption, and quitting smoking. Men who are involved in jobs like manufacturing, landscaping, or construction should try to minimize exposing their selves to environmental toxins, which come from pesticides, radiation, lead, and insecticides by wearing protective items like masks. Even so, it is still important to seek professional diagnosis to get the best solution.


Though tinnitus affects people of all genders and ages, it is more likely to develop in men. About one man, out of eight men with ages ranging from 65 to 74, suffers from this condition. This condition has been regarded as a symptom of an underlying health issue than an actual health disorder. It is characterized by hearing noises every now and then, disrupting sleep or concentration. These noises can vary from roaring, squeaking, whooshing, chirping, ringing, whistling, hissing, buzzing, and more. In most cases, only the sufferer can hear these noises. This condition can be avoided or treated by wearing ear protectors, avoiding loud noises, learning to manage chronic stress, and quitting smoking and alcohol drinking. Nonetheless, if the condition persists, seek for a professional help.

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