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Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids You Should Know

Omega 3 fatty acids have so many benefits to human health that will amaze you. Take fish, green vegetables such as spinach and nuts among others that are rich in omega 3s and your life will improve. Some sources of omega3s such as the fish and spinach creates a very delicious meal that every one desires to have. However, this meal despite being delicious, it smoothens digestion helps clear constipation, and improve cognitive function. Most patients confess of great relief and improvement when they take foods loaded with omega 3s since they speed up the healing process. To avoid getting ill, often take foods rich in omega 3 since they will boost your immunity and your body will be able to resist some diseases.

The following are the importance of omega 3 fatty acids

Lowers blood pressure

Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in fish whereby, high blood pressure patients are guaranteed to experience some relief. Make sure that you include fish in your meals so that you can be in a position to have a normal blood pressure and live a high-quality life.

Boost your libido

Men solution lies in the omega 3s since it can save their breaking marriage which is caused by low libido and erectile dysfunction. As a man, it’s your desire to satisfy your partner but low libido can make it impossible. Save your marriage by nuts which contain omega 3s and you will have high libido which is crucial in bedroom affairs. Do not stop taking them after you boost your libido-they have other numerous benefits.

Increases your immunity

You are guaranteed high immunity once you start taking foods rich in omega 3s. Your body will be able to resist some types of common ailment, like colds. This is achievable because these fatty acids form a part of the white blood cells which are responsible for fighting illnesses.

Helps reduce constipation

Fish and green vegetables have the ability to allow smooth digestion due to the presence of high fiber and omega 3s. They heal constipation and prevent it from re-occurring. Omega 3 fatty acids also promote an appropriate gut environment for healthy bacteria to thrive,

Speeds up weight loss

In case you want to lose weight so fast, you can take nuts rich in omega 3 fatty acids such as almonds in combination with a workout plan of your choice. Omega 3s boosts metabolism and breakdown of fats into energy. Doesn’t that sound a good way to slim down?

Enhances fresh memory

They have the ability to enhance the growth of the memory, especially in small children. You will find that your child will be sharper in school due to the ability to remember what the teacher said in class. Toddlers who take fish also learn very fast and behave more mature than those who do not take Omega 3 through the fish intake. Older people can also have memory improvement through intake of fish giving them a fresh and improving memory.

Ability to treat your skin

Omega 3 fatty acids are of great importance to everyone. This is because they
are involved in rectifying majority of health problems. These fatty acids are capable of clearing and healing acne and black heads on your skin. They promote production of collagen and elastin, the skin’s connective tissues. They also regulate melanin production and enhance the functions of sebaceous glands. A diet rich in omega 3 once a day will give you a smooth, bright, and wrinkle-free skin.

Speeds up child growth

During pregnancy and after, you are recommended to take foods rich in Omega 3’s. The reason to this is that the omega 3’s speeds up the growth of the child, especially the brain. The bones also become stronger.

Ability to reduce joint pains

Joint pains are mainly caused by arthritis. Ensure that you take any source of omega 3’s daily and you will be glad since joint pains will become a history. In case the joint pains are caused by arthritis, the omegas 3’s have the ability to control the condition.

Promotes growth of long healthy hair

Long hair is the desire of so many people, especially women. Therefore, you are required to take plenty of green vegetables, fish and nuts. Omega 3s helps in thickening and increasing the length of hair follicles which improves your beauty. You are supposed to be consistent with the diet till you are content with long and healthy hair.


Above are major importances of omega 3 about your health. Nuts and fish are major sources. Hence, you can choose on what to have. They are healthy fats that help to eliminate unhealthy fats in the body, speeding up the process of weight loss. They are recommended by doctors as a health solution and also. The nuts and the fish are easily available and affordable for anyone who wishes to take them; they also have no side effects to the human body.


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Friday, February 19, 2016

How to Lose the Holiday Menopause Blue?

 Holidays are seasons to look up for; they bring a lot of excitement, family get together, cooking and a whole of a lot of great things to celebrate together. The truth is that women are often at the center of it all; cooking, making sure everyone is comfortable, help settling down issues between kids and be all and everything to everyone! This then becomes a bitter sweet moment. Your guess is as good as mine; this is such a huge task for one person. Particularly when it comes to a menopausal woman, such times are bound to increase stress levels and exacerbate menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, stress, depression and anxiety among others. 

So how do you deal with the menopause holiday blues to ensure that you maintain your balance; have fun and reduce on menopause blues? The following are ways that have worked for many other woman and we are excited to share with you.

Plan to only bit what you can chew

Planning is a critical step in ensuring your holiday is successful. It would be prudent of any woman to ensure they are clear of what they are responsible for during the holiday season. Take a critical look at all the responsibilities that you intend to achieve; could it be that you are expecting too much from yourself? Be more sincere with yourself; be more realistic. You could choose to get extra hands to help; you could delegate some of the roles, maybe outsource and just handle what you can. It is important that you reduce on any pressure or any frustrations that would build up into stress.

Consider menopause treatments

Start with lifestyle changes that are easy to implement. You could for instance, reduce the urge to take alcohol, drugs and cigars as they will only increase your menopausal blues. Use menopause supplements and alternative medicine in addition to the lifestyle changes. If the menopausal blues are extreme, you could also consider HRT.

Keep your type-A personality in check!

What if the cookies did measure up to the chef’s level? What if you added a little weight? Every single thing does not have to be perfect for it to be fun, delicious or enjoyable! You could derive great fun, and joy even from those that did not work your way; just laugh at the thought if them not working and you will find all your stress is gone. But here is the bottom line-most of the people wouldn’t even notice that they were not perfect! It is all in your mind! So keep that chick under reasonable control so that you do not ruin your great moments.

Grab the lemons and let’s make a lemonade

You know there are times when life throws those lemons your way; a grumpy salesperson/boss, unruly children, or a problematic husband. Do not let others have the pleasure of rattling your life; just let go of the experience immediately. Forgive and let go. This is not because they deserved the forgiveness-sometimes they even are not aware they’ve hurt you!-forgive because you deserve great peace within that is not interfered with hot flashes and night sweats.


Laughter is medicine of the heart and even in menopause; laughter remains a critical component in minimizing menopause blues. It relieves whatever tension you could have; it is actually like an emotional massage. Do it as often as you can. You could even put measures in place to ensure you laugh; get some comedy or stick around with friends who are comical since it is holiday time and just laugh.

Have positive thoughts and attitudes

Research has shown that the presence of positive thoughts and having a positive attitude go a long way in reducing menopause symptoms. The lack of positive thoughts greatly harms a woman’s health more than the presence of negative thoughts. Be keen on sustaining positive thoughts through inspirational content and avoiding any negative energy. Join support groups and hear other women’s inspirational stories; you will soon be lifted emotionally through their experiences.


The importance of exercise cannot be stressed enough for menopausal women. It not only goes into making a healthy body with loss of weight, but it also goes a long way to have your brain and mind covered. Exercises reduce weight, cure insomnia; helps manage osteoporosis, stress, depression and anxiety. Exercises raise the feel-good endorphins that are critical in eliminating anger, tension and menopausal depression.

Not all days are sunny 

Whereas we dream of great days and holidays ahead, there are times when we lose loved ones and holidays become such lonely moments. Such holidays become difficult times with sadness especially if you are alone. Do not be in a rush to be happy. It is important to take a day at a time. Take time to heal and when it is all done, you can fly up into the sunshine of laughter. Just be sure to have great encouraging materials that would help you heal.


It is possible to enjoy your holiday seasons without raising your menopausal blues. Therefore, take the chance to incorporate the ideas shared and you can be sure to enjoy your holidays. We would be glad to hear how your holiday’s menopausal blues went down this holiday.


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Monday, February 15, 2016

5 Superfluids That Will Work Wonders For Your Weight Loss

With the turn of the New Year, top in most people resolutions is to lose weight, probably after overindulging over the holidays. Everyone wishes to have a simple and effective weight loss program where they need not break a sweat but have amazing results. If you could have this wouldn’t you also go for it? Well, there just might be a way to achieve amazing weight loss naturally and without much effort. How you may ask? Through the use of superfluid’s that will help you accelerate calorie burning in the body, making you lose that excess body fat easy. Below is a list of five juice combos that can help kick start you into a healthier, lower calorie diet.

The first of the super juices for weight loss includes a mix of apple, lemon, spinach, celery, cucumber and kale. This is one of the best juices to try out, mainly because it helps alkalize the body cells, reducing inflammation and promoting good health. This juice is composed of a high fiber diet and thus helps keep the body feeling energized and alive. This juice combo is rich in antioxidants that help mop up free radicals in the body. This prevents most of the common day ailments that are a big disruption to most people on a day to day basis. The juice combo comes high in Vitamin C and beta-carotene which helps in detoxification of the body. Further, sulfur compounds are contained in the juice which promote good liver function. Research has shown that this amazing super juices for weight loss is highly loaded with magnesium which is responsible for high energy levels in the body. There is also high levels of Vitamin K which is necessary for activating blood clotting factors as well as good bone health. To get even greater results, a dash of spirulina to this juice will help promote increased mental and sexual health, not to mention an energy boost.

Another of the super juices for weight loss involves a powerful mix of beetroot, parsley, carrot, apple and celery. The age old adage of an apple away keeps the doctor away comes to mind here. Among the contents of this super juice are betacarotene which is great for improved sight and powerful mix of antioxidants which help collect free radicals and thus optimal health. This juice is especially recommended in the promotion of adrenal health thus better body performance.

You may also be interested in trying out a mix of ginger, celery, orange and carrot. This is an especially delicious juice whose taste prominence will come from carrot and ginger. This juice is good as it contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B as well as antioxidants which help support the body’s natural immune system.  If you care more about smooth skin, this is the juice to try out as it will definitely give your body an immune system boost. Baobab powder may be used to boost this super juice.

What of trying out a mix of cucumber, spinach, mint and pineapple? This juice comes highly loaded in Vitamins A, C and B complex vitamins which serve important functions in the body including, optimal sight, a healthy immune system as well as promotes healthy skin. One benefit of having pineapple in this super blend is that it contains bromelain which aids digestion, promoting good health and reduces inflammation. When raw spinach is used in a juice blend, iron is derived and can be used for the promotion of cardiovascular health. This results in the healthy circulation of blood around the body. You can also make this juice a high fiber diet by making use of wheat grass in the blend. Wheat grass helps promote excretion of cholesterol in the body, thus reducing the chance event of heart disease or stroke.

Last but not least of the super juices for weight loss is a mix of baby spinach, grape fruit, apple and broccoli. This is one of the juices to get when starting a day to help in kick starting the digestive system. It also helps detoxify the liver and kidneys. It also comes high in vitamin B which helps in good cardiovascular health. This juice is great for people who have high energy requirements and thus the reason it is recommended as a juice which is a great breakfast option.

It has been shown to promote good eye health due to the high levels of betacarotene it contains. Do choose from the available juice blends to help promote good health. What’s more, you can come up with a juice blend of your very own from ingredients you enjoy.


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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Does Tiny Zaps of Electricity Block Nerves and Ease Back Pain?

Various treatments for back pain have been developed over the years; some are effective, but most give minimal relief if they give relief at all. One treatment modality being bandied about is electrotherapy – the use of electricity along nerve pathways to block pain. There are two methods of electrotherapy – TENS and electro-acupuncture.

What is TENS?

TENS is the acronym for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation; the therapy sends electrical pulses along nerve pathways to stimulate the nerves and block pain. The unit is connected to the skin via electrodes, and the TENS unit sends impulses at a specified width, frequency, and intensity. TENS pulses can be high frequency and low intensity (no motor contractions) or low frequency and high intensity (causes motor contractions). 

Uses for TENS

TENS has been used effectively in physical therapy, to relieve muscle spasms. At low frequency and high intensity, the TENS unit contracts muscles; for patients with severe spasms, the therapy gently works the muscle until the spasm releases. 

TENS has also been used as a pain therapy. When the pain is chronic, and not involving the muscles, TENS is used in the high frequency – low intensity mode, to stimulate nerves. The stimulation blocks pain receptors, easing the pain felt in the treated area.

Is TENS Effective?

Whether or not TENS is effective depends on whom you ask; in clinical settings, patients report significant pain relief from TENS therapy, but there are no research studies to back up the empirical evidence. Research studies should be taken with a grain of salt, as studies can prove any point a researcher wishes to make. How the study was conducted, who paid for it, and who actually did the research all come into play, as some studies are done with the idea of discrediting therapies the mainstream medical community does not approve of instead of objectively evaluating the treatment on its own merit. Empirical evidence suggests TENS is effective at joint pain relief, and until a well-conducted study is made that disproves it, the empirical evidence is enough to support the therapy.

What is Electro-acupuncture?

Electro-acupuncture is a form of traditional acupuncture done with needle and an electrical current, as opposed to just using needles.

Traditional acupuncture is based on the concept of chi, or energy, flowing through the body. When the body is healthy, chi flows along meridians without interruption. When a state of disease occurs, the meridians involved in the disease become blocked, and the energy flow is reduced or stopped.

Acupuncture is used to release the blockage, allowing energy to flow freely. The therapy involves inserting needles into nerves along the blocked meridian, stimulating the nerves and freeing the blockage. Sometimes it is necessary to manipulate the needles to effect the release, and this is where electro-acupuncture comes into play. 

The acupuncturist inserts needles along the affected meridians just the same as an acupuncturist does for traditional acupuncture. The needles are then connected, via small clips, to a device producing an electrical current. This device, like a TENS unit, controls the frequency intensity, and width of the electrical impulse. The current provides continuous stimulation to the nerves in the meridian without the necessity of hand manipulation of the needles by the acupuncturist. Electro-acupuncture can provide continuous stimulation of the meridian for up to 30 minutes at a time. Most people cannot sustain a fine-motor activity for this length of time, so electro-acupuncture fills the void caused by fatigue.

Is Electro-acupuncture Effective on Back Pain?

Whether electro-acupuncture is effective on pain, back or otherwise, depends again on whom you ask. Patients find electro-acupuncture effective on pain, just as they do TENS, but again, there is no hard research to satisfy the Western skeptic. This is true for traditional acupuncture as well, although most mainstream practitioners have come to accept traditional acupuncture as effective.

When chronic back pain is muscular in nature, both TENS and electro-acupuncture are effective in treating it. If the pain is neurological, both treatments may be effective, but success is not guaranteed. When used in conjunction with hot and cold therapies, and topical analgesics, electrotherapy can be efficacious on chronic pain. When the alternative is mainstream analgesics, electrotherapy is certainly worth trying, as mainstream analgesics come with a host of nasty side effects, and are to be avoided if at all possible.
TENS and electro-acupuncture are safe, effective treatments when performed by knowledgeable practitioners; do your homework, and find certified therapists.

No therapy is effective on every patient, so there are no guarantees electrotherapy will work for you. Then again, there are no guarantees it won’t work, either, so give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose but your pain.


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Friday, February 5, 2016

What Causes Knee Joint Pain – Best Options Reliving the joint pain

Causes Knee Joint Pain

There are a variety of potential sources behind what causes knee joint pain. The knee is supported by ligaments that provide support in an "X" shape around the kneecap. Sometimes, it's possible to sprain a ligament during sports without even realizing it, and then the pain appears a few days later. With knee injuries, it's important to ask a doctor what causes knee joint pain in your specific circumstance. If a knee injury is accompanied by loss of mobility and swelling, this typically means the condition is serious enough to go to a hospital for. It's also problematic if the knee injury does not recover and remains painful for extended periods of time.

Another determining factor in what causes knee joint pain is whether or not an arthritic condition is developing. Sometimes a prior injury may lead into an osteoarthritis condition of the knee joint. What causes knee joint pain in this case is related to a breakdown of joint cartilage which results in the bone-often the femur rubbing against another part of bone, creating long-lasting pain, stiffness, or swelling. This osteoarthritis condition may occur gradually, remain relatively stable, or worsen over months or years. Many of these arthritic conditions develop around middle-age.

Another possibility in what causes knee joint pain is rheumatoid arthritic conditions. Unlike osteoarthritis, the major factor in what causes knee joint pain in this circumstance is your immune system attacking its own synovial membrane around the affected area. Symptoms of joint pain in this situation may include swelling and redness on the knee, perhaps most noticeable upon waking up. Sometimes, small red nodules appear around the skin, as well as other symptoms such as fatigue. Natural or doctor-appointed anti-inflammation remedies are typically the joint pain supplements for rheumatoid arthritis. NSAIDs could be used in conjunction with a natural ant-inflammatory like ginseng or fish-oil.

In more severe cases, typically related to very bad osteoarthritis, knee surgery may be an option. Knee surgery may be necessary to repair damaged cartilage with certain plastic or metal grafts. Or, total knee replacement surgery may be necessary. In these situations, what causes knee joint pain are usually very severe cases of cartilage loss, or very bad injuries where the disc is shattered and requires replacement. This surgery can be risky, and requires lengthy recovery time and rehabilitation. Although, for some patients, it's the best solution for osteoarthritis that impairs the quality of life.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

11 Ways To Charge Up Your Dopamine Levels In The Brain

Dopamine is a chemical messenger in the body, also referred to as a neurotransmitter that helps relay pleasure to the body. It is dopamine that helps pleasure be relayed as a signal and thus the emotional response that is seen. If you desire to feel good continuously, it is recommend that you work towards charging up dopamine levels. In most people, dopamine levels are low and that is the reason as to why they are ever gloomy day in, day out. Below are several ways through which you can boost this hormone levels which will ultimately lead to increased pleasure and satisfaction in life.

First off, never get addicted to something. A lot of people tend to get addicted to something that delivers some sort of instant gratification. Be it sex, alcohol, porn, drugs, shopping or whatever else, never get addicted to it. The reason behind this is the addiction has a turnaround effect on dopamine levels in the long term. When addiction kicks in, the reward center in the brain is at a heightened level as one craves for quick gratification. This pushes dopamine production to above natural levels and thus hinders the production of the hormone naturally. Addiction leads to low levels of dopamine production, thus the feeling of gloominess most times.

There is an increase of dopamine in the body when one accomplishes small tasks as opposed to when one accomplishes a big goal. To this end, it is quite important that you checklist the small stuff when they are accomplished as it leads to an overall feeling of satisfaction and what one is doing really matters. If you are working on a big project, segment it into smaller tasks which have ends to them so that you can get this repeated sense of satisfaction and hence feel satisfied once each small task is done.

If you are engaged in handiwork, creating something has been shown to be a brain enhancing supplement which increases dopamine levels. If you work on something and deliver, your focus is increased and thus you get into a flow, where creating something is second to nature. Dopamine allows people to achieve flow, be it in the arts, crafts, photography, drawing, painting, auto repair or any other handy work. Working on the creative centers to come up with a model is a sure way to boost dopamine levels and have fun while at it.

Exercise is also another brain enhancing supplement which boosts dopamine levels. When the muscles of the body are exercised, stress is relieved, achieving higher dopamine levels. Besides dopamine, other neurotransmitters are released by the body and this leads to the production of serotonin and endorphins which ensure you feel awesome after a workout. If you are not an exercise person, you need not worry about strenuous exercise. A simple walk or going up the stairs should help do you good. This exercise should preferably go hand in hand with a modest lifestyle that cuts on the excesses of daily life if the highest levels of dopamine are to be achieved.

It is ideal if you can work towards having high dopamine levels, record your successes. This is a simple yet effective way of boosting dopamine levels. When you feel down, it is recommended that you check on your streak and see of the successes of the past. This is a simple yet effective way of feeling much better almost instantly.

It is also recommended that you try the brain enhancing supplement tyrosine. This is an essential amino acid which is contained in foods such as banana, avocado, and almond. Chicken, beef, eggs, coffee, watermelon and yoghurt. Eating this food helps boost production of dopamine. 

Ever been in a vehicle and some jam you like started paying over the radio and you naturally found yourself jamming to the beat? Well, this is an indication that dopamine has been released and thus causes you to feel good while listening to the music. Music helps stimulate the feel good centers in the brain and that is the reason as to why a lot of people will listen to music to boost their spirits.

Meditation is also a way to naturally produce brain enhancing supplements. Most people tend to overthink on issues and hence stress. Meditation allows the mind be freed of the stress and back to normal where one feels good, meaning dopamine has been released into the system. Brain enhancing supplements are also a sure way to boost brain function. Natural supplements are recommended to achieve this. Some of these supplements include Ginkgo Biloba, curcumin found in turmeric, L-theanine found in green tea among others.

Finally, detoxing the body can be used as a way to get the dopamine levels high. Detoxing also allows the body to have a heightened immune system from bacteria and toxins. To cleanse the body, fermented food such as yoghurt or even fermented porridge is recommended. Sleeping the recommended hours and cutting on fatty and sugary foods is a big plus.


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