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Xenical Reviews: Does It Work?

What is Xenical?

Xenical is a product that is mainly developed for people who are obese and want to bring their weight under control. It is a prescription medicine and those having a body mass index of 30 and above are eligible to use it. A low calorie diet help this product to work efficiently, without following this, it is very difficult to lose weight. It must be used under proper guidance of a physician as it can cause certain side effects that can lead to serious medical complications. It may cause kidney disease, lowers the body ability to absorb vitamins. It can also cause liver problems, gallbladder problems, frequent bowel movements, oily stools as well as discharge of oily rectal. So don’t forget to consult your doctor and take this medication exactly as directed by him.

Other prescribed or non-prescribed medications that you are taking must be thoroughly checked by your doctor to minimize the risk. XENICAL is a weight loss product that is taken with a low calorie diet but it must be highly nutritious. It should not contain more than 30% of calories from fat otherwise it can make the side effects worse.

Manufacturer Information

The manufacturer of Xenical is Hoffman-La Roche Pharmaceuticals Company. It is located at Nutley, New Jersey. It is also called Roche and is the US prescription drug unit of the Roche group. It is built for enhancing the health of people as well as their life quality.

Ingredients and how do they function

Xenical is a weight loss medication that contains different strengths of an active ingredient Orlistat. Xenical with Orlistat 120 mg is available in the market with prescription. Orlistat facilitates the intestines to absorb less fat from the food that you eat. Through the bowel movements the undigested fat goes out of the body. This makes weight loss easier.

The doses are fixed by the doctor that tells you how and when to take it. For effective results take it with your meals or one hour after having your meal. You can skip the dose in case if you don’t take a meal. Many people take cyclosporine medicine then it is better to take both the medications with an interval of at least 3 hours. A multivitamin should be taken before or after 2 hours of taking XENICAL.

Multivitamin is best to take during bedtime. This weight loss medicine can be taken not more than 4 years or as advised by your doctor.


  1. Overweight people lose weight rapidly after taking this medication.
  2. Intestines absorb less fat from the food to prevent from getting deposited in the body.


  1. It causes frequent diarrhea because of the body expelling more fat.
  2. This product is only for severely overweight individuals. 
  3. It causes side effects that threaten health of the body.

Final Words

Xenical is prescribed only to seriously obese people who are highly frustrated and want to reduce weight rapidly. This product starts working within 2 weeks and continues up to the period of 6 to 12 months. But this medication involves great risk and so it should be taken after consulting your doctor. It is important to take a low calories diet as long as you take it for maintaining your weight.

The amount of weight lost by individuals varies and it mainly depends on how well you plan your low calorie diet with a regular exercise. Because of all these precautions it is recommended to go for a natural alternative that don’t require any prescription. Natural products are safe and effective and help to achieve your weight loss goals.

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