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Does Ephedrine P57 Work? Uncover Truth

What is Ephedrine P57?

Diet pills containing Ephedra are banned by the FDA. Ephedrine p57 is a weight loss product that contains hoodia and ephedrine. In US every product containing this ingredient are banned for sale but through online sources they can be easily purchased overseas. The use of ephedra and hoodia in the weight loss products has been touted as the most unique combination ever prepared before. It is an effective appetite suppressant but its hazardous effects make it totally unreliable. This substance is biochemically similar to amphetamines and have similar impact on the cardiovascular system.

The other ingredient Hoodia is viewed as a safe appetite suppressant. The most important fact about ephedra is that it can cause permanent damage to the heart. Individuals having no prior history of this disease are also affected badly because of this harmful ingredient.

Ephedrine P57 Ingredients and how do they function

Ephedrine P57 contains 10 milligrams concentrated Ephedrine group alkaloids per serving. It is in the form of herbal extracts. The composition of ingredients of this diet pill is not available on the official website. This product is supposed to contain two ingredients hoodia and ephedra. Hoodia is an appetite suppressant that consists of P-57 which is a molecule that sends signals to your brain that you are full and a person eat less and lose weight. You can control your hunger pangs for a longer time. This particular ingredient is commonly used in weight loss products. If you've never used a supplement containing ephedra before you might not be concerned about the recent announcement that it has been banned by the FDA.

However the Native American variety Ephedra gerardiana contains less ephedrine as compared to the Chinese variety, Ma Huang (Ephedra sinica). It boosts your stamina and energy levels. But it is also known for its harmful effects. Ephedra can be used as a tea or in a powdered form or can be put into capsules. According to the recommendation take 1 capsule with a full glass of water 30 minutes before meal. You can choose your own time that work best for you. Take when you require extra energy and enhanced stamina.


It helps to boost metabolism and suppress appetite.
It helps to burn more calories and fat every time you work out.
Hoodia contains a special molecule P57 that keeps you full for a longer time.

It contains Ephedra which is banned by FDA
It triggers life threatening disease such as kidney failure and heart problems.
The exact price of this product is not mentioned.

Final Words 
Ephedrine p57 is a weight loss product that has been banned in the US. It contains ephedra that has a certain amount of effectiveness and so many people want to try it. But this ingredient is very dangerous and gives permanent side effects. This product also contains hoodia gordonii a natural cactus indigenous to South Africa. It is an effective appetite suppressant and tribal people used it for suppressing their hunger and quenching their thirst. But the use of Ephedrine P57 is not at all supported. It seems that it is no longer available, but according to some websites, the product and Ephedrine is still available.

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