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TestoRX Review: Benefits and Side Effects

Weight loss if handled with clear mindset and taken seriously with full determination can be an easy job. But it does require a lot of time and patience for that and one needs to have that quality of being patient to notice good results. To aid this weight loss and minimize the time for positive results people choose to go for weight loss products. But most weight loss products fail to give desired results at the right time, except the natural ones. Yet there are a hell lot of options out there claiming to be natural.

What is TestoRX?

TestoRX claims to be an all natural formula that claims to help in achieving better results and more benefits. It is available in the form of a weight loss tablet or capsule. TestoRX even claims to give a natural testosterone booster that helps to increase natural muscle mass along with improving sexual health in men. It is even said to help you to repair your muscles and improve lean muscle mass, along with strengthening and providing power and energy. This product even promises to give no side effects, mere male health benefits.

Manufacturer Details:

This product claims to be manufactured in the USA, yet after looking at it more closely it is apparent that it is actually manufactured in china. This fact immediately strikes up to some negative flags in the reviewers mind as there have been some very bad things reviews about fat loss products manufactured in China.

Ingredients and their Working

TestoRX is supposed to have three proprietary blends of ingredients. Below are the ingredient of this product.

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris: It contains 40% saponins that are natural form of steroids. Researchs have shown that tribulus can increase testosterone and even boost muscle growth.
Testofen Fenugreek Extract: This also contains saponins. It is said to significantly boosts testosterone production for enhancing libido, muscle strength, and orgasms.
Eurycoma Longifolia: This is natural Viagra. It increases testosterone production and makes free testosterone available. Plus Eurycoma is even known to inhibit the testosterone to estrogen conversion.
Epimedium: It is known as horny goat weed for its aphrodisiac properties. It raises nitric oxide levels to increase blood flow and even oxygen delivery.
DHEA: This ingredient significantly increases muscle mass and strength in response to weight lifting.
Muira Puama: It is used for centuries to treat sexual debility, neuromuscular and fatigue problems.

Other ingredients of TestoRX are: ZMA, Mucuna Pruriens, Chrysin, Damiana Extract, DIM, Daidzein, and Cayenne. These ingredients increase testosterone, enhance absorption and reduce estrogen.

Benefits of TestoRX

TestoRX has a blend of all natural ingredients in its composition. It helps effectively in testosterone boost in men along with weight loss, thus helpful for male sexual health also.


The ingredient list of this product is not properly explained on its official website. The official website is difficult to track. No money back guarantee or offers can be known for this product. This product is known to have certain side effects also. No clinical proofs and testimonials are given for this product.

TestoRX Side Effects

This product is one meant for men and is certainly not suitable for women. There have been certain bad reviews for this product, and it is even said to be unsafe for young and old men.


This product lacks a hell lot of information and thus seems to be a one to confuse you. It is said to be a scam on your hard earned money. It is any day preferable to go for a product that is natural and has backed proofs for its efficacy and this one lack the basic details, a reason for many to flay it.

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