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Truths And Misconceptions About Cellulite

Do you have cellulite? You are not the only one. 90% of women face this problem during their lifetime - even those that are in shape!
Although cellulite is a common thing, there are many misconceptions and wrong information about what it is, what causes it and in what way it should be treated. Before you set an appointment with a cosmetic and spend a fortune on various products, get to know the whole truth about cellulite.

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Women have more cellulite than men

True: Women have more fat in the hip and thigh area. Next to that, the tissues that connects them are not so well developed. Still, it is presumed that about 10% of the male population has a cellulite problem.

The problem becomes more serious with years

True: Hormones play a very important role in the appearance of cellulite. With years. the body produces less estrogen, ie. the hormone that is in charge of blood circulation. Less estrogen means less circulation, which causes a lack of collagen and the rupturing of connective tissues.

Cellulite is a genetic issue

True: Cellulite can be passed down. If your mother and grandmother have cellulite problems, there is a great chance that you will too. If you are not one of those lucky few that nature handed perfect skin to, know that genetics only plays a small part in the whole story. Factors like diet, exercise and keeping your line in tact are very important.

Cellulite appears in people that don't exercise

Misconception: Cellulite is more visible with women who have a weight problem. The more fat you have, the greater the chance of damaging connective tissues that are important for the look of your skin.

Exercising can affect cellulite

True: By regularly exercising you can lose the cellulite , but it can also act as a prevention as well as reduction. Cellulite appears when the connective tissues lose their elasticity, but exercising can help. Yoga can also help, as well as physical exercises that develop muscles and increase circulation.

Cardio is the best solution

Misconception: Running and other forms of cardio can help you reduce the orange skin effect. But, to real "iron" your skin, you have to strengthen your muscles.
According to the results of a YMCA research, adults that have used aerobic exercises lasting around 30 minutes, three times per week in a period of eight weeks, have lost four kg, but they didn't gain any muscle.
In the other group the people split their exercises to 30 minutes of aerobics, but they also worked on strengthening their muscles. Not only did they lose 10kg, but they also improved their muscle percentage.

Skin creams can help you get rid of cellulite

Misconception: Despite that what is written on their declaration, no cream can help in permanently removing cellulite. Studies show that products that contain retinoids, offer only a instant effect and camouflage the bumps.

Skin tightening injections

True: Injections that are primarily used in skin tightening treatments and wrinkle ironing, have shown as a good solution in this field. Short term at least. But, these treatments are pretty expensive, and the effects last a few months.

Lasers, massages and radio waves

True: Lasers, radio waves and massages are means that have been used for years in fighting cellulite, but the results are not long lasting. They are certainly a better solution than various creams and can pay off if you have enough time and monetary funds. You will need about 15 laser treatments to be able to see the effects. Radio wave treatments are more expensive, but their effects are more long lasting.

Liposuction helps

Misconception: If you have a cellulite problem, a liposuction won't help you. Furthermore, the skin can look worse than before. But, endermology, a treatment that works on the principle of vacuum, shows results. Simply, a special machine is used that goes over the problematic area and it is lasts 30 minutes. The results are visible after 10 to 15 days.

Certain foods can help

True: A well balanced diet based on vegetables can help you in reducing the inflammations and keep a good line. Hydrate yourself by drinking a lot of water and eat foods with a high percentage of liquid. With that you will strengthen the connective tissues in your body, and in that way you can lose weight. Eat as much cucumbers, radish, tomatoes and peppers as you can, because those foods have more than 90% water in them.

Only a dermatologist can cure cellulite

Misconception: For starters, a good idea is to go to the dermatologists because most of them deal with cellulite. But, cellulite is not an illness and you don't need a doctor to cure it.

Tight clothes that tightens the skin

Misconception: Wearing a body that is a tight fit to your legs can make you look better, but that effect disappears in the instant when you take it off. A long term effect of those clothes is just a marketing trick by the manufacturers. Elastic bands and underwear, for example, can even add to the creation of cellulite by restraining blood circulation.

Smoking causes cellulite

True: It is proven that nicotine slows down blood flow and with that causes damage to connective tissues. In that way fat becomes even more visible. Smoking generally affects you appearance. Yellow teeth, wrinkles and accelerated aging are only a few of the negative effects of smoking.

There is no permanent solution to cellulite

True: Scientists have managed to find better solutions for cellulite. The most promising is called Cellulaze, approved by the USFDA. By using an optic laser they melt the fat and stimulate the production of collagen in the connective tissues. The effect of this treatment lasts from one to two years.

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