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Fenterdren Review: What are the Side Effects?

What is Fenterdren?

Fenterdren weight loss supplement make tall claims regarding its effectiveness. It claims to suppress appetite and improve metabolic function. It has become a subject of controversy for its safety and legality. Through advertisements it is presented as a legal product and the company claims that this product has a power to burn fat quickly and it does not contain Ephedra, a substance banned by FDA. Because of these controversies many people don’t want to take any risk. This product is touted to increase insulin in the body to make the muscles more strong. In this way excess fat is not stored in the body. The official website provides important information about the product. Surprisingly there are only three user testimonials shown on it.

Manufacturer Information

On the official website the company contact number and address are not mentioned anywhere. It is always a red flag when such important details are not available.

Ingredients and how do they function

The list of ingredients is not very long. This product is said to contain only three active ingredients. Synephrine HCL (37.5mg), Dicaffeine Malate (375mg) and Phenylethylamine HCl (37.5mg).

Synephrine HCL: It is also known as citrus Aurantium and bitter orange extract. It promotes weight loss. It is also known for its negative side effects that are common with stimulants. It is also called ephedrine because it is believed to stimulate metabolism in a similar manner to that of ephedra. But it is not approved and has no known effects comparable to a stimulant.

Dicaffeine Malate: It is a better form of Caffiene and assumed to be more effective. It has not undergone any clinical studies but since it is known as a stimulant, it is used in this product. It is more effective than Caffeine as well as suppresses appetite.

Phenylethylamine: This ingredient is effective for weight loss and some also believe that it helps to improve mood.

It's instructed to take one capsule thirty minutes before breakfast with a full glass of water and one capsule thirty minutes before lunch with a full glass of water daily. It is strictly prohibited to outdo more than two capsules in 24 hours.


This product has become very popular because of the controversies associated with it. Some people admire such products and want to try them.
  • It is claimed to burn fat rapidly.
  • It helps to suppress appetite and boosts metabolism.
  • It helps to increase lean muscle mass and improves mood
  • It offers 120 day money back guarantee on unopened bottles.


  • No ingredients have been completely proven to help with weight loss.
  • It contains Synephrine HCL that can give negative side effects. 
  • The manufacturer reassures customers that it is legal that make this product quite suspicious.
  • Those who are taking Fenterdren must avoid Caffiene. 
  • Women who are pregnant or others having some serious medical condition should not use this product.

Final Words

Fenterdren weight loss supplement also suppresses appetite, burns fat and improves mood. But surprisingly it doesn’t include such effective ingredients in its formula. Only three ingredients are shown in details but none of them are clinically tested. Because of the controversies this product has become more popular and many people like to try such products. But there are others who don’t want to take any risk.

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