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Secret Tip To Losing Weight Easy

Want to know the secret to losing weight the easy way?  Tired of all those high intensity programs that leave you wasted yet can’t seem to budge the needle on the weight scale?  Flustered with the stalling of your weight loss?  Look past all the gimmicks and trends of the fitness industry and get back to something basic.  Walking.  Walking?  Are you serious?  Of all the ways to lose weight and you think of walking?  Pitiful.

Actually walking will have the longest trend in long term weight loss.  This is no six week twenty pound weight loss program nonsense.  This is a lasting means of generating a long term drop on the scale, slowly and steadily.  Change is a grind and physical change takes patience and perseverance.  The whole concept of walking goes back to the age-old logic of calories in vs. Calories out.

When you burn more calories than you take in you will create a caloric deficit whose daily adherence will lead to gradual weight loss.  Remember gaining or losing weight is a gradual process.  You don’t get fat in a day.  You get fat by constantly eating more calories than you take in over days, weeks, months, until you realize you’ve put on a sizeable amount of weight, with a tire pressing up against your belt, slowly decreasing the amount of holes that you can wrap your jeans around.

By doing a simple, low intensity activity such as walking, you will be able to increase caloric expenditure on a daily basis which will create that long term caloric deficit and enable weight loss.  Through low intensity exercise, you will be able to recover quicker and be more frequent in walking.  Ideally walking everyday is the goal, which will ingrain the habit of daily exercise, and thus enable a daily battle in your quest for weight loss.

Moreover by doing it in the morning before you eat and for longer durations (say a half hour to an ahours0 you can tap into those fat reserves and actually lose good weight.  Also it is a better option than doing something higher in intensity while in a fasted state.  You simply won’t have the energy to do something more intense like running which will in turn cause you to tap into muscle tissue reserves which can lead to a host of health problems in the long run.

Walk and you will see the best results in fasted training and be able to lose that stubborn fat that has been begrudgingly difficult to lose.  Furthermore tapping into fat reserves is only accomplished through either being in carbohydrate depletion, as was state previously, or in performing exercise long enough that your body will switch from its primary energy source (carbohydrates) to its secondary (fat).  By being able to do an exercise that is sustainable over long periods of time, that enables quick recovery to be able to do it on a daily basis, and improves overall recovery from more strenuous forms of exercise, walking proves a key tool in weight loss for any person capable of doing it.

 Busy person?  Set your personal alarm an hour earlier than normal and get up in the morning for your walk.  Seems like a drag to lose sleep over doesn't it?  You won’t regret it as a long, soothing walk to start your day will entice you an energy-filled activity to start your busy work day with.  You will have more energy to tackle the rest of your tasks and be programming an exercise that allows you to meet your fat loss goals.  So get off your coach, ease off some of the high intensity cardio and go walk for an hour.

Donna Lee Jane often writes on DearJane, an Australian site and their blog. Donna has been in nutrition for 18 years and a nurse a further 11 before this. For more tips visit DearJane website mentioned above.

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