Monday, October 14, 2013

Exercise and Weight Loss: Can Exercise Work As Trump Card in Weight Loss?

Exercise is one of the most essential parts of our daily routine. We all are familiar with the fact that along with proper diet, exercise is also essential for our body. One thing that matters the most is the quality of exercise not the quantity of exercise. One should not exercise for the sake of exercising, but it should be done happily, keeping all the other issues away and concentrating on exercise. This helps with release of Happiness Hormone, which in turn makes you happy and lets you enjoy your workout. When there is release of Happiness Hormone, then only it is known as an effective exercise.

Exercise improves your blood circulation and metabolism also. This in turn works for proper functioning of body. Exercising makes you perspire and burn the extra, unnecessary fat, thereby making your skin glow. As far as the muscles are concerned, Exercising makes them gain strength and give them a toning effect, making them flexible and strong. Lastly exercising kicks of depressing health issues and prevents them from taking place further.

The best form of exercise will have Cardio and toning both allowing you to have fast results. Let’s have a look at some good exercise that work in both the ways:

The best exercise to burn calories. Riding outdoors is any day enjoyable and makes you burn more fat as compared to the one fixed in your gym. It’s easy and very much effective and makes you burn 600 calories easily.
This is a favorite of many people it is a top weight loss exercise, specially meant for summers. Doing laps up and down in the pool for an hour or so helps you burn around 800 calories, giving the very much required toning effect to your body. Use a Jacuzzi for an hour makes you stay motivated even after you have finished.

Who doesn't love dancing on those wonderful beats? With the sound of those beats your foot starts moving. Be it a person who has a left leg in dancing of be it a pro in dancing everyone can lose weight with such and exercise. It targets your entire body plus is a form of cardio exercise also. It brings a fun element to your weight loss and makes your body and mind happy and glowing. Along with weight loss dancing is the best stress relieving exercise.

Kick Boxing:
Kick Boxing is the best form of self-defense, a must learn form and is the best weight loss exercise. It strengths your ankle and leg muscles there by giving them strength. Kick boxing can make you burn fat equal to all the above.

Yoga helps you with stretching which is good for your mind, body and soul. With this it is an effective exercise for weight loss. It makes your body toned, flexible and even reduces back pain. It helps you to burn about 180 calories per hour.

Here you are with 5 enjoyable and fun to do exercises for weight loss, that not only help to burn fat but make you release out all your stress and have fun while working out.

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