Wednesday, October 9, 2013

5 Celebrity Diet Tips for You

Celebrity diets are as varied and numerous as fish in the sea, and they all seem to end up on the front page of our favorite magazines. However, some of them could potentially be dangerous to your body. There are some celebs, though, that lose weight and stay slim the healthy way. Check out these 5 celebrity diet tips to implement.

Rise and Shine… and Eat
Penelope Cruz is evidence that eating breakfast every day can actually help you lose weight. She eats a combination of fruit, oatmeal, or egg whites to get her daily dose of energy. Eating something within 30 minutes of waking up signals your body to start moving! Even a small breakfast assures your system that you are not starving or lacking food, so it will start burning fat reserves and turn on your metabolism.

White is Boring
Many celebs such as Cameron Diaz have cut out white food from their diets—white carbs, that is. If you eat carbohydrates from a grain source, stick to whole-grain pastas, breads, and rice, instead of their white-flour alternatives. The best way to watch carbohydrate sugars, though, is to get them from healthier sources like fruits and veggies. Don’t cut out every white food though! You still need your milk, yogurt, and eggs for calcium and protein. Calcium is proven to help reduce belly fat, so choose a low-fat or skim milk to keep your waist small and your smile strong!

Spice it Up!
Add some spice and flavor to your food like Anne Hathaway. Slim down to this star’s Catwoman figure by sprinkling some red pepper flakes onto your broccoli. Spices and other strong herb flavors turn down hunger by giving you more flavor in each bite, helping you eat less. It also speeds up your metabolism. Thermogenic herbs (metabolism boosters) include hot chili peppers, black pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, basil, and garlic.

A Little Taste Here, A Little Taste There
Paris Hilton is known for being a grazer… but only in the best way. Taking a cue from European eating habits, Hilton just has a taste of many foods, but rarely eats anything in entirety. If you are craving a hamburger, take a bite and move. Don’t get derailed by cravings—just have a bite and be done with it. More variety in flavors also makes you feel like you've eaten more than you have. Just don’t get too carried away by “tasting” an entire pan of brownies or something. Stick to just a taste.

Pack a Snack
Snacks aren't just for grade-schooled anymore. Having a small, 150 calorie snack every three to four hours can help curb hunger and keep your metabolism working for you. Jennifer Garner and Nia Vardalos are often seen around sets with little lunchboxes of apples and cheese, celery, and carrots.

Sure, you could follow the extreme diets and cleanses of your favorite actresses, but those won’t be as effective as learning to eat healthy. These celebrity tips will help you establish good habits while getting you that screen-ready body. Drew Kobb in addition to studying civil law loves long distance running and considers himself as health and fitness enthusiast. His interests range all over the medical field, from Calgary orthodontics to Californian diet fads. Drew highlights that range on his blog, Dr. Ouch.

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