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4 Most Common Signs Of Low Testosterone

The reality is that many more men are affected by low testosterone than some people may want to believe. The symptoms can range from mildly inconvenient to relationship threateningly devastating. It’s important to check for the four most common signs of low testosterone in order to take any preventative measures your doctor might recommend.


While I am mainly going to cover the most common symptoms it’s important to note that low testosterone has many more symptoms that are unpleasant for any man. The symptoms include things like sexual dysfunction, increased body fat, hot flashes and sweats, loss of body hair, decreased bone strength, reduced sex drive, and decreased energy. These symptoms are obviously things you are going to want to avoid if you wish to live a fulfilling and active life as a male in any corner of this world. Go through this article to read about the most common symptoms men face.

1. Increased Weight

Many men begin to notice an increased amount of fat building up on their bodies as a result of low testosterone. Typically this fat builds up in the midsection creating unsightly love handles regardless of what most men are eating.

2.  Anxiety

It’s common for men that are experiencing low testosterone to become much more anxious. This can be visible to those around whoever may be dealing with low testosterone, although on average most men are only mildly more anxious due to low testosterone. So relax, you won’t get neurotic but its still requires treatment.

3. Lack of Concern

It’s been widely reported that men who are suffering from low testosterone often experience a lack of concern to things that otherwise would have concerned or entertained them. This can lead to damaged relationships with family, friends, wives, and children. While many may see this as an easy to avoid problem it’s harder than it may seem. Testosterone is more important to a healthy males function system and mental health than many men understand.

4. Fatigue

Fatigue has been associated with low testosterone for as long as science seems to remember. This lack of energy may be small at first but as low testosterone gets worse the level of fatigue will only increase. This can affect job performance, sexual performance, and your ability to enjoy common recreation activities like sports or playing with your children. More often than not men find themselves visiting a doctor after realizing that they are experiencing an increased lack of fatigue. Try to be one of the few that visits a doctor before this becomes a problem for you.

What Can You Do?

It’s important to understand that you can do an awful lot for your physical health by completing a couple of simple, albeit not free, tasks. All you really need to do is get a general checkup at your doctor at semi regular intervals annually. This will allow you to stay ahead of the game concerning your health for low testosterone let alone any of the other potential health problems out in the world today. So do yourself a favor and invest in a visit to the doctor and do the simple tasks they ask of you. Eduardo Dieguez, professional blogger for

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