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Top Myths about Laser Hair Removal

Until the 1990's, laser hair removal treatments were only available for experimental and research purposes. Today, these forms of cosmetic enhancement are conveniently available around the World to individuals who desire long-term and/or permanent removal of unwanted hair on various areas of their bodies. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 58 percent of women pursue this option for hair removal over waxing and shaving methods.

Prices for these hair removal treatments vary depending on the body part treated, and four to five cycles are generally needed to acquire the best results. Before pursuing these procedures, individuals should become informed on some of the top unwarranted myths about them. Each of those myths is explained in detail below.

The Top Unwarranted Myths about Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Myth: These types of hair removal treatments are not safe.
Truth: In fact, these treatments are approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration to provide people with a safe and effective means of hair removal.

Myth: Only one treatment is needed to acquire permanent hair removal results.
Truth: Depending on an individual’s hair volume and texture, he/she will usually have to undergo four to six treatments to acquire permanent and/or long-term hair removal.

Myth: These types of hair removal treatments permanently damage people’s skin.
Truth: While some common side effects of these treatments include redness,Tenderness, and hypersensitivity to the sun, they are usually only temporary and Not permanent.

Myth: Individuals must shave between treatments.
Truth: Shaving between treatments is unnecessary. Individuals are usually advised against shaving between treatments.

Myth: All types of these hair removal treatments work well for individuals of all skin types.
Truth: There are certain types of lasers that work best for hair removal with each skin type.

Myth: These types of hair removal treatments require the use of messy gels.
Truth: Lasers are the only instruments that are used. Gels and similar products are not used for these treatments.

Myth: Individuals experience a lot of pain when they undergo these types of hair removal treatments.
Truth: These types of hair removal treatments are essentially painless. Usually, individuals only experience a slight, tingling sensation over the area being treated.

Myth: The same lasers are used for every type of hair removal treatment.
Truth: The lasers that are used for hair removal treatments come in different sizes, strengths, and settings.

While there may be many misconceptions about laser hair removal treatments, they are not justified or proven by any verifiable means. From unwanted facial hair to unsightly chest hair, there are many reasons why individuals of all races and ethnicities pursue the use of lasers for the safe and effective removal of their hair.

As one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed today, these types of hair removal treatments can also provide people with outstanding, long-term results. Consequently, there are many outstanding spas, salons, and beauty shops around the World that are licensed to provide people with exceptional services in this area.

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