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Body Mass Index - What Is It And How It Can Help?

When taking a health assessment one of the things that are often calculated is a person’s BMI.  Many do not understand what the BMI is.  So this article will take a look at what BMI means.
BMI is better known in the healthcare field as Body Mass Index. The BMI is a way to measure body fat based on the height and weight of an individual.  It is most people’s first step to becoming healthier and beginning an exercise and fitness program.   When you find out what your BMI is it may surprise you.

How the BMI may help?
Part of becoming healthier begins with finding out what your BMI is and how you can make plans to reach your proper BMI. Also when you receive an estimate of your BMI you can get a good idea of your associated risks for certain diseases stemming from being overweight or obese. When you know your BMI you can start tracking your weight and make a plan to outline your calorie intake and make adjustments to help you reach your goals for a healthier life.

How the BMI is calculated?
The BMI starts with tools and charts to calculate your body mass index in relation to other men and women of the same height and age. When you have spoken with your doctor and had your BMI calculated you can assess the route you will take to change your BMI. This can include changing your diet being more active and working out.

What to do once you know?
Once you have made the decision to change your life based on the results of your BMI and spoke with your doctor you will have a better understanding of what your BMI is and how you can change it.  The next step is to get more activity in your life and tailor one’s eating habits to your needs.  It would help to consult, a personal trainer to get you started on a fitness routine according to your goals, and a dietitian, to help design a eating style so you can be better equipped to start making changes in your life. Many like to get started using fitness holidays> which program activity and a reduced calorie diet.  Once this is finished a person can have a good idea what types of activities they would like to incorporate in their new active lifestyle. 
While talking with these professionals may seem like a daunting and expensive task, this will allow you to get the best results associated with your health, work out and exercise, and dietary needs. You can always find out information about your health, exercising, and dieting almost anywhere. But always make sure to consult with your doctor before starting any work out or diet plan.

Limitation of the BMI
The BMI does have its limitations when it comes to people who are already active and perhaps lift weights.  As muscle is denser than fat an active person will tend to have more muscle mass.  This may cause a person to have a higher BMI when compared to a person who may not be active and less muscular. 
A better way to calculate the body’s composition is through the use of a skinfold test.  A small caliper is used to pinch the skin and measure the skinfold.  Then through a series of calculations the percentage of fat is calculated. 
The BMI is good for those who are not active and want to have an idea about their health and how prone to health related problems they may be. Fitness holidays Asia is a provider of boot camp holidays that get people started on a healthy lifestyle.

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