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Things That Can Ruin Your Smile

When it comes to maintaining good dental health, we’ve all been told many do’s and don’t’s. These include being cautioned about drinking coffee and soft drinks and being encouraged to brush after every meal. However, there are many unexpected culprits that can also contribute to ruining the health of your teeth.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks may be a refreshing way to rehydrate, but they can cause serious problems for the health of your teeth. Tooth erosion can be caused by the high concentration of acidic components in these drinks. They are often high in sugars as well. Acid-producing bacteria feed on these sugars and builds up in the cracks of your teeth causing tooth decay and cavities.

Bottled Water

First sports drinks and now water? Well, if you decided to stay away from sports drinks and stick to water instead, you haven’t cleared the air yet. Tap water contains fluoride which helps strengthen the enamel of your teeth – preventing decay. However, most bottled waters contain significantly less fluoride considered necessary for good oral health. A healthy alternative is to buy a reusable water bottle and refill it from the tap.

Birth Control Pills

Pregnancy can cause many changes in the body and the gums are no exception. Surges in estrogen and progesterone can cause inflammation of the gums. This may lead to gingivitis and infection. Because oral contraceptives mimic pregnancy, they can also cause the same damaging results. If that isn’t bad enough, women who use birth control may also have more trouble healing after having a tooth pulled and are more likely to develop painful dry sockets.

Dry Mouth

Aside from being irritating, dry mouth is also very bad for your teeth. Saliva washes away bacteria and harmful acids that can live in your mouth. Without saliva, the health of your teeth can deteriorate much faster. Drink lots of water and use fluoride toothpaste to counter these effects. If the dry mouth becomes a serious problem you should consult a doctor.

Diet Pills

Diet pills not only decrease your waste size, they decrease salivary flow as well. This leads to dry mouth which, as just explained, puts you at risk for tooth decay and cavities. Try a balanced and healthy diet along with exercise to lose weight instead. Not only is this healthier and more long-lasting option for losing weight, it’s healthier for your teeth as well.

Brushing at the Wrong Time

It would seem that frequently brushing our teeth would be good for them wouldn’t it? Actually, the answer is no. Although we’ve been taught that brushing our teeth after every meal is crucial for a healthy smile, it really depends on what you’re been eating.

Brushing your teeth immediately after consuming acidic foods and drinks (wine, coffee and soft drinks) can actually cause tooth erosion. Instead, rinse your mouth with water and wait at least an hour before brushing with toothpaste. Hiser Orthodontics provide each of their patients with the highest level of care and offer superior adult orthodontic treatment in Suwanee, Georgia!

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