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Effective Treatments Of Warts On Face

Warts on the face can be a real problem and as such no one would want to have them as the face is a very key part when it comes to building confidence.
Filiform warts, as they as sometimes called, can be the most uncomfortable thing that can happen to you, mostly because they are noticeable. They most commonly appear around the eyelids and lips and their most common symptoms are itching of the areas affected, bleeding if scratched and they can also be sore and irritating. If you realize that you have all these signs and symptoms then it means upon confirmation that you have Filiforms and the next step would be to treat them.
Here, depending on what you feel most comfortable with, you can either choose to go for home remedies or medical treatment. Although both of these methods are not 100 percent effective they will give you a result according to how the latter has been administered.

Home Remedies for Warts on the Face

There are a few home treatments or remedies that one can use to treat Filiforms.
  1.  Handy Milkweed: Predominantly a plant from North America and named for its milky juice is known to contain components that aid in the treatment of Filiforms. The juice that comes from the leaves of this plant can be directly applied to the affected area after which the area is covered.  A repeat of the same process for several days will leave the wart dried up,forming a scar that heals with time.

  2.  Salicylic Acid: It is yet another home remedy that can be used to treat Filiforms. Salicylic acid is the dominant ingredient in most of the effective topical treatment for warts. This product is available over the counter or on websites such as AboutWart. Ointments containing the salicylic acid are highly effective but are preferably safe when prescribed by a dermatologist as some contain high concentrations that can be dangerous to the skin.
  3. Lime Juice: Using lime juice is also another home remedy that one can use to treat Filiforms. It contains citric acid that when applied penetrates infected tissues and the acidic content works on the wart.Later the outgrowth will have to be peeled off.
  4. Aloe gel can also be soaked in a cotton ball and applied to the wart infested area. Eventually the wart will dry up. This can cause a reaction with the skin causing itchiness and as a result one is advised to consult and be very carefully before using this option.
  5. A paste of baking soda and water can also be a workable home remedy. An application of this paste to the affected area three times a day would bring results in a few days.
The last three procedures can be ad hoc but very effective and come in handy if one does not have the option of other ways to treat the warts.

Medical Procedures and Treatments

There are also medical procedures that can be used to eliminate the wart problem. These methods are only advisable to be used after a full diagnosis and prescription of a dermatologist. The medical procedures also have to be presided over by a qualified medical doctor. Let's look at some of the methods considered to be the most effective.
  1. Immunotherapy: A common method among many, it can be very effective depending on how your immune system responds. This method involves provoking your immune system to the kill the wart infection. Antigens are induced into the body and time given to allow the body’s immune system to respond to it device and an attack against the virus.
  2. Laser treatment: This is also another treatment method. Electro cauterization as it is commonly called involves passing a high frequency electrical current through the wart to burn it. The process is done in 20 to 30 minutes where the heat produced by the electrical current depletes the wart. Though highly effective the process can be uncomfortable to others and as such has to be recommended by a doctor and thought about carefully by the patient.

    If this method is ineffective a patient may sometimes be advised to go for laser surgery where the warts are attacked by a laser beam to burn them. This method is most commonly used for plantar and genital warts.
  3. Cryotherapy: This is a procedure that involves the use of liquid nitrogen as a cryogen to free the wart. The application of this procedure causes a blister to form.It is then covered with a bandage and after a week or so the dead skin can be removed. The procedure requires between at most four treatments to produce results, and is highly effective.
  4. Prescriptions of over the counter medicines can also be an effective method to treat filiform warts though as mentioned earlier, precise caution and consultation should be done before using prescriptions to treat filiform warts. An example of these over the counter medication may include Imiquimoid and Fluorouracil. Salicylic acids can also fall under this category and can be found in the form of adhesive pads treated with salicylic. Caustic pencil which contains silver nitrate also does treat Filiforms.
All the above options are effective in the treatment of filiform warts and even though some may be more effective than others, the guarantee is that depending on how the chosen home remedy method is administered or the medical treatment taken as prescribed is also administered the warts this form of wart will be treated.  The fact is that of the methods discussed above, home remedies can have an effect rate of 40 to 60 percent though this depends on how your body, especially the skin reacts to the particular remedies.
The medical treatments and procedures mentioned above have an effective rate of 60 to 80 percent but as mentioned earlier, these should only be considered after a qualified doctor or dermatologist has prescribed, suggested and if need be administered using the relevant procedures. This does give you and insight on how to treat Filiform warts effectively so that you can reach such informed decisions.

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