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The Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea originated in China and has been around for more than 4,000 years. It is made from leaves known as Camellia Sinensis that have undergone slight oxidation during process. Although the tea first originated in china it has become extremely popular with many cultures in Asia. As well as being a tasty drink to have while you relax it also proves to have a number of health benefits, some of which can be found below.

Green Tea

The body has many receptors, including those that react to allergies. Researchers in Japan have discovered that green tea has a compound in it that can block the receptor which causes the body to have an allergic response.

Another study conducted in Japan has found that if you gargle with the liquid, you can boost your immunity to illnesses such as Influenza and the Flu.

Alzheimers Disease:
Alzhimers is a disease that usually occurs in the elderly effecting their brain. It effectively damages the brain causing the person memory loss, mood swings and communication difficulties. A study carried out on people over 80, discovered that 96% of those who drank 10 cups of green tea a day had no such symptoms compared to the 12% that did.

Fat Loss:
Green tea is full of antioxidants and can therefore help a person to burn off fat. It does this by speeding up your metabolism and helping the liver to function better.

Heart Disease:
The body has both good and bad cholesterol. Green tea however can help to lower the amount of bad cholesterol you have in your arteries. The powerful antioxidants present in the green tea prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol in the arteries.

Blood Pressure:
Many people suffer from high blood pressure causing them to suffer from headaches, nose bleeds, double vision and shortness of breath. This is unpleasant for the individual suffering from high blood and can affect their day to day living. Green tea has been known to lower blood pressure if drank regularly.

Diabetes is another illness that can seriously affect the day to day living of someone’s life. Green tea helps to prevent amylase, lowering the blood sugar levels in the body.

Food Poisoning:
Green tea can help to prevent the effects of bacterial food poisoning if drank with meals. The tea helps to stop intestinal bacteria such as E. coli from growing and helps to promote the growth of friendly bifidobacteria.

Green tea contains a compound known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) that can help prevent blood vessel growth. Through research it is suggested that the compound has the ability to fight off cancer.
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