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Parathyroid Problems: Know The Signs And Symptoms

You’re just not you. You know it. You can feel it.
But as hard as you fight it, any effort to reverse what’s going on is futile unless you’re able to broach it head-on. And the only way to do that is to know what, exactly, you’re dealing with.
That’s why it’s so important for you to understand the signs and symptoms of parathyroid problems. They’re tricky, and can often be puzzling to victims and doctors. But there are a number of telltale signs of parathyroid problems.

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Here are some of them.
Bone Problems
This doesn't necessarily have to be full-on osteoporosis. But if your bones are feeling weaker and more frail than usual, whether or not you had any sort of such preexisting medical condition, it’s totally possible that a parathyroid problem is to blame.
This is because your parathyroid is very important in your body’s ability to harness and utilize many of the nutrients responsible for top bone health: calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. Without them, your body isn't able to support your skeletal structure the way it needs to, and you start to feel it – fast.
Again, your issue may not necessarily have gotten so bad as to become osteoporosis. But just because it doesn't fit the medical classification doesn’t mean that the same exact thing isn’t happening to a lesser degree. In fact, that’s probably what’s going on.
Over time, if your body isn't able to properly support itself the way that it needs to, the bones tend to hollow out. Even if this is in its most preliminary stages, that doesn't mean that it can’t be problematic – and that doesn't mean you won’t notice. The good news is, no matter where along the road you've caught your parathyroid and consequent bone problems, their effects are reversible. But not without first knowing what you’re dealing with.

Poor Sleep Quality
This might be one of the most frustrating signs and symptoms of a problematic parathyroid: you just can’t sleep like you used to.
Sleep is so integral to nearly every bodily process – and crucial for every person no matter their profession. Writers need sleep for their creativity. Athletes need sleep for their muscles. Teachers need sleep for their patience.
No matter the person or profession, sleep is an absolute must.
Take it away, and people start to get upset.
Parathyroid problems can be such a sleep stealer. That’s because the parathyroid is critical to some of the hormone production that’s responsible for helping you get restful sleep. That’s right, your body releases hormones when you go under that tell you to stay there, nestled in bed, counting sheep. Throw that system off-kilter, and there are likely to be consequences. Fortunately, it’s a relatively easy one to get back on track – so long as you know where to realign the rails and get the train rolling again.

Thinning Hair
This is a particular area of sensitivity for women, though men tend to get pretty bummed out about accelerated baldness too. For women, their hair is often one of the most central components of their appearance. Think about it. They spend just as much time doing their hair, which could be described as stuff that just sort of hangs from your scalp, as they do making up their face, which could be best described as basically everything you find attractive in a woman.
This is how women value hair. Imagine how they feel to lose it.
It’s not hard, though, to imagine how they’ll feel when they get these things back.
Dr. Michael Barakate is a pediatric and adult otolaryngologist located in Sydney, Australia offering thyroid and parathyroid information at

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