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6 Unhealthy Habits You Need to Quit

Healthy people worked hard to make their bodies in tip-top form. They often watch what they eat and keep their bodies moving. Not only that they are not too keen on doing things that can damage the body. There are just habits that healthy people will never do. If you are looking to improve your health it pays to learn from healthy people. Here are some of the habits that you may be doing right now that healthy people don’t.

Skipping Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the foundation that will fuel the body’s foray for the rest of the day. When the body wakes up from its nightly fast, the body needs to get enough energy to spring back to life. When you are too anxious to get to work fast to avoid getting late it is easy to neglect breakfast. Skipping breakfast drains the body with energy and causes the metabolism to go haywire. This will impact the body’s ability to burn calories which is not exactly good when you are trying to lose some weight. That is why most diet experts always tell dieters that skipping breakfast can do more harm than good. The trick is to eat smart and never skip the most important meal of the day.

Lack of Water
The human body is 60 percent composed of water. It comes as no surprise why water provides a lot of health benefits. When the body is hydrated it keeps the memory sharp, the mood stable and the risks of getting anxiety symptoms reduced. Water also makes the skin glowing and suppler. Water helps the body to eliminate the toxins that often cause a lot of diseases. Healthy people know that they need to drink at least nine to eleven glasses of water per day. The amount of water that a person needs to drink depends on the amount of activity and the temperature. Hot temperature can cause excessive sweating which zaps the body’s water reserves that can cause dehydration which is unhealthy.

Late night Eating
Those who have the habit of eating dinner early and fasted have greater chances of losing weight compared to those who eat late in the night and did not fast, at least it works for mice. Mice that even ate fatty foods lost more calories as long as they ate their dinner early and fasted. Scientists believe that the longer span between meals leads to better processing of the food. Eating late meals can cause indigestion which can lead to sleep interference which impacts the quality of sleep.

Lack of Exercise
The fact remains that all healthy people exercise regularly. Aside from weight loss and reducing anxiety symptoms, regular exercise offers other benefits for better health. Exercise can actually add more years to one’s life. Not only that, exercise can prevent certain chronic diseases which also keeps the heart healthy. Exercise lowers the risk of certain cancers including prostate and breast cancer. Unhealthy people are not in the habit of doing regular exercise. In order to maintain in tip top shape it is best to do at least 150 minutes of exercise per week or about 30 minutes per day most days in a week.

Eating too much Salt
Healthy people know that they should be keeping their sodium intake about 1,200 mg per day. Habitual fast food snacking which is loaded with sodium is something a healthy person would not do. Cutting sodium in the diet can actually improve the health and add more years to life. Healthy people often cut their sodium intake by eating fresh food and by preparing nutritious meals at home.

Not changing the Sink Sponge
This could not be ranking at the top of your priorities but healthy people often change their sponge on a regular basis. The kitchen sink sponge holds more bacteria compared to your own toothbrush. Gross? Yes, gross. Think of it as one sure way of getting sick. The sponge should be replaced at least every two weeks.

There are things that healthy people would be doing that an unhealthy one will never bother. If you want to maintain perfect health, take a look at what you are doing today and find out how it contributes to health whether good or bad. Ryan Rivera aims to help people achieve better health by giving them useful tips that make them healthy and anxiety-free. You can visit calm clinic for more information about anxiety treatments.

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