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How to Brighten Your Tired and Dull Skin

Today we live in a very fast moving environment. People work hard to keep up with the fast pace of everything around them, therefore, they get a very little time to look after themselves. This neglect can reflect badly specially on your skin. Skin care is very important and it requires time. As you get older, there are so many different causes that can damage your skin. It’s best to take good care of your skin when you are young; as it will help you look good even in old age. Our face is the first thing that people notice so having a dull skin can make us a little self-conscious and shy.

Causes of tired and dull skin
There are many reasons that make the skin look dull and tired. Following are the major causes that can be very harmful to your skin.

Pollution, one of the main drawbacks of technological advancement, is extremely harmful to our skin. There are so many vehicles and factories that pollute the air in different ways, which is never good news for our skin. It’s best to keep your skin well protected and make sure you do regular skin cleansing.

Aging is another cause of skin dullness. As we age, our skin is affected in many ways. We cannot get rid of aging, but its affects on skin can be controlled if it is properly protected.

Our routine also affects how our skin looks, for example, sleep deprived people tend to have a dull skin as compared to those who make sure they sleep at least 8 hours at night. Taking a lot of stress also leads to skin damage; stress also causes wrinkles and dark circles. So, its best that we get proper rest during 24 hours, try not to get tense about every little thing and keep the body relaxed by spending some time in recreation.

Makeup is another cause of damaged skin. People who use a lot of makeup rarely have a bright and glowing skin; they often are forgetful or careless about taking their makeup off properly, which can easily damage the skin.

Keeping the skin dirty can lead to skin dullness as well. There is always dirt outside, so it’s best to wash your face twice or thrice a day to keep the dirt off your skin.

Exposure to sunlight
Sunlight has many harmful radiations that can adversely affect your skin. Due to ozone depletion, some of the radiations from the sun are now entering the atmosphere, which are not very skin friendly. So, it’s best to keep the skin protected from exposure to sunlight, always wear a sun block when you go out.

Top ways to brighten your dull skin
Fortunately, all the adverse reactions of different things on your skin can be handled by following some very simple rules.

Water intake
Water has many plus points and helps us in so many different ways. There are certain elements of water that keep your body healthy, including your skin. When your body is dehydrated from hot weather or heavy exercise, your skin starts to look very dull; you can counter this issue by increasing your daily intake of water. People who take excessive coffee or sugar must drink a lot of water as well, because every cup of coffee you take results in water consumption in your body. In order to keep yourself and your skin dehydrated, it is highly recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day, but in hotter areas it is suggested that people increase their water intake even more.

Prevent sun exposure
Sun exposure is one of the main causes of skin dullness. People find sunlight to be very pleasant at times and they think getting a tan would make them look good but, they don’t realize that high exposure to sunlight can be extremely harmful to their skin in the long run. Sunlight has different rays that damage our skin in various ways. It accelerates the process of aging. In the long run, the UV rays from sunlight damage the fibers in your skin which makes it look dull and tired. You cannot stay away from sunlight so; it is highly recommended that you make good use of sunscreen. Sunscreen protects you from negative effects of sunlight and also allows you to get vitamin D which is good for your body.

Healthy diet
Healthy diet can prove to be very helpful in having a glowing skin, it actually can make a huge difference. Fruits and vegetables have always been very useful in skincare, they make your blood thin which keeps the skin fresh and glowing at all times. Vitamin C is best for a healthy skin, so it is recommended that you increase the supply of vitamin C in our body. Here is the list of foods that can help in keeping the skin fresh 1. Tomatoes 2. Green tea 3. Berries 4. Sea food 5. Brown rice 6. Oranges 7. Broccoli 8. Lemonade

Proper sleep
Lack of sleep can dramatically change the way your skin looks; it literally takes away your glow. Your body needs to rest properly to perform 100% and similarly your skin needs the body to rest in order to look good. The recommended sleep hours should be at least 8, without any disturbance and at night. This keeps you away from many skin problems including dark circles. Dark circles are very hard to get rid of, so it’s best that you make sure of getting proper sleep.

Use of night cream
Washing your face at night is highly recommended as it cleans all the dirt off the face. Face wash can make the skin extremely dry; therefore, using a night cream, before going to bed, makes the skin soft and fresh by keeping it moisturized. Dry skin is one of the main causes of wrinkles too, so a night cream is a must. Having a younger looking skin is what everybody wants. These steps are the key to having a glowing and fresh skin and they also decelerate the aging process and make you feel good about yourself.

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