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What Is The Maca Root And How Can It Help Your Libido?

Peru, it has been gaining popularity especially in the last three decades when it's properties were rediscovered and touted throughout the world. Let's take a look at the maca root, what it is, what it can do for you, and why you should be taking it. 

What Is The Maca Root?

The maca root is a member of the same vegetable family that radishes and turnips belong to, and is found throughout the Andes Mountains in Peru in the higher elevations. The majority of Peruvians eat the maca root like any other vegetable, and normally cook it before they eat it. However, some medical practitioners in Peru and around the world make the maca root into a powder for consumption as a supplement. Since the root itself grows higher up in the mountains, around the 3800-4400 meters above sea level mark, it is a very hearty root that is found everywhere. When picked, the root can be eaten immediately, cooked, or dried for later use. Dried maca root  can be kept for several years, making it a perfect supplement.

What Is The Maca Root Used For?

Throughout Peru, the maca root has been used for many different reasons throughout history. The main reason that it is consumed is for it's nutritional value. In Peru, the maca root is considered a delicacy when it is roasted in a pit, which is called huatia. Some Peruvians also mash the root and boil it into a porridge that is thick and sweet. There are also hundreds of different recipes for soups and stews with the maca root as the main ingredient. Aside from cooking the maca root, it can also be baked into breads, pancakes, or even whole desert cakes. Some breweries in Peru also make maca root beet and it's popularity has started to grow both as a food, and a liquor, in all countries around the world.

On top of it's food value, the maca root is known throughout the world for it's health properties as well. The maca root has been shown to provide energy to those that eat it or take it in powder form. Peruvian warriors also used to eat the root right before a battle as it helps to increase your strength as well. It has also long been renown as both a stamina boost and an aphrodisiac for both men and women. It is this reason that millions of people around the world take the maca root to help with sexual dysfunction as well as problems with low libidos.

Why Should You Be Taking Maca Root?

As we just mentioned, the maca root has several different advantages when consumed in any way. Since the maca root is a natural food, it is also generally considered safe to eat or ingest through supplements as well, (of course if you are on any type of prescription medication, you should always check with your doctor before taking any new supplement). Along with it's energy benefits, the boost to strength and stamina, the overall main benefit that should matter to women out there is the libido enhancing qualities of the maca root.

Millions of women around the world suffer from low libidos and sexual dysfunction, which can cause undue stress on any relationship. The maca root can help to boost your libido and help to improve your stamina and energy in bed as well. Aside from the obvious benefits of boosting anyone's libido, the boost to your ego can also help you feel even better about yourself as well. We all know that when we feel sexy and desired, we also feel better about ourselves inside and out. If you haven't tried any form of the maca root, this is the time. It can help in so many different areas, especially in boosting a woman's libido and can help increase your drive and make you and your spouse even happier.

Sharon Amanpour wrote this article about the history of the maca root and how it helps increase libido.

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