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What Is The Difference Between Cosmetic And Reconstructive Surgery?

The plastic surgery industry is vast, and covers a wide range of procedures and body parts.  Most people have probably heard of the terms ‘cosmetic surgery’ and ‘reconstructive surgery’, but while it is easy to think the two are interchangeable, that is not the case.
Cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery are two different procedures, and while this may be initially confusing, in this article, we will clarify this and discuss the similarities and differences between both.

Difference Between Cosmetic And Reconstructive Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery 
Cosmetic surgery refers to surgical procedures that
are elective, meaning that they are not a medical necessity.  People generally choose to have cosmetic surgery to alter their physical appearance.  Reasons for this may include a personal dislike in how they look or a lack of self-esteem, among many other reasons. It is, however, always a conscious decision.

Some of the common cosmetic procedures that people get include:

  • Facelift – to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging
  • Tummy tuck – removal of excess flesh from the abdomen
  • Breast augmentation – an alteration of the size and shape of a woman’s breast
  • Liposuction – removal of excess fat from under the skin by suction
  • Rhinoplasty – plastic surgery on the nose
  • Vaginoplasty – reconstruction of a vaginal canal and mucous membrane
  • Botox injections – an injection into the muscles on the face to relax muscles and reduce wrinkles.
These types of cosmetic procedures will alter your appearance, but are not a result of any medical issue that has developed since birth, or any condition that has surfaced from birth.  In the vast majority of cases, it is considered a way to improve what is already there. 

Reconstructive Surgery
Reconstructive surgery is also designed to change a person’s appearance, but for different reasons.  In most cases, reconstructive surgery is performed due to medical necessity, not just for personal preference.  The main focus of such surgery is to improve the function of the body parts, but not the appearance.
Some of the reasons that reconstructive surgery may be required include:
  • Birth defects
  • Disfigurement due to an accident
  • Skin cancer
  • Mastectomy
If a patient is in a situation where they cannot lead a normal life without the procedure, the surgery they receive is considered reconstructive surgery.  For example, if you are having your nose worked on because you believe it is too big, that is considered cosmetic surgery.  If you are having it worked on because you have a deviated septum and cannot breathe properly, that is considered reconstructive surgery.
Another difference between these two types of surgery is how they are paid for.  Since a cosmetic surgery is not a necessity, you will probably have to pay for it out of your pocket.  Many surgeons offer payment plans to make the surgery payments easier, but in the end, you will still have to pay a lump sum of money.
With reconstructive surgery, your insurance will usually pitch in or pick up the tab entirely, because you have no other option.  If it is a medical necessity, you can expect it to be covered.

Ava Hayley is a fashion blogger that wanted to receive a tummy tuck. Upon going to Advanced Facial & Nasal Surgery Centre in Edmonton, she was pleased with the results and would recommend their services to anyone who is interested in receiving cosmetic surgery and would like to become educated on the procedures available.

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