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Beyonce Weight Loss

Beyonce is one of the most famous entertainers in the world. Not only does she have amazing talents, she's also got an awesome body! Although her weight has fluctuated throughout the years, she's managed to stay looking trim and in shape. So, how did she do this, even after having a baby? Here are some of “Beyonce weight loss” methods she has used.

Beyonce Weight Loss plan

1. Dream Girls Slim Down

When Beyonce landed a leading part in the movie Dream Girls; she felt she needed to lose weight for her role. In order to do so, she went on a crash diet that resulted in her losing 20 pounds. The diet she went on is known as the Master Cleanse. It consists of drinking only liquid for a set number of days, usually at least 10.

The beverage that she drank was made of maple syrup, fresh lemon juice and distilled water. There are also salt flushes and herbal laxatives involved in this diet to help clear the body of extra toxins and waste. Since she needed to lose the weight fast, she chose this diet.

Ever since Beyonce completed this diet, it's become one of the most popular cleansing diets out there. A lot of people go on this to lose weight, but they end up gaining it back because they can't stick to not eating. While Beyonce was successful with this weight loss method, she only did it for the role and wouldn't have done it otherwise.

2. Beyonce After Baby

You've been living in a rock if you haven't heard about Beyonce and her new baby, Blue Ivy. During her pregnancy, she gained a total of 57 pounds. Only three months after that she was scheduled for concerts, so she felt the need to get the weight off quickly.

So, Beyonce gave up the foods that she loved, including pizza and pasta. She also lowered calories and started eating wholesome foods, like quinoa and vegetables. She also stated that she stayed away from red meat and consumed mostly fish for her protein. This was a change from her pregnancy diet, but it resulted in quick weight loss.

In addition to eating healthier and lower calories, she also had a cheat meal each Sunday. Generally this allowed her a piece of pizza or some pasta, which she would stay away from for the remainder of the week. Although it was a lot of sacrifice, it helped her slim down to get ready for her Mrs. Carter tour.

As for exercise, Beyonce danced in order to get ready for her upcoming concerts. She said that this is generally what keeps her fit, as she dances frequently during rehearsals and when up on stage. While she was able to lose all of her pregnancy weight within three months, she said that she would never rush through it again. The only reason she chose to do a strict diet was because of her schedule.

Finally, as for the Beyonce weight loss method, she says that she sticks to a wholesome diet most of the time and gets all of her exercise from dancing. She says it takes her a lot of work to keep fit because she's not naturally a thin person. Although she has done extreme diets to lose weight, she sticks to a healthy and whole food diet the majority of the time.

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