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Post Facelift Procedure

Most of the individuals in the present world undergo different facelift procedures in order to get a young and attractive look. Facelift surgery is a method to remove the excess skin from the face making it look younger. These surgery procedures have provided the best and most satisfying results to patients who underwent the surgery. The results of the facelift procedure are usually long lasting and can remain for approximately ten years.  There are many different procedures that can be undertaken with facelift surgery some of these are neck lift, eyelid surgery, removal of check (buccal) fat pad and forehead lift.

Post Facelift Procedure

If you are planning to undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance your look then it is important that you know about the post-operative precautions to be taken in order to get better results. Knowing about the precautionary steps in advance is always helpful. Here are a few tips that you should follow to achieve the best results after your facelift surgery procedure.
  • Make sure that you rest for at least a week after the surgery.
  • Try to sleep on your back on a soft pillow to avoid pain in the operated areas and try to maintain a stable position.
  • Be gentle with your face as your skin will be very tender and numb in areas initially.
  • You should avoid any strenuous activities such as long walks, stretching doing household or any other work at least for two weeks.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption until complete recovery.
  • Do not go for steam baths or saunas for several weeks.
  • You should not drive for at least three weeks until your pain medication is complete. Also avoid driving after surgery if you are not in a position to look over your shoulder.
  • Limit going out in sun and direct exposure to sunlight for a few months.
  • In order to minimize swelling and bruising you should take the medications prescribed by your surgeon.
  • It is preferable to take shower only after your second dressing which is usually after 7 days.
  • You should not use any face creams or make ups at least for  month until your incisions have healed completely.  
The operated area might remain swollen for couple of weeks, therefore if you properly follow the medications given by your surgeon and the above mentioned precautions you will see the best results of the facelift surgery after you recover completely.

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