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How to Lead a Stress-free Life

Most women work nonstop throughout the day which eventually takes a toll on their health. Such a busy routine leads to stress that disrupts the mental and physical well-being of the body. Stress is known to contribute to major illnesses, such as depression, cancer and heart diseases. These diseases lead a person to rely on generic drugs and medicines, which are available at various chemist stores and online websites. In order to guard against these diseases, it is necessary to apply a vacation mentality to daily routine, which will help in relieving some of the stress that piles up everyday. Here, we have given some tips that will enable you to reduce stress and lead a healthy life.


Meditation helps in easing out anxiety. It should be practiced for a few minutes everyday. Research has proven that meditating daily can alter the neural pathways of the brain and make a person more resilient to stress. To practice meditation, sit straight with both feet on the floor and keep the eyes closed. Then, focus your attention on reciting mantras such as feel at peace or love myself. Place one hand on the belly while reciting these lines and sync the mantra with your breathing.

Breathe Deeply

A person can also relieve stress by taking a 5 minute break and focusing on their breathing. This can be done by sitting straight, closing the eyes and placing a hand on the belly while slowly inhaling through the nose. The same procedure should be repeated in reverse when exhaling through the mouth. This process helps in lowering the blood pressure and slowing the heart rate.

Stay active

The ideal way to relieve stress is to keep the body active. Physical activity helps in increasing the feelgood endorphins and other natural neural chemicals of the body. These help in enhancing a person’s sense of wellbeing. Any kind of physical activity, such as walking, jogging, house cleaning, gardening, swimming, biking and weightlifting can also be adopted. These can help in improving your mood and reducing your daily irritations.

Connect with others

When a woman tends to get sad, stressed or irritated, she attempts to wrap herself in a cocoon and shuts away socially. This increases stress and is harmful for mental and physical health. Instead of shutting away, keep contact with family and friends. Make new social connections that can prove to be a distraction from the stressful issues you are facing.


The tips given above will not only help in relieving stress, but will also help in enhancing your mental and physical health. However, one should stop loading themselves with excessive work as it will add to the stress. It is also one of the major factors that contribute to serious illnesses. Nowadays, many people have blood pressure problems and heart disease that gets worse due to the stressful lifestyle they lead. These people need to rely on generic drugs and medicines offered by chemist stores and online websites. Considered as the online pharmacy, Premiumrxdrugs offers a wide range of these generic drugs on its website.

To Sum it all up:

Stress has become a part of life, but it is essential to reduce its intensity for the well-being of your body and mind. This can be done by ensuring substantial measures to relieve stress.

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