Thursday, January 9, 2014

Recall What you Eat and Lose Weight

Whatever you are eating, it is going to show result. If you eat healthy – you will remain healthy. If you monitor your food, the food will also monitor you back. It’s very simple statement:

“Healthy food is directly proportional to healthy body and mind.”

Being healthy depend on two halves. First half is eating healthy food and the second half is eating food with concentration and without distraction. You can give few hours out of your life for eating slowly and peacefully.

Most of you always sit in-front of television watching your football match and just start eating whatever you had. Due to this habit many of you don’t even remember what you have eaten or you may even question yourself about whether you had a lunch/dinner or not. Quite true!!!

You will now ask a question- Why the researchers are saying not to eat food in-front of television. The answer is that television creates distraction which then leads to increased consumption of food along with un- proper chewing of food.

Watching television is not only the one cause of distraction, but other things such as listening to music, reading books, comic or newspaper, talking a lot on the dining table, etc. are also said to be as distraction.
In a research done on “distraction, attention and eating” it shows that you eat less and chew properly if you are paying attention during eating. This paying attention will also help you to boost your weight loss plan.
Many times due to distraction you don’t remember what you had eaten. So in a research they said keep the food wrappers so that you remember what you had eaten and was the food good or not?

For example, you ordered a pizza and you are done with pizza. But after few hours you think to feel like- had I eaten that pizza or not? I know that has happened with you. So keep wrapper for remembrances and also for making you remind that you had eaten that and also about your diet plan.

You can also make a note of healthy fruits and veggies that you must eat. You must include fruit in your diet plan. Fruits are rich in vitamin and minerals.

Thus in a nutshell, it will help you to maintain your calories count for maintaining your healthy diet plan. You must do regular 30-45 minutes of workout. It will make you fit and strong.

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