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Mecktone Reviews: Lucy Mecklenburgh Launches Pill

Last year saw Lucy Mecklenburgh throw herself full-throttle into an intense exercise and diet regime... and it certainly paid off.

The former TOWIE star's toned torso beat competition from Rihanna and Beyonce to be voted the best bikini body of 2013. And now, the 22-year-old is giving fans the chance to emulate her healthy lifestyle and honed physique using a bottle of pills.

Lucy is capitalizing on her professional prowess by launching a new health product in the wake of the popularity of her online workout website, Results With Lucy.

MeckTone - a 3-in-1 detoxifier, cleanser and metabolism-booster - claims to be 'revolutionary'...but can it really make you look like Lucy?

Speaking about MeckTone, Lucy said: 'People always ask me what I do to look the way I do, and the honest truth is I exercise and I eat well.
'I've been working hard to develop a range of health products for a while because it is important to keep your body in the best condition alongside this, and this is the first in the range.
'I'm really excited by it because it contains all the natural ingredients I eat everyday, such as aloe vera, green tea and cayenne pepper.'

She added: 'But I know how hard it is to create meals with everything you need in them, so this really helps support your diet and exercise regime.
'It's a 30-day supplement taken alongside a healthy diet and fitness regime - all totally natural ingredients that have made such a difference to my skin and well being.

'It may help your body to detox and cleanse, along with boosting the metabolism.'

The product, which comes in a 30-day supply, contains aloe vera, enugreek, cayenne pepper, green tea, green papaya, psyllium husk, peppermint and vitamins including B3, B5, B6 and Folic Acid.
One of the key ingredients of MeckTone - which describes itself as 'a must for those who care about their inner and outer body' - is psyllium husk.

Native to India and Iran, the ingredient contains natural fibre and mucilage, and claims to help support digestive health by gently cleansing the colon.

The supplement also contains aloe Vera, which helps ward off illnesses while absorbing toxins and then eliminating them through the colon.

MeckTone also includes Omega-3 fish oil-packed L-Cartinine, which elevates the amount of cartinine stored in muscles, claiming to aid fat loss and boost energy levels and athletic performance.

Lucy added: 'My skin feels amazing. I work out, I eat healthily and alongside that MeckTone keeps my skin in check and my body in good condition.

'It is the perfect accompaniment to my lifestyle.'

But what do the experts say?

Elouise Bauskis, Nutritional Therapist at, said: 'MeckTone looks like a good combination of herbal and nutritional ingredients.
'Green tea may increase metabolism, while ginger is warming and stimulates circulation. Psyllium husks are a source of soluble dietary fibre, and both aloe vera and fennel are soothing and calming to the digestive tract.
'Fenugreek may help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The other nutrients combine well with the herbs.
'If you're taking any medications or other supplements, make sure to take them at least an hour away from this, as psyllium husks may slow the absorption of these.'

Madeleine Shaw, a nutritionist who works with the likes of Millie Mackintosh, added: 'I haven't tried it so I am not sure if it works, however I don't think any pill can perform miracles if you are still eating rubbish alongside.

'In terms of ingredients, aloe vera is great for digestion, green tea is a great supply of antioxidants, and liquorice foot is wonderful at feeding the adrenals and reducing sugar cravings.'

Laura Williams from said: 'There are some effective ingredients in this but I’m not sure they will do what they say on the tin. Green tea will help support the immune system because it’s high in antioxidants – you need about 3-5 cups per day to reap the benefits.

'The B vitamins can be useful for supporting the nervous system, while cayenne pepper has been shown to create a small hike in metabolic rate – but no more than you’d get from lifting a few weights.

'Psyllium husks are simply a source of soluble dietary fibre that help to prevent constipation.

'Do the ingredients match the claims? It’s a long shot. We already have perfectly good detoxification organs (liver, kidneys etc) while I’m really not sure how a supplement is going to tone you.
'Will this give you the same results as a sound diet and regular exercise regime? If only.'

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