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Yo-Yo Dieter Gains His Weight Back After Losing 65lbs

Yo-Yo Dieter Gains His Weight Back After Losing 65 lbs, Dramatically Two Years Ago

Yo-yo dieting is a term that refers to the periodic loss and gain of weight similar to the up and down cyclical motion of a yo-yo. In this process a person loses weight and then gains it back and repeatedly the cycle goes on. 

Similarly Director Kevin Smith is regarded as a yo-yo dieter who had lost his weight dramatically two years ago. He lost 65 lbs. in 2010 after being treated badly in the Southwest airlines flight. He was asked to leave as he was not fitting properly in his seat. But it seems that he has loaded himself with the lost pounds when he was found walking on the streets of Los Angeles. He was dressed in blue hoodie, baggy shorts and trainers.

He looked all bloated and overweight a sad sight after losing a lot of weight. He is 43 years old and is a producer, director and a comic writer. He once compromised that he will never be able to become thin but he lost weight after that embarrassing incident when he was asked to leave the flight of Oakland going to Burbank regarding him as the safety risk. But Kevin admits that he could fit in his seat and had put his armrests down on both his sides.

In 2011 the incident seemingly provoked him to gain the lost weight back. According to Kevin he had struggled most of his life yo-yoing in terms of weight and couldn't maintain his wardrobe which was full of hockey jerseys. That was quite embarrassing for him when he talked about it in the Joy Behar Show Back in 2011. He maintained that he will lose the weight but not put slimmer clothes. He told that he was still 65 lbs. heavier.

He was married to the actress Jennifer Schwalbach Smith for 14 years. He does exercise regularly. But he was not sure that he will be a thin person in future. He does exercise for long hours when he was at home. He even goes for a mile long walk near his house. But he admits that he couldn't run. Whenever he thinks of running a thought comes to his mind that, “what must I look like with my flab moving like this? What do people notice?'”

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