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Abrexin Review - Does Abrexin Work?

Abrexin Reviews

When thermogenesis is increased in the body, it allows for more calories to be burned—that’s what Abrexin claims to be able to do. It aids people who are left to deal with a slow metabolism by improving the body’s fat burning function. BioPerine, GP Shield, and Lactoferrin are some of the key ingredients included in Abrexin’s formulation that are scientifically known to increase burning of calories in the body.
Abrexin – Ingredients
  1. BioPerine (Black Pepper Extract)
  2. GP Shield
  3. Lactoferrin
Abrexin – Product Description
Black Pepper Extract, an ingredient more commonly known in the diet pill industry as BioPerine, is known to improve calorie burn by maximizing the body’s absorption of other ingredients mixed with it in a weight loss supplement. Lactoferrin is a milk extract that fosters normal gut flora and thermogenic activity in one’s internal system, while GP Shield is responsible for keeping Lactoferrin’s effects high by protecting it against stomach acids.

One capsule of Abrexin a half-hour before bed time taken with a tall glass of water is the recommended dose of the product. Despite not being available for online order on the official product website, Abrexin is carried by other third party retailers like GNC and Walgreens, with a retail price that ranges from $29 to $32 for a box of 40 tablets.

Abrexin – Advantages
Formulation does not include any stimulants
Ingredients are identified and properly explained on the official website
Customer reviews are published on the official website
Available through popular retailers like GNC and Walgreens

Abrexin – Drawbacks
Official website lacks important product information that’s properly backed up by scientific proof
An exercise regimen and a low-calorie diet seems to be “recommended” to heighten product’s effectiveness
Pregnant or breastfeeding females are advised not to use the product
Not available for online order on official website
Money-back guarantee is not offered
Contact information provided on the website is inadequate

Abrexin – The Bottom Line
There are three key ingredients identified to be included in Abrexin, and they are identified on the official product website. However, the information provided is not enough to prove that Abrexin is indeed an effective weight loss product. You also can’t order Abrexin online through its official website. Unless you’re okay with trying anything once and don’t mind buying the product from retailers that offer it for different prices, you might have better luck considering other weight loss options that provide more information.

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