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Is Sensa A Scam? Read Reviews Here!

I have read numerous posts written on the web about Sensa scam and reports against it. The main problem with this product is lack of positive results and negative customer feedbacks. In this post, I am sharing few of such posts about this magical sprinkle diet.

Is Sensa an Innovative solution or Scam?
Since the Sensa become available for people, many people claimed this as a unique and magical product for weight loss. Few people achieved their weight loss goals with the help of Sensa diet, but many of others found it fail on its promise of immediate and easy weight loss. And addition to this Sensa does not require you to change your current eating and nutritional habits, while this may lose weight but thing is that it will not solution for good health. The reason behind this, while your weight goes down, but this will not help you in lower your blood sugar, cholesterol, or blood pressure and therefore this product will not make you more healthier than you was before starting the Sensa Weight Loss program.

Sensa And FDA
All ingredients that are used in the formulation of Sensa have already been established as being known to be safe. It is referred to as G.R.A.S. or Generally Accepted As Safe by FDA. According to website, as a food product it doesn't require FDA approval. But they does not say about safety of this product. But why this product is not approved by FDA?

Wrong Effect
The main criticism this product receives is about efficiency. For maintaining healthy weight we require good and healthy eating, exercise habit. And as Sensa say's you can eat what you want, this create problem for consumers who think for weight loss but return to their unhealthy lifestyle resulting in weight gain. This product may trigger an allergic reaction if you are allergic to soy, so its important to take physican permission before using Sensa if you have any food allergies.

Lack of Long Term Relief
The effect of Sensa is not long lasting. As already discuss this product will not force to stop your favorite food but as you stop using this the weight gain problem arises. So it’s not better option for people who think for weight loss because if anyone think about weight loss then he think for long term weight loss.

Negative Result
Like most of the other dietary supplements it also has some side effects. The Sensa consumption can cause Dizziness, Swelling, Gas, Upset abdomen, Hives, Loose bowels, headache. And as Sensa user if you experience such kind of problems then you must concern your physician as quick as possible.

Customer Billing Problem
The Sensa claim that it will refund your money after 30 day trial if you’re not satisfied by its result, but lots of customer complaints against Sensa secret fees, credit card charges, and refusal to honor its refund policy which is not good for Sensa.

Sensa Official Website
You can buy Sensa from it's official website - with full of celebrity and customer positive reviews.

Coming to the conclusion about Sensa, I think Sensa can be a good choice but I still think that there are many other products which work for losing weight. But, always be aware, read enough reviews and search for user testimonials before trying any product.

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