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How Is Lip Enlargement Done?

Lip enlargement is also commonly referred to as lip augmentation. This is a cosmetic procedure which aims to give you plumper and fuller looking lips. Nowadays, most clinics use injectible fillers which just take a few minutes to administer. The filler is administered around your mouth and lips. That said the most common fillers are those which are made using hyaluronic acid. This is very similar to the natural acid found in our body so it does not cause damage. Hyaluronic acid based fillers are often referred to as hyaluronic acid fillers.
Other fillers used for Lip enlargement are collagen based fillers. However, their use has decreased significantly over the years owing to newer and safer options. Some clinics use implants and fat injections to plump up the lips but those too are rare because they pose a higher risk of side effects.

How Hyaluronic acid fillers are used?
Hyaluronic fillers are used to improve the look of your lips by adding structure, shape and volume. The overall effects last for around six months. Once the period is over you will require more injections in order to retain the volume.
There are different types of hyaluronic acid fillers being used and sold today. However, almost all products are injected and will end up giving you similar results. Also, they all seem to contain a local anesthetic called lidocaine.

The benefits of using hyaluronic acid fillers
Once the filler is injected it will support as well as shape the tissues. This allows for the cosmetic surgeon to control how much substance is injected. So, depending on the look you want the surgeon will inject the required amount. The other advantage of using hyaluronic fillers is that the injections can be given gradually at regular intervals until the required results are achieved. Other benefits of hyaluronic fillers include:
  • The bumps will dissolve very easily. All bumps and lumps which are created when the lips move will dissolve.
  • Not much bruising. There is far less bruising and swelling when compared to various other fillers
  • The results last much longer than other fillers but are not permanent.
  • There is a very low likelihood of a reaction mainly because these fillers are made from substances similar to those which are found in the body and so are unlikely to stir up allergies. However, people who are allergic to lidocaine need to tell their doctor about it.
What to expect from a lip enlargement and augmentation procedure?
You can expect to be discharged from your doctor’s office within an hour mainly because the procedure can be preformed quickly and you’ll experience no down time. There may be a fat injection mainly because the procedures require an area of liposuction which will remove fat from other parts of the body prior to injecting it. Prior to administering an injection the cosmetic surgeon will inject a local or topical anesthetic in order to minimize discomfort. At times the doctor may administer a few numbing injections prior to the treatment in order to completely numb the face, this is similar to what your dentist gives to numb your mouth.
Once the areas have been marked a very fine needle is used to inject the substance into the required regions of the lips. Ice may also be applied following every injection in order to control swelling and discomfort. That said a firm press shouldn't be used on the treated area. Doctors may advise that their patients refrain from using lip products or lipstick immediately after the injections. If anything you should notice the difference in your lips right away, once healed your lips will feel natural.

Deciding if it’s right for you
In order to answer this question you need to ask yourself exactly why you want to modify your lips. That said if you don’t want to really modify your appearance you shouldn't undergo this procedure. Always consult a doctor and weigh in all the pros and cons of the procedure before you go ahead with the process. If you have allergies make sure that your doctor is informed about them so that the right products and methods can be used to modify your lips. Dr Shobhna Singh is a Cosmetic Physician & General Practitioner with special interest in Cosmetic Medicine at Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre. She is a current Member of Australasian Society of Cosmetic Medicine, Full Member of Skin Cancer College Australasia and Associate Member of Australasian College of Phlebology since 2010.

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