Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dangers of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is now very popular. You have probably heard of many amazing testimonials wherein people have lost 30, 50 to hundreds of pounds because of surgery. This is the reason why weight loss surgeries have tripled since early 2000s.

The major problem is that most people overlook the risks involved with the surgery. They think that Bariatric surgery is a quick fix that will miraculously help them achieve the perfect body. The truth is that surgery is only for the very obese and complications are very common. One in two hundred patients dies from gastric bypass surgery which is the most popular weight loss surgery today.

Although patients are counselled regarding the risks involved, most people disregard the warning and think that complications are not likely. A recent study found that 40% of patients experience problems, from diarrhea to intestinal leaks. Patients also usually develop nutritional deficiencies because of the limited absorption due to the shorter digestive tract.

The best way to lose weight is still naturally with a clean diet and regular exercise. Natural supplements for weight loss are also available which can help improve fat burning and help suppress appetite. Weight loss surgery should only be the last option and it should only be for the very obese or those suffering from serious weight-related health problems.

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