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Health Tips For Pregnant Women

No mother can deny the fact that pregnancy puts a lot of stress on the body. The average woman puts on about 30 pounds in 9 months of her pregnancy. As a result, she goes through a considerable postural change. You may find it difficult to carry that extra weight all the time. You may feel tired even when you do not do any work all day long. Given below are a few tips from expert osteopath for pregnant women.

Workout sessions

During pregnancy, you might exercise on a regular basis. However, it is important for you to set your routine keeping the condition of your body in mind. This means you should not have too many workout sessions; otherwise, it may cause harm to the infant. According to experts, 3-4 workout sessions on a weekly basis are enough. The duration of each workout should be 30 minutes. However, you should reduce the duration to 10 minutes in your 3rd trimester.

 Types of Exercises

Cardio exercises are recommended for pregnant women; however, you should adopt those exercises that can help you control your heartbeat to 145bpm. For this purpose, you should consider squats and lunges (do not use weights). Aside from these, brisk-walking and swimming are also good exercises. In the last trimester, swimming is more helpful as water can support your body and removes pressure from your tired muscles. Other good exercises include cycling and aerobics.

Things to avoid

You should not take part in sports that require a lot of physical or mental effort, such as football or squash. In the same way, holding a stretch for more than 5 to 6 seconds is not recommended when you are warming up. If you do not follow this advice and hold your stretch for more than 6 seconds, it may make your body emit a hormone called “relax”. Premature release of this hormone can cause damage to the areas that surround your joints. In addition, do not overexert yourself, meaning you must avoid lifting heavy things.

Dietary tips

In order to keep your baby and yourself healthy, you should follow a well-balanced diet. According to doctors, women’s body needs around 2500 calories on a daily basis during pregnancy. But it does not mean you should start eating twice as much as you did before pregnancy. The right way is to eat different things to get the required amount of calories. For example, you should eat wheat, whole grains, vegetable, fruits, poultry and dairy products.

Meet an Osteopath

Aside from keeping tabs on the postural changes you are going through, you need to get in touch with an experienced osteopath as soon as you can. The osteopath will tell you the right way to do exercises.
In sum, pregnancy involves backaches, exhaustion, mood swings and other problems. You should be ready to deal with all these problems. Meeting an osteopath and following the techniques and exercises prescribed by him is a good idea.

Chris blogs about osteopathy. With a vast experience as an osteopath he can diagnose and treat multiple conditions and also advise exercises during pregnancy.

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