Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Taking Care of your Lungs

It would be very hard to live a life with unhealthy lungs. You won’t be able to stay outdoors for a long time and you won’t be able to experience doing fun activities. Well, that’s why it is a must that you take care of your lungs. Here are some of the things which you need to remember.

Things you Must Consider

Say no to smoking - If you haven’t started smoking, don’t attempt to puff even once. We all know that smoking is the culprit for many diseases. It’s not just lung cancer that we are talking about. Smoking can also increase the chances of having bladder cancer, mouth cancer and cervical cancer among many others. Plus, it’s also one of the causes of pre – mature death. So again, don’t attempt to start this vice.

Leave the city for a while - Yes, the city life can also affect your lungs. In urban areas, one can be surrounded with factories, people who smoke and cars. If you don’t give yourself a break, your lungs might be gravely affected. If you have a home outside the city, you might want to visit it every weekend or twice a month. At least you can relax your lungs from a harmful environment.

Learn proper breathing - Well, a lot of people don’t take breathing seriously. Sure you can breathe, or else, you’d die. But just so you know, there is a proper way of breathing. I’ll give you some quick steps on how to do it.

Lie down comfortably - Make sure that your arms are stretched and are not touching any part of your body. It’s like you are forming an X, your legs slightly apart from each other, and your arms stretching.

Use your nose for breathing.Make sure that your abdomen is moving. If not, you are doing shallow breathing. That’s not what we want. While you inhale, your abdomen should be rising up.
That’s about it. Practice proper breathing and it will come out naturally soon enough.

Run and be active - Being active can increase your lungs’ capacity. Regular exercise can help your lungs to reach its full potential. If you will notice, those who exercise have an easier time going up and down the stairs as to compare to those who are lazy.

Stay away from things that might endanger your lungs -  Paint, gas, smokes are some of the things which you have to avoid. If you can stay meters away from these, do so.

I know that some of the tips can be very hard or seemingly impossible to do. But you have to exert your effort to protect your lungs. The edrugstore is a site where you can get your medicines even without moving out from your chairs.

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