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Music Therapy For Arthritis Pain

Music therapy is considered the best pain reliever for arthritis pain and depression. It is very effective and efficient with those people with inflammatory arthritis pains because music soothes. Music therapists say that listening to music relaxes a person hence help in reducing pains and depression to the patients by improving the confidence, morale and physical functional levels of a person with arthritis.

Music eases arthritis pains and symptoms

It has been proven that classical music is the best medicine to soothe the irritating and itching joints and limbs which in the long run reduce the levels of stress and anxiety. This is what music therapist and medical researchers concur. Slow tempo music enhances the flow of blood especially to the painful areas of the body. In the school of nursing at Florida Atlantic University College found out that because the music distracts the patients especially those with arthritis, it decreases the levels of pain. In addition, the heartbeat muscles move together with the music beats and does breathe hence being the best reliever. The music helps reduce or slow the fast beat heart and maintains it at approximately between 69 and 70 beats per minute. Joanne Loewy says that classic music has a lot of power especially in promoting relaxation and breathing.

However, not all music genres soothe the heart depending on how fast or slow it is. Faster music composition can stimulate the heart rate and nervous systems. Listening to such kind of music can increase the rate of heartbeat hence causing more pain, stress and depression to the arthritis patients. Music therapist believed that classical music can sooth all common types of arthritis.
Pain Barriers

Though music is one of the pain relievers, there is little that has been done especially on how to contain chronic pains. This is one of the areas of importance because most researchers have concentrated on helping those with mild or moderate pain only. This is a barrier in helping those patients with arthritis with chronic and severe pains. In England, people with severe pains have risen to 14 million which is more than 1 third of the country’s total population.

To reduce the burden and stress that health or medical professionals, the government advises those with pains to manage their conditions as early as possible. This is self-management of pains before it reaches uncontrollable stages. It advocates for doing relaxing exercise, regular stretching, and taking medications as recommended by the doctors. Music being inexpensive is very attractive and can help people not to use many drugs that cause more pain and other related side effects. People with arthritis do not affect them only but also their families, relatives, and loved ones are affected in one way or another.

Breathing and heart rate

When listening to any form or type of music, it is recommended to pay attention to the heart and breathing rate. The slower the breathing and heart rate, it means the music is soothing which leads to stress and depression reduction. This is on the positive and encouraging side to the patient and medics. On the other flip side, if the heart rate is faster or racing when listening to a certain selection of music then it is helping the patient but worsening the situation. If you find the music that soothes your heart well then save the music and listen to it more often.

Music compilation

Every patient with arthritis should prepare or compile their own music so that when the pain becomes severe they can easily find one and listen in order to contain the pain. The classical music is the type that most medics and those with arthritis recommend but some people prefer other types. The music compilation should be relaxing and soothing the heart which is slow and creates ones happiness.

Jazz or new genres

Even though classical moving has been extensively accepted by many researchers, Loewy is of the opinion that trying or giving a chance to jazz or new age is not a bad idea. This genre of music can be effective and efficient if you choose the best tunes. In January 2015 at Cleveland Clinic’s Euclid Hospital, Shirley Livingston 73 year old woman was soothed and relieved of her pain when a music therapist came to the ward. The music therapist played a flute for about 30 minutes each day for three weeks and the pains she had reduced drastically.


For many years, music therapists have been upping their game on research on how to relieve pain in patients with arthritis.  Arthritis patients have confirmed that music is the best medicine to relieve pain. Other new genres of music such as jazz can also be tried if it can serve the same purpose as classical music.


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