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How to Lose the Holiday Menopause Blue?

 Holidays are seasons to look up for; they bring a lot of excitement, family get together, cooking and a whole of a lot of great things to celebrate together. The truth is that women are often at the center of it all; cooking, making sure everyone is comfortable, help settling down issues between kids and be all and everything to everyone! This then becomes a bitter sweet moment. Your guess is as good as mine; this is such a huge task for one person. Particularly when it comes to a menopausal woman, such times are bound to increase stress levels and exacerbate menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, stress, depression and anxiety among others. 

So how do you deal with the menopause holiday blues to ensure that you maintain your balance; have fun and reduce on menopause blues? The following are ways that have worked for many other woman and we are excited to share with you.

Plan to only bit what you can chew

Planning is a critical step in ensuring your holiday is successful. It would be prudent of any woman to ensure they are clear of what they are responsible for during the holiday season. Take a critical look at all the responsibilities that you intend to achieve; could it be that you are expecting too much from yourself? Be more sincere with yourself; be more realistic. You could choose to get extra hands to help; you could delegate some of the roles, maybe outsource and just handle what you can. It is important that you reduce on any pressure or any frustrations that would build up into stress.

Consider menopause treatments

Start with lifestyle changes that are easy to implement. You could for instance, reduce the urge to take alcohol, drugs and cigars as they will only increase your menopausal blues. Use menopause supplements and alternative medicine in addition to the lifestyle changes. If the menopausal blues are extreme, you could also consider HRT.

Keep your type-A personality in check!

What if the cookies did measure up to the chef’s level? What if you added a little weight? Every single thing does not have to be perfect for it to be fun, delicious or enjoyable! You could derive great fun, and joy even from those that did not work your way; just laugh at the thought if them not working and you will find all your stress is gone. But here is the bottom line-most of the people wouldn’t even notice that they were not perfect! It is all in your mind! So keep that chick under reasonable control so that you do not ruin your great moments.

Grab the lemons and let’s make a lemonade

You know there are times when life throws those lemons your way; a grumpy salesperson/boss, unruly children, or a problematic husband. Do not let others have the pleasure of rattling your life; just let go of the experience immediately. Forgive and let go. This is not because they deserved the forgiveness-sometimes they even are not aware they’ve hurt you!-forgive because you deserve great peace within that is not interfered with hot flashes and night sweats.


Laughter is medicine of the heart and even in menopause; laughter remains a critical component in minimizing menopause blues. It relieves whatever tension you could have; it is actually like an emotional massage. Do it as often as you can. You could even put measures in place to ensure you laugh; get some comedy or stick around with friends who are comical since it is holiday time and just laugh.

Have positive thoughts and attitudes

Research has shown that the presence of positive thoughts and having a positive attitude go a long way in reducing menopause symptoms. The lack of positive thoughts greatly harms a woman’s health more than the presence of negative thoughts. Be keen on sustaining positive thoughts through inspirational content and avoiding any negative energy. Join support groups and hear other women’s inspirational stories; you will soon be lifted emotionally through their experiences.


The importance of exercise cannot be stressed enough for menopausal women. It not only goes into making a healthy body with loss of weight, but it also goes a long way to have your brain and mind covered. Exercises reduce weight, cure insomnia; helps manage osteoporosis, stress, depression and anxiety. Exercises raise the feel-good endorphins that are critical in eliminating anger, tension and menopausal depression.

Not all days are sunny 

Whereas we dream of great days and holidays ahead, there are times when we lose loved ones and holidays become such lonely moments. Such holidays become difficult times with sadness especially if you are alone. Do not be in a rush to be happy. It is important to take a day at a time. Take time to heal and when it is all done, you can fly up into the sunshine of laughter. Just be sure to have great encouraging materials that would help you heal.


It is possible to enjoy your holiday seasons without raising your menopausal blues. Therefore, take the chance to incorporate the ideas shared and you can be sure to enjoy your holidays. We would be glad to hear how your holiday’s menopausal blues went down this holiday.


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